The Best Tank Killers in League of Legends (Ranked)

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Tanks are exceptionally strong in the meta right now.

They keep their team alive, never seem to die, and somehow manage to always deal triple the amount of damage you would expect a “tank” to deal.

Put simply: trying to take down a tank is like trying to take down a battle boss.

That is, of course, unless you have a tank killer on your team – and this ranking should help you find the best-of-the-best in League.


5. Trundle

Trundle LoL gameplay screenshot
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First up is none other than Trundle, the troll king.

Trundle’s ultimate has literally been designed to take the “tank” out of the tank:

He steals 40% of his opponent’s armor and magic resist, while healing for a percentage of their max health.

In other words, the tankier his opponent is, the stronger he becomes.

Besides his ultimate, Trundle also has a neat “you shall not pass” ability. He summons forth an ice pillar that knocks up opponents and blocks them from passing through.

This ability is super useful against tanks – you can prevent them from getting close, allowing you to freely smack away at their ADC.

Sadly, while he’s a viable tank killer, Trundle is lacking in the damage department.

He can’t melt through tanks as easily (and quickly) as other tank shredders on this list can.


4. Kayle

Kayle Tank Killer LoL
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Kayle is a righteous angel. So it’s no surprise she gives tanks the punishment they deserve:

She whacks ‘em to death with celestial light and a whole lot of damage, slows, and resistant-reducing attacks.

While Kayle isn’t strong early, her late game is utterly terrifying.

She can blast her way through even the tankiest opponent in mere seconds.

Her starfire spellblade ability also allows her to deal bonus damage based on her target’s missing health, and her passive gives her increased attack range.

This essentially means that even if a tank tries to disengage, she can slash through them and chasse them down effortlessly – and then slash through their entire team.


3. Fiora

Fiora LoL gameplay
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Fiora isn’t the easiest champion out there, but once mastered?

She slices through tanks like an unstoppable classy machine.

Every time she successfully lands her vital point passive, she heals while dealing bonus true damage (aka tank-destroying damage).

She also deals a percentage of the enemy’s maximum health as AD damage.

On top of all this, Fiora’s ultimate is a gamechanger against tanks – especially during teamfights:

She summons up four vitals around a target, and if she manages to hit them all or kills the target during this time, she gains virtually all her health back.

Yep. Fiora can turn the tank to smithereens and still have enough health to take on every opponent in her way.

Plus, her riposte is the ultimate Uno reverse card – if a tank tries to CC her, she can just CC them and get the upper hand in a fight.


2. Kog’Maw

Kog’Maw Tank Killer LoL
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Next up is the adorable lil hangry goofball, Kog’Maw.

Kog’Maw loves nothing more than nomming on his enemies – and his favorite meal of all?


Yep. Kog’Maw chews through tanks like they’re an irresistible delicacy.

He spews out ooze that reduces armor and magic resist, and his W grants him increased magic damage based on his target’s health (which, for a tank, is going to be tons!).

Kog’Maw can also slow his enemy, allowing him to poke out the tank before they can even get close.

To top it all off, when Kog’Maw dies he can avenge himself: he is momentarily revived into an “explosive bomb” which deals true damage to the champions it hits.


1. Vayne

Vayne LoL gameplay screenshot
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Vayne is renowned for being the ultimate tank killer in League of Legends.

And the reason?

She’s pretty much the queen of “true damage”. Every third consecutive attack she dishes out against a target deals bonus true damage, with the bonus being based on the target’s max health.

Couple this ability with her ungodly attack speed, and you get an unstoppable tank shredder.

If that isn’t enough to convince you why Vayne’s nickname is the anti-tank champ, she’s also got tons of movement speed, CC, stealth, and a dash – all of which allows her to effortlessly kite tanks.

While Vayne does have a high skill cap, the payoff is great.

There is no other champion in the game that can rival her tank-destroying prowess.

So if you’re an ADC looking to give tanks a taste of their own tilt-inducing medicine, start practicing Vayne (and get ready to make some sweet vaynespotting moments).

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