Top 5 Best Jungle Gankers in League of Legends

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Ganking is a tactic in League which involves flanking an enemy when they’re off guard.

Usually, the enemy is overextended and unable to react in time, allowing you to secure an easy kill.

Put simply: ganking is the art of making your opponents lives’ hell.

Even just one successful gank takes the target off the map for minutes, causing them to fall behind in CS, lose XP, miss objectives, and well, become perma-tilted.

So if you love nothing more than transforming the enemy team’s chat into a “jung diff” flame war, you’ve come to the right place.


5. Lee Sin

Lee Sin LoL gameplay
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Lee Sin is an aggressive early game jungler with a kit that allows for creative ganks.

Thanks to his ward hop, he can take unconventional gank paths to catch out his enemies, and he has plenty of combos he can use to play around and isolate targets.

He can even kick his opponents straight into his teammates’ grasp, allowing them to secure kills and get ahead in their respective lanes.

The only drawback of Lee Sin?

He’s got a painfully high skill cap.

Yep. As Lee Sin himself says, you must bloody your knuckles to sharpen your fists.

But if you’re willing to put in the blood, sweat, and tears, Lee Sin will let you send your enemies flying out of lane.

Totally kickass.


4. Zac

Zac LoL gameplay screenshot
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While Lee Sin sends his enemies flying out of lane, Zac takes the opposite approach:

He literally flies into lane so fast – and from such a distance – that the enemy laner can’t react whatsoever.

Yep. His E (Electric Slingshot) is essentially a long-ranged catapult, allowing him to gank from far out areas that the enemy team’s wards will never spot.

What makes Zac a particularly great ganker though is that he has a safety net.

Even if a gank doesn’t go as planned, his passive gives him a second chance; when he’s killed, he doesn’t actually die.

Instead, he transforms into small blobs which revive him if they manage to join back together.


3. Nunu & Willump

Nunu & Willump LoL gameplay
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Old Nunu was a counter jungler with one objective: to cause mischief and destroy the enemy jungler’s mental through invade after invade.

Since the rework, Nunu has abandoned mischief in the jungle for mischief in lanes.

He’s now a phenomenal ganker, thanks to the fact he can literally snowball his way into a lane and knock up the enemy before they can react.

The snowball can also be maneuvered with ease, meaning even if the target flashes or dashes out, you can simply adjust the direction and chase them down.

Oh, and to top it all off?

The snowball has a seriously short cool down – so if one gank attempt fails?

No problem.

Just snowball your way behind them and gank again (and you’ll no doubt secure the kill this time).


2. Rek’Sai

Rek’Sai LoL gameplay screenshot
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If you thought Vi was the most badass woman in League, then you clearly haven’t met Rek’Sai.

Not only does she excel at ganking, but she also excels at massacring health bars.

On the ganking side, Rek’Sai can build tunnels throughout the map, giving her plenty of ways to dive into a lane without being detected.

Her ult also makes her untargetable, which prevents the enemy laner from stopping her engage (slows, knocks ups, stuns – all useless).

And on the damage side?

Well, she’s an assassin through and through.

Pretty much all of her abilities grant her bonus damage in some way or another, with her E even giving her some hefty true damage.

Sure, Rek’Sai might not be as “hot” as Vi.

But if you’re after a jungler that’s great at ganking and can obliviate enemies in seconds?

Rek’Sai is the no.1 waifu.


1. Hecarim

Hecarim LoL gameplay
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If you’re an avid LoL player, Hecarim taking the top spot shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Every LoL player has been traumatized by Hecarim’s ganks at least a dozen times.

Hecarim doesn’t need fancy, unconventional gank paths.

Nor does he need the ability to jump to lane from an area lacking vision.

After all, his movement speed is so abysmally fast, he can literally zoom through five control wards and his target still won’t have time to react.

And once he arrives at his destination?

He pins his opponent down with long-lasting CC, then delivers a flurry of health bar-destroying damage.

Even if your jungler tries to counter-invade and save you, they won’t be able to – Hecarim can leave as quickly as he enters.

Truly, Hecarim’s a jungle ganker that lets you rein in the wins.

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