The Best LeBlanc Skins in League of Legends (All Ranked)

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Note: this article was last updated in August 2022 by Alec P.

LeBlanc is an incredibly flashy champion. And anyone who has had the displeasure of playing against a good one can attest to this.

Her title “The Deceiver” is indicative of the visual trickery that she’s capable of. And just like with any good magician, spectacle is guaranteed to be part of her package.

It should come as no surprise, then, when I say LeBlanc has some of the most visually striking skins in all of League.

Depending on the amount of spice you like, she also has a nice range of visuals to choose from. So I have no doubt that no matter who you ask, there’ll be some contention between opinions.

As for me, well let’s just go ahead and rank all of LeBlanc’s skins.


10. Mistletoe LeBlanc

Mistletoe LeBlanc Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: December 14th, 2011
Price: 975 RP

Starting out at our low tiers, we have Mistletoe LeBlanc. This is one of three skins that all use the default ability effects.

Now I realize this may be a debated choice, as Christmas and the Snowdown skins in general share a special place in the hearts of many.

But imagine this skin without the Mistletoe moniker and tell me what else it has that evokes the holidays.

Fur is about as far as you’d get, I imagine. And that just doesn’t cut it – especially when LeBlanc’s otherwise impractical clothing completely invalidates it as anything more than a fashion choice.

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but considering some of these lower-ranking skins are simple reskins (and this is the most expensive, limited, and plain among them), I can’t give it anything more than last place.


9. Wicked LeBlanc

Wicked LeBlanc Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: November 2nd, 2010
Price: 750 RP

Wicked LeBlanc can almost be swapped out interchangeably for my number 7 pick, but there are a few things that hold it back firmly in 8th place.

First is the price point.

Considering you’re getting nothing but a visual style, there’s no reason it should be more expensive than Prestigious LeBlanc… yet it is.

It’s also missing flavor text. Which doesn’t matter, but I’m already nitpicking so -1 point.

On top of that, I think her shoes in this skin look like clown shoes. And my LeBlanc main friend says this one is worse than Prestigious, so, yeah.


8. Prestigious LeBlanc

Prestigious LeBlanc Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: November 2nd, 2010
Price: 520 RP

The final low-tier skin gets its ranking here because of its cheap price point, as mentioned above.

And because thematically, this design makes a lot more sense.

For example, the strange legwear in this skin is a lot more in-line with the ostentatious chest piece of her original design.

Also the splash art for this skin is great. Because everything with poros is great.


7. Championship LeBlanc

Championship LeBlanc Skin Splash Art / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: September 24th, 2020
Price: 1350 RP

Undoubtedly a byproduct of Riot’s modern design philosophy (by which I mean pretty girl pop star aesthetic), Championship is a very appealing skin.

I love the neon colors, and each of her abilities strikes a great balance of being bright yet clear.

Her character design is also just fantastic, especially her hologram cape.

I just don’t enjoy the sounds.

There’s this high-pitched reverb that echoes out every time her abilities land, that makes it hard to want to do anything but run it down.

The recall also has this obnoxious bass track and audience cheering that just doesn’t resonate with me (or the default recall sound) at all.


6. Elderwood LeBlanc

Elderwood LeBlanc Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: March 10th, 2016
Price: 1350 RP

In my opinion, this is LeBlanc’s strangest skin.

But where some champions lose their identity when they’re given full makeovers, Elderwood LeBlanc retains much of the magic that makes her who she is.

Notice the satyr hooves – mythological deviants more or less.

Then there are the fairy wings that make up her cloak which are, again, mostly depicted as mischief makers in their tales.

I think these two constituents were great choices for “The Deceiver”. And they also make sense with the flowers that tie the theme together.

It’s a busy skin, so it won’t be for everybody. But the new ability and sound effects really make this a cohesive package for those that enjoy the naturalistic mysticism of Elderwood.


5. Debonair LeBlanc

Debonair LeBlanc Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: December 9th, 2021
Price: 1350 RP

Thematically, this skin is very simple. However, it’s also very effective.

You’re the same old LeBlanc you’ve always been, but now you got that Gucci bag.

The character model is rather well-made, with greens and whites being the most dominant colors. Your staff is also pretty next level, with a green rose floating in the middle.

