LoL: Ranking All Of Neeko’s Skins Good-To-Best

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Did you ever think about the fact that Neeko’s whole schtick is that she can transform into literally anyone, and yet she only has a few skins in total?

The irony truly isn’t lost on Riot.

However, I can say that the skins she does have (plus a Prestige) are all fairly decent.

But which one is most worth your hard earned 1350 RP? Let’s find out.


3. Winter Wonder Neeko

Winter Wonder Neeko Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: December 5th, 2018
Price: 1350 RP

This was Neeko’s first skin, and I think it did a fairly competent job all things considered.

The entire skin is centered around ice. And the character model and new effects reflect that pretty brilliantly.

The character model has been rendered completely blue, with icicles hovering above her head. And both her Q and E animations have been made to look like snowflakes.

And that’s not all when it comes to particles.

Her auto-attacks are adequately chilly, her W clone looks like it’s made out of ice (or at least some sort of crystal), and her ult has Neeko turn into an icicle before bashing the ground and freezing everything.

I also have to point out how adorable her new backing animation is – you literally pull an Elsa, create a skating rink, and then get judged by a panel of Poros.

Overall I quite like the skin. But it is the weakest link of the three. The splash art just isn’t up to par vs. the others, and the Q triple proc just looks a bit weird.


2. Star Guardian Neeko

Star Guardian Neeko Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: September 12th, 2019
Price: 1350 RP

We all know that Neeko is adorable as it is.

But this skin somehow managed to crank that beauty filter up to eleven.

If you’re looking for the Neeko skin with the most bells and whistles, this should be your pick.

You get a character model change, new particles, sound effects, altered emotes, a new backing animation, a new death animation, and a new homeguard animation.

But the biggest actor in all of these changes is your new toad buddy, as he hops around with each proc of your Q, jumps into your arms as you’re backing, runs alongside you when you have homeguard, and even dances when you use your emote.

The little dude is just adorable.

There are also plenty of Star Guardian effects too, like a heroic bling before you drop with your ult, butterfly wings when you have homeguard, and all of the flashy colors you could ever imagine.

Overall, Star Guardian Neeko is really flashy and really nice.

I prefer the original as opposed to the Prestige version, but only slightly.


1. Shan Hai Scrolls Neeko

Shan Hai Scrolls Neeko Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: January 28th, 2021
Price: 1350 RP

I personally like Shan Hai Scrolls Neeko the most.

It just seems the most fitting for Neeko’s character.

The skin really accentuates her connection to nature, as opposed to Frozen or Powerpuff Girls. The character model is stunning here, with a really nice “crown” of the sun behind some clouds, with her hair and clothes resembling the wide open planes.

And her animations are no different, with each proc of her Q depicting the sun in a different position throughout the day, and her E being two birds circling the Sun.

Even her ult has her temporarily turn into the Sun before smashing down and scattering dust everywhere.

Her backing animation just makes you feel either like a deity, or like a Naruto character. And the splash art here is just a feast for the eyes.

Overall I think this skin best exemplifies Neeko’s champion fantasy, and is therefore my pick for the #1 trophy.

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