The Best Sustain Champions in League of Legends

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Tired of the gray screen of death?

Of turrets acting like they’re the boss over you?

Of teammates that get trigger happy on their keyboard whenever you sacrifice your life for the greater cause?

Then how about a champion that literally never dies?

Yep. Today we’ll be ranking the best sustain champions in League that also wreck hard, so you’ll know exactly which champions to pick up to feel invincible in game.


9. Trundle

Trundle LoL gameplay screenshot
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Trundle’s the Troll King for a reason:

Not many can (or dare to) challenge his reign. His sustain is just utterly overpowering.

Whenever an enemy unit dies near him? He heals for a percentage of their maximum health.

When he clicks his W, “Frozen Domain?” Instant increased healing from all sources.

Even his ultimate drains the life force out of his enemies and replenishes his own health bar.

Besides high sustain, Trundle has tons of other things going for him that make him a viable and all-round champion.

He can effortlessly wreck through turrets in seconds thanks to his attack speed buffs, and his dueling is totally formidable.

Now, Trundle’s damage does fall off late game. But if you’re after a high sustain champion that can stomp games by the 20-minute mark?

Trundle’s your best bet.


8. Zac

Zac LoL gameplay
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Coming straight out of Ghostbusters is Zac, the lovable green blob of ooze that floats, bounces, and jumps around the jungle.

Unlike other ghoulish monsters though, Zac would definitely give the Ghostbusters a run for their money.

After all, he has tons of sustain, good engage potential, and various ways to knock up and play around his enemies.

Zac gets most of his sustain from his passive: he essentially sheds chunks of himself each time he attacks, then reabsorbs these chunks to regain health.

While not a pleasant image, the passive is exceptionally strong.

It gives Zac a way to heal continuously, meaning he can survive even the most drawn out fights.

Oh, and when Zac is “killed,” he doesn’t actually die.

Instead, he splits into four lil blobs which have a percentage of his maximum health.

If the blobs aren’t killed quickly enough and manage to merge together, he’ll then revive with almost all of his health restored.

Sure, Zac might be weird and gooey – and his slimy playstyle probably won’t appeal to everyone’s taste. But his sustain makes him a force to be reckoned with.


7. Cho’Gath

Cho’Gath LoL gameplay screenshot
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Next up is Cho’Gath, a champion that can never bite off more than he can chew.

Cho’Gath is a frontline tank that, when ahead, can oppress any laner he’s up against.

The reason?

His kit is packed with healing and sustain that scales – with every enemy he devours, his maximum health increases.

So yep, a fed Cho’Gath is akin to a battle boss that can carry any teamfight in the later stages of the game.

To top it all off, Cho’Gath has heaps of reliable CC, which allows him to effortlessly catch out and isolate enemies.


6. Aatrox

Aatrox LoL gameplay
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Coming in 6th place is Aatrox, the Darkin Blade.

Aatrox might not be the most popular top laner out there, but his sustain is undeniably god tier:

His basic attacks periodically heal him, and his E, “Umbral Dash,” also gives him additional health back whenever he attacks a champion.

And once he clicks “R?”

His ultimate instantly buffs the healing he gains from all sources by up to 60%.

Put simply: Aatrox’s ultimate transforms him from a Darkin Blade to Excalibur (totally lethal, totally indestructible).

As a champion, Aatrox is ideal for those who love teamfighting – he has AoE damage that can easily hit multiple targets at once, and his W pulls and slows nearby opponents.

Thanks to the sustain his healing grants him, Aatrox can also reach the enemy team’s backline (and their ADC) without breaking a sweat.


5. Fiora

Fiora LoL gameplay screenshot
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When it comes to sustain in 1vs1 fights, Fiora, the Grand Duelist, truly has no equal.

Her vital hit passive allows her to slice through even the tankiest enemy without losing a single drop of health.

And once she hits level 6 and unlocks her ultimate?

She can instantly summon four vitals on her target.

If she then manages to hit all four vitals, a victory zone appears that heals everyone in it to practically max health.

Seriously. Even grievous wounds can’t cut through Fiora’s immense sustain.


4. Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo LoL gameplay
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Dr. Mundo’s sustain is often labelled “broken” by low elo players.

And to be honest, it’s not a surprise why.

If left to his own devices, Mundo becomes virtually unstoppable thanks to his passive regeneration, CC immunity, and endless amount of healing.

In fact, he can literally “go where he pleases”. Even the enemy’s base isn’t off limits – turret shots, minions, opponents – he can tank ‘em all.

The only downside?

If you do decide to main Dr. Mundo, you’ve got to fork out for Corporate Mundo.

After all, it’s the only way you can show you’re a true Mundo main.


3. Warwick

Warwick LoL gameplay screenshot
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Warwick has always been a strong and reliable jungler.

And that’s mainly a result of his phenomenal healing: below 50% maximum health, he heals for 100% of the post-mitigation damage dealt by his passive, “Eternal Hunter.”

And if he’s below 25% health?

That healing soars up to 250% – Warwick’s health bar is far deadlier than his bark.

Besides his passive, Warwick also heals for 100% of damage dealt during his ultimate.

This allows him to jump right into fights, dish out the killing blow on the ADC, then regain virtually all his health back.

But what makes him truly worthy of the number 3 spot isn’t just his high sustain – it’s also because of his beginner-friendly kit.

Warwick is literally one of the easiest champions in the game to pick up. Meaning you can experience the bliss of sustain without having to dedicate hours upon hours to learning complex combos beforehand.


2. Vladimir

Vladimir LoL gameplay
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Vladimir’s Q, W, and ultimate all grant him a heap ton of sustain.

So yep, virtually every ability in his kit turns him into the epitome of an immortal vampire.

Now, Vladimir isn’t the strongest early game champion. He lacks the damage, and can really only play safe, farm, and use his abilities to keep his health bar topped up.

But once it hits late game?

He’s not just indestructible.

He also one shots – or I should say, sinks his teeth into – any opponent who dares to challenge him.

Thanks to his scaling AP passive and AoE damage, he can literally demolish several enemies at once (pentakill montage, anyone?).


1. Olaf

Olaf LoL gameplay screenshot
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Remember that scene in SAO where all the PKers attacked Kirito left, right, and center, yet his health bar went down by… zilch?

Yep. Olaf will literally let you experience this satisfying moment every single game.

Olaf is a high sustain n’ snowballing machine, thanks to his core ability, “Vicious Strike,” which grants him an insane amount of lifesteal.

Even if Olaf can’t “lifesteal” his way back to full health, it works in his favor: the lower health he is, the more attack speed and sustain he gains.

In other words, a low health Olaf is an unkillable axe-wielding maniac that can slash through enemy after enemy.

Oh, and to top it all off?

You can’t CC him when he chases you down – his ult makes him immune to disables.


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