Best Skarner Skins in League of Legends (Ranked)

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It’s no secret that Riot picks favorites when it comes to skin releases.

Some champions get a skin every six months, and others don’t get touched for years.

With only a handful of skins spanning over ten years, it’s safe to say that Skarner is in the latter category.

But that still can’t stop me from looking at the skins he does have and ranking them all. Fight the power, or something.


5. Guardian of the Sands Skarner

Guardian of the Sands Skarner Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: April 26th, 2015
Price: 975 RP

Okay, let’s get the good things out of the way first.

The crystal spires are really nice, with patches of sand covering up a Shurima jewel of some sort. It feels very appropriate.

Furthermore, this skin probably has the best W animation out of the bunch, as the textures are very nice, detailed, and memorable.

However, I just hate his face.

Oh my god, it looks so derpy.

Whenever I see that little face popping out, I feel like I’m about to enchant something in Black Desert and subsequently throw my computer out of the window.

And Skarner is not a flashy champion.

So if the character model isn’t right, it all goes downhill.


4. Earthrune Skarner

Earthrune Skarner Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: August 9th, 2011
Price: 520 RP

This is just a very nice and safe pick.

It’s a very cheap skin that stays true to Skarner’s original theme, but upgrades it significantly.

Although it doesn’t do too much in the visual or sound effect department, the character model looks just cool enough to make it a valid pick.

He looks a lot more ancient and magical, which is something I think the base skin was desperately missing.

So if you don’t like to go too crazy, or if you just really dig the original design for the champion, Earthrune Skarner is the right choice for you.


3. Cosmic Sting Skarner

Cosmic Sting Skarner Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: November 24th, 2020
Price: 1350 RP

I’m sure a lot of Skarner mains have a special place in their heart for this skin, as it was the newest one to come out – after a five year silence no less.

However, I just can’t say that it’s the best.

Yes, it has all of the bells and whistles that modern skins have, with particles all over the place.

The character model also makes him look a lot more important and powerful, and not just a flying popstar podium.

However, it barely feels like Skarner.

Your W just turns you prestige instead of the usual crystal route. And your claws just look like really awkward wings.

The splash art is rather brilliant though.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait another five years for the next one.


2. Sandscourge Skarner

Sandscourge Skarner Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: August 9th, 2011
Price: 975 RP

This skin had the potential to be the best of the best, but fumbled a bit.

In terms of character models, this is my favorite one. It’s the only skin to go all-out in terms of the scorpion theme.

And since there’s nothing like it in the entire game, it makes him feel really unique and interesting.

The colors are simple here but it all just works. However, it does look somewhat off-putting when the animations come into play.

Had Riot revamped his particles to be more sand-focused instead of the usual lightning, it would have been S-tier.

But being as it is, Sandscourge Skarner will have to settle for second place.


1. Battlecast Alpha Skarner

Battlecast Alpha Skarner Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: November 25th, 2014
Price: 1820 RP

Big surprise, the most expensive skin is the best one.

I mean, he has literal chainsaws for hands, how am I going to ignore that?

I also like this E the most out of all his skins – it feels impactful without looking tacky.

But most importantly, this is the only skin where his ult makes sense.

His tail is a spike attached to a chain, and we see said chain as you’re pulling him around.

Why is realism important when talking about robot scorpion dudes? Who knows.

What I do know is that I prefer this death animation over the creepy crawly original one. The dance as well.

Battlecast Alpha Skarner just nailed it across the board, if we’re being honest.

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