There are also nine chromas to choose from (which is a pretty respectable amount), with ones like Catseye or Obsidian completely changing the aesthetic of the skin. As far as abilities and particles are concerned – everything is pretty clean. The W feels very powerful, and the E is like a proper projectile.

The sound effects are rather distinct, and all the new particles make sense for the skin. There aren’t any features that really steal the show, but none are objectively bad either.

My only real gripe with the skin is the backing animation. Although it’s cool in concept – with your clone doing some karaoke while you sit on the couch, I was disappointed.

This is because there were no sound effects accompanying it. Maybe this was just a bug, but as it stands right now – it completely ruins the entire animation.

Overall, the skin isn’t all that creative, but it’s clean. So if being fancy is your main objective in life, this skin might suit you.


4. Program LeBlanc

Program LeBlanc Art Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: November 15th, 2018
Price: 1350 RP

With squeaky clean visuals and audio effects, this is kind of the opposite of Coven in a lot of ways.

It still has the “wow factor” that you’d expect from this tier of skin. And it even has the fun extras like a unique recall that references her other skins.

But this skin also has very straightforward ability animations and auto attacks that have incredibly smooth startups and fades.

I also love that they preserved LeBlanc’s identity again in her outfit choice, despite giving her a new design.

Also, more chromas.

But I don’t count those for a lot of points in this ranking, for what it’s worth.


3. IG LeBlanc

IG LeBlanc Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: April 23rd, 2019
Price: 1350 RP

This is obviously the best skin for fans of Invictus Gaming – and is a commemoration of their historic win over Fanatic in 2018.

For everyone else, IG LeBlanc is still a pretty great skin.

It has a very defined and attractive black and white theme that’s reflected in every ability, and her amazing design.

The Q effect has the team’s logo popping up as the sigil marker, and each of her W distortions has her leaving behind a puff of black feathers instead of the default magic puff.

Her chains are also a lot bigger and more animated in this skin – although they present a complicated issue that you may feel strongly about, depending on what side you’re on.

It’s kind of difficult to remember which colors represent her regular abilities, and which ones are her ultimates (black is regular and white is ultimate) so take that for what you will.

I’d also be remiss to not mention Rookie’s signature on the recall – the player to whom this skin is dedicated to.


2. Coven LeBlanc

Coven LeBlanc Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: April 16th, 2020
Price: 1350 RP

Coven LeBlanc has the most impressive visuals of any LeBlanc skin, hands down.

And this is only exacerbated by the Prestige Edition, which I’ll consider the same skin for the sake of brevity.

Her sigils look like clearly defined creatures, her distortions are marked by huge explosions of magic and feathers, the chains are more animated than the entirety of her base skin combined, and her ultimate just makes each ability more pronounced and impressive.

The sound effects are equally theatrical too. And it even has chromas.

So you might wonder why I do not have this sitting in position #1?

The answer is simple: it’s too much.

At a certain point, a skin starts to look worse because it’s too much more than the stuff around it. And Coven LeBlanc commits this sin in spades, from her outfit to the abilities outlined above.

I’ll admit that Coven could easily be number 1. But it’s just trying too hard in some ways, and the implications of that and tacking on a Prestige edition (which is way too grindy) leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


1. Ravenborn LeBlanc

Ravenborn LeBlanc Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: October 28th, 2014
Price: 975 RP

This has to be the best LeBlanc skin to pick up for big fans of the original – and it’s my pick for best overall.

Ravenborn LeBlanc feels like it just does everything right for a LeBlanc skin, with no real criticisms to levy, and a fair price point.

With better visuals and sounds than the original skin, it really doubles down on what it presents in its gorgeous splash art: deep blues, greens, purples, and ravens are all over this skin.

More than that, I also think this is easily one of the best character designs of all skins – preserving that allure of the original while adding some mystery and panache.

The one issue I could foresee someone having is that this is an older skin. So it can’t compete with the bells and whistles of something like Coven.

But Ravenborn LeBlanc has been a staple of LeBlanc players for ages – and for good reason.

Above all else, it feels like Ravenborn is the safest choice.

And with all the other crazy options, one could go back to Ravenborn again and again for a good palette cleanse.

Also a special thanks to my boy Tyler Lloyd – a great friend, occasional LeBlanc main, and the truest connoisseur of League skins I’ll ever know.

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