Easiest Junglers To Start With in League of Legends

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Junglers have one of the biggest influences over the outcome of a match.

They’re responsible for securing game-changing objectives, and they create global pressure by securing vision, ganking, and invading.

And of course, you can’t forget good ol’ camping, aka tilting the enemy until they type “open mid” in /all chat and rage quit.

Whether you want to pick up jungle because you feel you’re fit to take on the wilderness(let’s be real: we all believe we’re Bear Grylls at heart) or are simply tired of watching the abysmal junglers on your team throw your lane advantage, you’ll no doubt be wanting to know the easiest ones to start with.

That’s why I’ve foraged through bushes and foliage to find out the easiest junglers in the current meta.

These “ez” junglers are sure to make your first steps into the wild a little less daunting, and a heck of a lot more fun (cue Man Vs. Wild opening music).


9. Volibear

Volibear LoL gameplay screenshot
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Kicking off our list is cuddly but deadly Volibear.

Volibear might have a pretty simple kit, but he’s far from a simple bear.

He’s actually a furrocious, roarin’ tank that can deal hefty damage, slam dunk enemies and devour camps within seconds.

Besides his simple kit, another beginner-friendly aspect of Volibear is his totally pawesome sustain and high mobility.

These qualities ensure your misplays won’t be too heavily punished.

Volibear even makes tower diving virtually impossible to mess up, since his ultimate literally disables enemy turrets.

At the moment, however, the Thousand-Pierced Bear is probably not worth picking up until you’ve got some jungle experience under your belt.

He isn’t the strongest in the current meta (as of this writing) and his kit is a little more mechanically demanding than other champions on this list.

With that said, Volibear can easily be played in the jungle or top lane, which gives him great versatility.


8. Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao Jungler LoL
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Next up is the Seneschal of Demacia, Xin Zhao.

Xin Zhao is an exceptionally strong early game jungler with a straightforward kit, which makes him perfect for new players still trying to figure out their way around the jungle.

His clear is phenomenal, and he has great sustain thanks to his W.

Moreover, because of his high early damage and gap closer ability (E), he can pull off ganks and invades pretty easily.

Sadly, Xin Zhao is not the strongest team fighter, and he’s very reliant on becoming fed.

If he falls behind early, it’s a given that you won’t be contributing much for the rest of the game.


7. Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks LoL gameplay
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Fiddlesticks is a beginner-friendly jungler that doesn’t just scare his camps into submission, he scares everyone on the opposing team.

In fact, I’m convinced that he’s single-handedly responsible for 90% of flash misplays – with his jump scare-inducing kit, he literally turns the Rift into a horror game, where even the slightest movement can make you flash out of fear.

But what exactly makes this terrifying scarecrow a good jungler to start with?

Well, he has easy to land CC, fantastic healing, and reliable ganking potential once he hits level 6.

Now, I would put Fiddlesticks higher up on this list… but to truly “get gud” on him, he does require a pretty solid understanding of jungle-related macro.


6. Vi

Vi LoL gameplay screenshot
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Most of us were taught from a young age that the best way to express your feelings is through words.

Vi, however, was taught to punch her way through anything and everything to get what she wants.

And based on how successful she is as a jungler, I can’t deny it works.

Vi is a kickass (or I should say, punchass) jungler that’s renowned for her aggressive dueling and ability to take on drakes and heralds without breaking a sweat.

With fantastic camp clear, build versatility and unmissable CC, Vi makes for a perfect intro jungler for those who love to play on the more aggressive side.

The only drawback?

Her aggressive playstyle can be a double-edged sword.

While her engage will throw you right into the action, she doesn’t really have a means of escaping.

In other words, you’ll be fighting to the death whether or not the odds are in your favor.


5. Nunu & Willump

Nunu & Willump Jungler LoL
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Clocking in at number 5 is the one and only Disco Nunu.

I love Nunu.

And no, it’s not just because he’s memeworthy.

He’s a powerful jungler whose kit is fun yet easy to pick up.

While he doesn’t deal the most damage, he has “OP” sustain, strong objective control and fast camp clear.

He can also steal the enemy jungler’s camps effortlessly, making him a great champion to learn how to invade on.

This lovable Yeti is even a jack of all trades: he excels at both ganking and team fighting.

His zoomin’ snowball knock up allows him to easily catch out any overextended opponent, while his tankiness and AoE ult will keep him and his team alive, and his enemies looking at a gray screen.


4. Master Yi

Master Yi LoL gameplay
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With huge sustain, phenomenal late game potential (even if you misplay early on), and solid ganking capability, Master Yi makes for a great beginner-friendly jungler.

His kit is even exceptionally simple, since none of his abilities rely on aiming.

Plus, if your favorite part of League is stacking up sweet, sweet CS, Master Yi will definitely win your heart over.

After all, he gains his strength through farming. And farming. And farming some more.

And once he’s farmed enough?

He turns from zen “anger gives motivation without purpose,” to an objective (and opponent) demolishing assassin.

However, while Master Yi is an all-round solid pick, his ganking isn’t the best.

If your team decides to int their lanes before you reach your power spike, you can say goodbye to your chances of winning the game.


3. Rammus

Rammus Jungler LoL Screenshot
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Rammus doesn’t have the strongest early game clear.

But once he’s stocked up on items?

He’ll transform into an unstoppable rollin’ Armordillo that eats up camps, objectives, and opponents in seconds.

Not only that, but he’s also as tough as his shell looks.

He’s downright tanky, as his W drastically boosts up his defense.

This gives him great survivability and sustain, whether securing objectives, team fighting or taking on the Armadillo’s biggest foe: wolves.

You’ll be glad to hear that Rammus also doesn’t require much mechanical skill.

Put simply, you can bring about Armadillogeddon without needing to master complex combos or skillshots.


2. Amumu

Amumu LoL gameplay screenshot
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Want a mechanically simple jungler that excels at team fights? That has tilt-inducing CC? That just wants to be your friend?

Then Amumu is the jungler for you!

Amumu was doomed by an ancient curse to be the epitome of the “forever alone” meme – and to be honest, there’s a pretty good reason why.

Amumu brings nothing but death, pain, and suffering to those who face him.

His damage-dealing kit makes it easy for him to slay his enemies, while his tankiness makes him exceptionally hard to kill.

Moreover, his ultimate allows him to instantly CC all opponents nearby at a click of a button – yup, you don’t have to “skillshot” anything to bring total devastation to your foes in team fights.

Another aspect that makes Amumu a good starter jungler?

He can pull off ganks relatively risk-free.

His engage CC (bandage toss) brings him to the enemy target and stuns them if he lands it.

However, if he misses the bandage toss he’ll stay exactly where he is, allowing him to disengage safely.


1. Warwick

Warwick LoL gameplay
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Coming in first place is the big bad wolf, aka Warwick.

Warwick was quite literally designed to be an intro jungler.

He’s one of the most mechanically simple champions in the game, but he has all the qualities you could possibly want – sustain, phenomenal camp clear, strong counter-jungling, the lot.

He’s also exceptionally versatile.

You can play him as a damage-dealing bruiser hellbent on destruction and chaos (the epitome of uncaged wrath) or as a tank that bears the brunt of the enemy’s attacks.

But the main reason why Warwick has taken the #1 spot on this list?

His ganking capability is out of this world.

With high mobility and tons of (simple to land) CC, he can pull off ganks as easily as blowing down houses made of sticks and straws.

His W (blood hunt) also makes it easy to figure out who to gank, even without looking at the map – pawfect for those whose macro isn’t, ahem, up to par.

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