The Best Twitch Skins in League of Legends (All Ranked)

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Sometimes, Riot really gets creative with their champion design. Like demigod bears that control lightning or constantly evolving predators from another universe.

And other times they go “it’s a rat and he knows how to shoot”.

Luckily for Twitch, you can always get a good skin and fill in any gaps in creativity. And in this ranking we’re going to decide which skins are his best – based on both price and overall appeal.


12. Kingpin Twitch

Kingpin Twitch Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: November 20th, 2009
Price: 520 RP

This is Twitch’s oldest skin and it’s not very hard to tell.

Even after the visual update, it just feels ancient.

The character model just feels a bit odd when you’re in-game. It’s only when you zoom in that you can even understand why he’s a kingpin!

This is somewhat of a shame because that splash art is amazing! And since this skin doesn’t offer any new animations or particles, the splash art is the only thing that I can really compliment.

So unless you’re one of those people who like to use a skin ironically (or just for the name), I suggest you keep looking.


11. Whistler Village Twitch

Whistler Village Twitch Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: February 12th, 2010
Price: 520 RP

When you see the splash art for this skin, you naturally expect a Snow day type deal. But no. It just feels like a random outfit change.

I mean, it’s not bad per se – but it doesn’t really amount to anything either. You’re just a rat boy in a decent-looking coat.

Overall, I don’t really get this skin. It looks a bit better than the previous one, but it’s also a lot more random. So take that as you will.


10. Vandal Twitch

Vandal Twitch Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: February 22nd, 2011
Price: 975 RP

With this skin you get exactly what you asked for.

You get in-game and immediately go “that’s one law-breaking rat right there”.

The mohawk is superb, the shades phenomenal and the earrings badass. You also get a biochemical gun (which is always cool) and some Molotov cocktails for when you’re ready to throw out that W.

The design is pretty great, the splash art is epic and thematically it all makes sense. So, why is it this low on the ranking?

Well, because the price is still a thing. If this skin had any new particles (for example making the W burn be fire from the Molotov cocktails), I’d place it way higher.

But 975 RP for a skin that just changes your character model is a bit steep. Plus, there are other Twitch skins that scratch a very similar itch thematically while also bringing new features to the table.


9. Medieval Twitch

Medieval Twitch Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: December 15th, 2009
Price: Honor Capsule Reward

Let’s be honest here – most people just want this skin because it’s pretty rare. But the skin itself is decent at best.

The design team went pretty light when it came to implementing armor, with only the headpiece and shoulder pads really sticking out.

And since you already had a crossbow to begin with, the added details aren’t that noticeable.

Overall, the character model isn’t ugly (far from it) and you do get what the splash art advertises – it’s just that the end product isn’t exactly going to blow you away.

So, unless you’re in it strictly for the bragging rights, I don’t think you need to sell a kidney in order to buy an account with this skin.


8. SSW Twitch

SSW Twitch Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: May 13th, 2015
Price: 750 RP

I don’t even know what to think about SSW Twitch.

First off, it just looks like the average League player once they went full goblin mode.

The headset, the glasses, the posture, the toxicity, it’s all there! Jokes aside it’s rather decent.

Although I will say that the splash art doesn’t do the skin any favors. It’s one of those rare situations where the in-game model is actually better than what was advertised!

But what really confuses me is the new backing animation. Since it’s a World’s skin, you’d think that it would be Twitch holding up a trophy or something like that (which is the norm for World’s skins).

But no, he just kind of roles around on the ground. This decision both confuses and terrifies me.

Overall, if you’re into E-sports (and Twitch doing his best sleepy cat impression), this could be the skin for you. But I think there are better options.


7. Pickpocket Twitch

Pickpocket Twitch Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: November 28th, 2014
Price: 750 RP

This is just a very simple and very lovable skin.

You’re just a little weasel boy who’s out to do some crimes. Quite the mood honestly.

The character model is really well-made with that Disney goofy villain aesthetic coming in strong. Then again you also have a legitimate gun now – so I can’t take him too lightly.

The splash art is also quite fun and dynamic.

The skin doesn’t come with any new animations or particles – but it’s not a big deal. Sure, shooting green darts out of a gun is a little jarring but everything else seems fine.

Overall, if you like simple goofy skins, this one could be worth the 750 RP.


6. Omega Squad Twitch

Omega Squad Twitch Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: July 26th, 2017
Price: 1350 RP

The best way to describe this skin is “Twitch but with an actual budget”.

Gone are your stinky crossbow days, as you now pull up locked and loaded with all of Elon’s new toys.

The character model is rather simple but effective. You have a nice camo outfit, a gas mask, and your trusty gun. However, unlike with Pickpocket, the gun is given a lot of attention this time.

It has a little laser when you come out of stealth and the tip even overheats when your ult is active. Plus, the projectiles themselves (although still green) resemble bullets more so than arrows.

The Q has a pretty nice cybernetic animation and both your W and passive stacks have been revamped to look a bit more modern. And your new backing animation just has you giving your best Texas wedding imitation as you shoot into the sky and wait for your ride to show up.

