League of Legends: Top 10 Best Waifus Of All Time

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The girls of League might all be a little on the wild side. But that shouldn’t take away from their “waifu material.”

In my opinion, their wildness only adds to it; a waifu that can shower you in affection, treat you to homemade chocolates AND kick your enemies to the curb?

What’s not to love!

Yet who will reign superior in the LoL battle of the waifus and be worthy of your heart?

Let’s find out as we rank some the top waifus in all of League of Legends.

And try not to rage quit this article if your waifu isn’t featured.

Every waifu is perfect at heart, we just have different tastes. And I promise that shrine dedicated to your wifey is more than enough for her to feel valued!


10. Jinx

Jinx Base Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Kicking off our list is the wildest waifu of ‘em all: Jinx, the Loose Cannon.

Now, Jinx isn’t going to win over the hearts of most players out there.

After all, she’s manic.

She’s rebellious.

And there’s a high chance she’ll probably blow you up and gleefully steal all your LP amongst the chaos.

Yet there’s just something about her badass looks and daredevil nature I personally can’t help but love.

That crazy-eyed stare?

Makes my heart flutter every time.

And sure, her idea of fun might be explosions, mayhem and destruction, but at least she’s always up for a thrilling night out!

Truly, this waifu will certainly spice things up in more ways than one.


9. Evelynn

Evelynn Base Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Evelynn might be known to many as Agony’s Embrace.

She might also have a pretty bad rap virtually everywhere in Runeterra.

But that’s really all just… “surface value” things.

If you look deep, deep, deep into what’s left of her soul, you’ll find a kinky waifu that isn’t afraid to charm you and flirt with you.

Now, will she subject you to unspeakable torment after you’ve fallen in love with her?


But hey, you never know. Your love might show her the light and the beauty in not devouring your husbando straight away.


8. Vi

Vi Base Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Punching her way into a respectable placement here is good ol’ Vi.

Tough and courageous with a boiling hot temper, Vi’s a waifu that’ll punch you into submission – ahem, punch her love and affection right into your heart (and through it).

Besides brawn, Vi also has some hardhitting humor.

And since she grew up in the “mean streets of Zaun,” her survival instincts are unrivalled.

The only downside?

Every compliment she gives you is probably going to be a backhanded one;

“Hmm, I like your smile. Gives me something to aim at.”

Her listening skills are also pretty…

Well, as she sums up nicely, “If I want your opinion, I’ll beat it out of you.”


7. Irelia

Irelia Base Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Let’s be real:

No waifu list would be complete without Irelia, the Blade Dancer.

She’s drop-dead gorgeous, dedicated to her homeland, and fights with undeniable grace.

She’s the type of waifu that’ll truly help you become a better husbando – even if her idea of better mainly involves teaching you her battle dance.

Of course, Irelia isn’t just on this list because of her huge personality.

As any man of culture will know, the Frostbutt skin ups Irelia’s appeal by tenfold.


6. Fiora

Fiora Base Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Slicing her way into this list is Fiora – but don’t worry, she’ll never slice your heart.

Dedicated and living life with precision and grace, Fiora is a waifu that gives off total queen vibes.

She’ll also stop at nothing to keep you safe (after all, her honor is on the line).

But the thing that makes Fiora worthy of this ranking isn’t her courage, protective nature, or dueling prowess.

Nor is it her cunning mind.

It’s actually her accent.

Yep, you may think I’m shallow, but she genuinely has the dreamiest voice in the game!

It’s soothing to the ears, soothing to the mind, and soothing to the heart.

Kneel down to the queenly Fiora, and you won’t regret it.

Just make sure you’ve got great form and can be the “worthy opponent” she longs for.


5. Soraka

Soraka Base Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Soraka is a kawaii waifu that’ll heal all your wounds, tears, and heart.

Whenever you’re feeling down, she’ll stay by your side until you get a smile back on your face.

She’ll also look after your wellbeing; healthy eating starts with a banana a day!

Now her purple skin, hooves, and horns might be a lil off-putting for some.

And the outdated clunky base model certainly doesn’t help her looks either…

But hey, give her a chance.

Soraka is one of the most loyal waifus out there – she’ll literally give up her immortality for you. And she would never judge you by your appearance.


4. Lux

Lux Default Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Hailing from Demacia is Lux, the bubbly waifu that’ll brighten your days with her undivided attention, love, and light puns.

While she may have a secret side to her, this really only adds to her charm; the closer you become, the more you’ll learn about her and her unique talents.

Plus she’s totally committed and will stick with you through thick and thin.

She’ll never give up on the relationship, since “the superior tactic is to never give up.”


3. Ahri

Ahri Default Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Aaah, Ahri.

The champion that’s loved by virtually everyone because of her waifu material.

Players love her, fanfiction sites love her, hell, even the pros love her; she was recently voted best waifu by LCK players.

So what exactly makes Ahri so lovable?

Well, besides her fluffy tails that you just wanna cuddle up in, it’s gotta be her charming looks and personality.

Okay, well, on the personality side of things you might have to ignore the fact that her idea of fun is toying with peoples’ emotions and devouring their souls.

If it makes it any easier, she does feel really bad about it, I promise!

She even makes sure their final moments are happy and peaceful (a total waifu move).


2. Senna

Senna Base Default Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Senna won’t win everyone over.

Her wraith form isn’t exactly waifu material, and she does have a tendency to “ghost” people and hide amongst the mist.

But if you’re looking for a waifu that will protect you and even sacrifice their soul for you?

Then Senna’s the one.

She’s dedicated, loyal, and will never leave your side.

And hey, if she can survive a curse that brings soul-eating demons to her 24/7, she can survive anything, including all your “unsavory” habits.

Senna also looks like a total badass, which is something we can all appreciate.


1. Xayah

Xayah Base Skin / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Xayah is the epitome of “waifu material.”

Despite leading a revolution, she still makes time for her one true love: Rakan.

While it is true that she doesn’t have the most romantic way with words:

“If love is feeling so deeply for another that you want to chew your way under their skin, then I love Rakan…”

…in my opinion this just adds to her character and really shows her derpy, lovable side.

She’s also a helpless romantic: because what’s the only reason why she won’t marry Rakan and become his actual wife?

She would prefer to hear him propose a thousand times first.

Committed for life, adorable, badass AND hilarious?

Truly the recipe for a perfect waifu.

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