The Best Quinn Skins in League of Legends, Ranked

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There are few champions in the game that are as difficult to define as Quinn.

Is she an assassin, a marksman, or just a horrible dream that a top-lane main had years ago?

Does she go top, jungle, mid, or is she the new River Shen?

Science might never answer.

What we can try to answer, to some extent, is which Quinn skin is worth buying!

She only has five skins to her name, so we’ll rank all of them from worst to best right here – taking into account how much they change the mystery bird-woman, as well as how much money they’re taking from our virtual pockets.


5. Heartseeker Quinn

Heartseeker Quinn Splash Art / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: February 2nd, 2017
Price: 975 RP

This is the only Quinn skin that doesn’t really nail down the whole “terrifying bird woman coming to get you” aesthetic, so I have to rank it at number five.

However, that’s not to say that the skin is bad in any way.

It does feature a beautiful splash art, as well as some new ability animations! There are some smaller details too, like your passive marks being heart shaped and your W having a different bird visual, but it’s the character models that matter here.

Quinn is given the usual Heartseeker getup, with plenty of hearts, reds, and yellows all around, while Valor was redesigned to be a white-pinkish dove.

It might not be the most badass skin ever – but you can definitely kill some people with kindness.


4. Corsair Quinn

Corsair Quinn Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: July 22nd, 2015
Price: 750 RP

Now this is more my style!

This skin just makes Quinn look pretty badass, as her and Valor supposedly take to the streets and turn their backs to the law.

The character model is given a very rebellious look, with some spunky hair, an eye patch, and some talons on her armored-up arm.

I don’t know how that last detail fits in with rebels – but I’m definitely not complaining.

Valor was also made a bit more menacing, with some blacks and yellows to spruce up his usual blue self.

This is the cheapest skin on the market for Quinn, so definitely give it a look if you are budget-oriented.

But if not, let’s carry on.


3. Phoenix Quinn

Phoenix Quinn Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: March 1st, 2013
Price: 975 RP

This skin is just like the year 2020: everything is on fire.

Quinn doesn’t have many animations as it is. But the designers did manage to sneak in some fire effects into this skin.

Her W now features some flames and even has a fiery sound cue.

Her E now leaves a little fire trail, and Quinn herself looks quite hot.

Both her and Valor were given a detailed make-over, with reds, oranges, and some purples, making them live up to the title of Phoenix.

Players are somewhat torn on this skin, with some expecting a lot more and others claiming that it’s the best one in Quinn catalogue.

But I found myself in the middle, so here we are.


2. Warden Quinn

Warden Quinn Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: January 7th, 2021
Price: 1350 RP

This is Quinn’s newest skin as of this writing, so it only makes sense that it’s the flashiest as well.

The skin gives Quinn a full armor suit, to truly flex on the peasants, while making Valor look like a legendary Pokémon.

It also features brand new animations, with all of them being pretty cool – but nothing that will blow your socks off.

It is Quinn after all.

I debated putting this skin in first place, but decided against it for one reason:

Quinn doesn’t look like herself.

This armor set just gave off such strong Kayle vibes that Valor’s mystical design could not carry the two to the top.


1. Woad Scout Quinn

Woad Scout Quinn Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: June 9th, 2014
Price: 975 RP

Both Woad King Darius and Woad Scout Quinn are simply sleeper OP skins.

The skin line features such a nice theme that I honestly wish they would create a few more.

Woad Scout Quinn just looks like she came from the North where she had killed some ice zombies and slept with a man who knows nothing.

With some fur on her shoulders and a metal crown on her face, she looks absolutely fierce.

And Valor is an owl, which just gets this skin like a thousand brownie points.

It’s a very believable skin that doesn’t need a gimmick, brings some solid animations, and comes with a reasonable price-tag, which is why it’s my top pick.

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