Lastly, the skin does come with a voice filter and a decent chroma selection.

Overall, the skin is really well-made and definitely fits in with Twitch thematically. However, the following skins are a bit more creative overall.


5. Ice King Twitch

Ice King Twitch Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: December 6th, 2018
Price: 1350 RP

Okay, let’s start with the particles/animations first.

I find this skin to be extremely satisfying. Riot tends to make ice particles and sound effects slap like there’s no tomorrow – and this skin is no exception.

Your auto attacks sound crunchy and the particles are very nice to look at. And your W is just a beauty in itself – as this skin actually makes it seem powerful.

The passive stack symbol is also really well-made, with a nice frost effect. And your Q and E are just okay overall. The skin also comes with five rather distinct chromas and an absolutely amazing splash art.

However, I’m not the biggest fan of the character model.

Something about it just makes me think it’s a rejected Digimon design or something.

And this skin also has you torture some poor Poros in your backing animation – which is a sin punishable by death. Therefore, I can’t praise it too much.


4. Dragonslayer Twitch

Dragonslayer Twitch Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: April 15th, 2021
Price: 1350 RP

In terms of concepts, this one is pretty out there. It just does away with the whole rat persona altogether and just makes Twitch a little dragon goblin.

And while I’ve seen the community being somewhat split (because of rat power), I personally like this skin quite a bit. The character model is really detailed and interesting.

Plus it comes with eight different chromas (with Ruby being a certified banger) so you have some diversity as well.

And in terms of animations, everything feels very impactful. Even your Q feels like a powerful spell, as you have a little fiery burst around you before entering stealth. Your W is just your personal piece of hell and your ult looks diabolical. I’ve seen that people especially like this skin when playing him AP – and I completely understand.

It just makes you feel like a mage, regardless of what build you’re rocking. Plus the new backing animation has a strong Lord of the Rings vibe – and who doesn’t like seeing that?

Overall, I think the skin is quite creative and very well-crafted.

But I get that for some people, abandoning the way of the rat is too heavy a burden to bear.


3. Twitch Shadowfoot

Twitch Shadowfoot Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: March 19th, 2020
Price: 1350 RP

I didn’t even know it was scientifically possible to make Twitch cute – but this skin just went and did it.

Just look at that splash art! Look at that small little mouse boy happily glaring at his cheese! It’s simply too precious!

And don’t even get me started on the new voice. Honestly, the voice alone would’ve been worth the 1350 RP price tag. So, the fact that you also get some pretty dope new features is just a plus.

The character model is done in an RPG aesthetic (with the splash art even showcasing the rest of your squad). We see different artifacts in your backpack, a pretty magical-looking bow, and even a little crown strung on your ear.

The crown even makes a reappearance when you get full stacks of your passive (which is pretty cool).

Just like with the previous pick, all of your abilities look rather magical – with purple particles in the form of smoke highlighting every attack.

The skin also has a decent selection of chromas (although I will admit that they don’t shake things up too much) and a glorious backing animation where you finally get the cheese.

Overall I love this skin. It’s cute, it’s polished, it’s RPG-inspired, and it has cheese.


2. Crime City Twitch

Crime City Twitch Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: October 13th, 2010
Price: 975 RP

This is one of those skins that just defies all logic. It’s a 975 RP skin that only changes your character model (not even that drastically might I add) but it’s the OTP’s pick.

And if there’s one thing I know, it’s that you have to respect the OTPs.

This skin just turns you into a little mafia boss. With your suit well-ironed, your fedora firmly tucked between the ears and a Tommy gun at your side – what can stop you?

After every Q, you can scream “say hello to my little friend” or something of that nature and just have a blast. Although I’ll say that it’s a damn shame that the skin doesn’t add actual new voice lines.

The splash art is also pretty amazing – as we see Twitch wreaking absolute bloody havoc.

Overall, the skin idea is both cool and fitting. But above all, the Twitch community knows something that I don’t and I’m just going to blindly trust them.


1. High Noon Twitch

High Noon Twitch Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: May 26th, 2022
Price: 1350 RP

Even my fear of OTPs won’t stop me from giving the crown to High Noon Twitch.

It’s honestly a damn masterpiece and needs to be recognized as such.

First off, the plague doctor aesthetic will never go out of fashion and I’ll absolutely always simp for it. Especially here where it’s also somewhat futuristic. And it comes with a cowboy hat!

Secondly, your gun looks like an absolute menace. And every auto attack just slaps with the force of a thousand suns.

Thirdly, just take a look at the Q. There’s a nice initial animation as you go into stealth. You then hear faint whistling as tumbleweed crosses your path. Twitch says something in his creepy filtered voice.

You then pop out, turn on your ult, and gain raven wings! From that point on, it’s a simple process of blasting everything in your path while nice ashy particles make you feel way cooler than you are.

Even your new backing animation has you trying to kill a ghost as if you’re in some Bloodborne DLC or something. And there are even chromas!

This is the perfect Twitch skin – and I refuse to believe otherwise.

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