All of Udyr’s Best Skins, Ranked (League of Legends)

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We did it. Our boy Udyr is finally going to get the VGU treatment he has needed all this time.

But before the Deer is all new and sparkly, it’s only fair to look back at what we already have and show some love where it’s deserved.

He might not have a lot of skins, but which one is currently the best overall?

Let’s find out.


5. Black Belt Udyr

Black Belt Udyr Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: July 18th, 2010
Price: 520 RP

Black Belt Udyr is one of those skins that I can’t imagine having been good even when it originally came out. And considering that was 12+ years ago, that’s telling you something.

From the name, you would assume that it’s going to have a martial arts theme. But then you actually take a look at the character model and find no black belts in sight.

It’s just the base skin, but slightly more privileged.

And he also carries the Riot logo now. Because nothing says Black Belt like a corporate logo, am I right?

Needless to say that this skin also doesn’t come with any new particles or animations.

I guess the splash art is somewhat okay, but even that’s on rather shaky ground.

All in all, Riot please let this skin live up to its name once Udyr receives his VGU.

I believe that you Cobra Can do it.


4. Primal Udyr

Primal Udyr Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: December 6th, 2010
Price: 975 RP

Although this skin is also just about to hit puberty, it’s leagues better than the previous one.

For one, it’s an actual Udyr skin. And it has the decency to feature four different forms.

And even though Primal Udyr can’t really stack up against the some of his other skins, I personally don’t mind it all that much.

The tiger stance looks like a cult leader, the turtle stance looks like Zuckerberg’s shy cousin, the bear stance like the true ManBearPig, and the phoenix stance is just Avdol’s Stand.

And if a skin can make me think of so many different things at once, it can’t be all bad.

The splash art is also rather decent in my opinion.

All of that being said, don’t expect any new particles or animations here, as the design team was a lot stingier back in the old days.

So I think the skin is okay, but by no means is it the best.


3. Definitely Not Udyr

Definitely Not Udyr Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: March 31st, 2015
Price: 975 RP

If you play Udyr just so that you can goof off, annoy people into oblivion, and run around the map like an idiot while somehow being five levels above everyone else in the game, then this is the skin for you.

It’s honestly one of the goofiest skins in all of League – and I honestly congratulate the person that can still get tilted while having this one.

All of your stances are now just costumes. And this makes for the most hilarious situations.

Especially since your beard is still sticking out, making you look like a crazy hobo who happened to break into a Halloween store.

And there’s nothing more satisfying than killing literal space dragons by putting your sandals into turbo drive mode, and then repeatedly tapping them on the head with your bear mittens.

Overall, this is one of the most hilarious skins in the game – and if you love Udyr but don’t want to take him too seriously, this could be an obvious winner for you.


2. Dragon Oracle Udyr

Dragon Oracle Udyr Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: August 15th, 2019
Price: 1350 RP

Since Dragon Oracle Udyr is the newest Udyr skin to hit the Rift, you already know it has quite the fanbase.

For one, man is it weird to see a new & polished skin on this guy.

Secondly, I think the skin nails the whole warlock/oracle aesthetic. Your stances are now way less on the nose when it comes to the animals they represent, especially your Q and W.

Instead they just give off the same general vibe, while still maintaining the badass integrity of the base character model.

Your E does go a bit more ham & has a dragon quickly flash on screen. But Riot had to justify the name somehow, so I get it.

Lastly, your phoenix stance is perfection – as you finally feel more like an elegant flaming bird and less like an overcooked turkey.

Overall, I can definitely see why a lot of people are hyped about this skin.

It’s new, fresh, and thematically brilliant.

But there’s only room for one Udy skin in my heart.


1. Spirit Guard Udyr

Spirit Guard Udyr Skin Splash Image from League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Released: July 16th, 2013
Price: 3250 RP

I will honestly be shocked if there’s a single person that did not see this one coming.

Spirit Guard Udyr is so beloved that it feels like this is the only appropriate option for the guy.

Is it extremely expensive? Absolutely.

But it also brings heaps of new features.

From your different stances having different emotes and death animations, to your final stance upping the ante and making your character model look even more feral than before, there’s a lot to go through.

Let’s not also forget the four different running animations and recalls.

But even if we took away all of the bells and whistles, I still think this skin would be solid – as it’s simply really smooth and nice to play with, with recognizable and satisfying sound effects, and a visual design that gives you everything you ever wanted from Udyr.

So if you’re a Monopoly man like Mr. Pennybags, get Spirit Guard Udyr – it is pretty much the best.

If you’re a middle of the road type of person, get Dragon Oracle.

Or if you want the best bang for your buck, get Definitely Not Udyr.

And regardless of how poor you are, never get Black Belt.

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