Top 10 Most Evil LoL Champions, Ranked

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The Summoner’s Rift is brimming with all sorts of oddballs.

There are those that believe their destiny is to shower the map in sparkles, joy, and love.

And there are those that believe the Rift is a place to test out their latest gizmos.

There are even champions that are determined to turn the Rift into their own personal playground:

Bard can’t help but conjure up portals and transform turrets into gold, while Teemo plants shrooms virtually everywhere (saving nature, such an eco-friendly Yordle).

However, there are also champions that are far more…


We’re talking about the champions that enter the Rift solely to bring about chaos, destruction, and pain.

These champions are the epitome of evil. And I’m here to show these psychotic badasses some appreciation (mainly because I really don’t want to wake up to their vengeful murderous faces).


10. Veigar

Veigar Original Skin in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

This list wouldn’t be complete without Veigar, the self-proclaimed tiny master of evil.

Out of all the champions in League, there is none more dedicated to learning the “art” of evildoing.

He’s even got a badass supervillain outfit to prove his dedication.

Sadly, despite his best attempts at wreaking havoc, Veigar really isn’t… the best at being evil.

For starters, he’s too adorable to take seriously. And the supervillain outfit just makes him even cuter.

Veigar is also totally a closet tsundere.

Sure, he wants to ult you to smithereens, but you know what he really wants more?

A friend that’ll respect him and appreciate him for who he is, despite his tiny size.


9. Vel’Koz

Vel’Koz Original Skin in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Like many void creatures, Vel’Koz is hellbent on wreaking havoc and destruction.

But Vel’Koz isn’t just satisfied with laser beamin’ innocent victims to death.

He wants to study them, learn their weaknesses, and use this knowledge to wipe out the living realm completely.

Yep. He’s basically Thanos with more tentacles.

I would put Vel’Koz higher up on the list, but I can’t actually blame Vel’koz for being evil – his monstrous looks will either scare away all those near him, or attract… well, erm, some tentacle-loving oddballs (hey no shame in it though, you do you!)


8. Evelynn

Evelynn Original Skin in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Flings should be fun, spicy, and no strings attached.

Evelynn did hear about the first two qualities (she’s an 11/10 in bed). But the “no strings attached” part? That… kinda passed her over.

A hookup with this succubus will literally cost you your life.

She’ll drown you in pleasure, then drown you in soul-destroying torment.

After all, her idea of a good night is relishing in her victim’s pain and demise.

She preys on unsuspecting ADCs in game too – a sneaky gank from Evelynn will leave the ADC’s soul perma-tilted and their KDA at 0/10.

And for those who can’t resist her voluptuous charm? She’ll prey on your wallet, and leave you dipping into your savings.

Truly, Evelynn is a demon you don’t want to flirt with.


7. Shaco

Shaco Original Skin in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Coming in 7th place is none other than Shaco, the demon jester.

DC’s Joker should seriously take a lesson or two from Shaco.

Shaco is honestly the stuff of nightmares.

He’s an enchanted marionette that finds great pleasure in tormenting innocent souls with horrifying “games.” In other words, he’s the most extreme sadist in Runeterra.

And in Summoner’s Rift?

He’s a tilt-inducing jungler that leaves you on the edge of your seat every time you walk into lane.

There is always a Shaco lurking in a bush, patiently waiting for his moment to strike your champion (and heart) to smithereens.

Whoever mains Shaco must honestly get a high out of destroying the fun of others – or maybe they just love his supervillain-worthy smile.


6. Hecarim

Hecarim Original Skin in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

The Shadow Isles has spewed out some seriously evil stuff over the decades. And Hecarim, the headless horseman, is certainly one of the evilest.

Once an honorable lieutenant of the Iron Order, Hecarim became corrupted by an insatiable appetite for glory and bloodshed.

And when the black mist consumed him, his hunger only grew greater.

Now Hecarim lives to slaughter all those who dare set foot into the Shadow Isles, and all those who he finds hiding from his ghoulish monstrous form.

Besides his lore, Hecarim is pretty evil in-game too: his movement speed makes him impossible to escape from.

Step forward ever so slightly in lane? He’ll appear in a second and bonk you to death.

Win a 1vs1 and try to recall your way back to base? He’ll pop out of nowhere and slice whatever’s left of your health bar to pieces.

Yep. Hecarim’s a total nightmare, both in the Shadow Isles and on the Rift.


5. Nocturne

Nocturne Original Skin in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Nocturne’s the physical manifestation of terror, havoc, and bloodshed. So it’s no surprise that this nightmare-inducing ghoul is pretty darn evil.

It feasts on fear, brings corruption to Runeterra, and leaves peoples’ souls in “everlasting darkness.”

Nocturne is also Freddy Krueger 2.0: it can enter dreams, making it impossible to escape from its hungering desire to destroy every ounce of your mind.

Uncontrollable and deadly, Nocturne’s a demon you really don’t want to find lurking under your bed (or within your dreams).


4. Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks Original Skin in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Unlike other scarecrows, Fiddlesticks isn’t satisfied with tormenting the odd crow.

He’s set his mind on… a much bigger target.

Aka the whole of Runeterra.

He loves nothing more than stalking the vulnerable, shattering their minds, and feeding on their terror. He really puts the “scare” into scarecrow.

As any League player will know, he torments players on the Rift as well.

He genuinely transforms the Summoner’s Rift into a makeshift horror game, with creepy music, haunting crows, neverending jump scares, and a ghoulish face that screams “I eat souls for breakfast.”


3. Jhin

Jhin Original Skin in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

In Jhin’s psychopathic mind, being evil is the new stylish.

He sees murder as an art form, and he’s determined to show the world just how “beautiful” murder can be.

And he definitely has not convinced anyone of its beauty yet.

To be honest – with how he leaves his victims’ bodies mangled, torn, and “displayed?” – he has probably convinced people of the opposite.

What makes Jhin so evil is that unlike most of the other champions on this list, Jhin isn’t from the void, nor has his soul been corrupted by some dark force.

He’s just a mere mortal that loves mutilating people and the number four (which, of course, symbolizes “death”).

Jhin is truly fourmidable.

And an artist who you definitely won’t want to do some life modeling for.


2. Viego

Viego Original Skin in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Any avid LoL player will know exactly why Viego is taking a top spot.

He’s the ruler of the evilest place in the League universe: the Shadow Isles.

Viego reins with terror and bloodshed, and he’s singlehandedly destroyed the souls of zillions.

Oh, and to top it all off?

Everything he touches is doomed to eternal damnation, and black mist literally pours out of his heart.

But despite his power and the atrocities he commits, it’s hard to give Viego the no.1 spot.

After all, beneath the murderous deranged demon is a man with a broken heart who only wants to be reunited with his long gone lover.


1. Thresh

Thresh Original Skin in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

There is no champion more evil, more sinister, and more coldhearted than Thresh, the chain warden.

Thresh honestly makes Jhin seem like a pacifist.

After all, Thresh doesn’t just mutilate his victims’ bodies. He mutilates their hope, their families, their reason for living, and then their souls.

And once he claims their souls?

The torment is still neverending.

He traps every soul in his lantern for eternity, and forces them to watch as he continues on his horrifying escapades.

Thresh revels in bloodshed, in torment, and in inflicting indescribable horror.

He toys with all those he comes across – no matter who they are.

Truly, Thresh is the most evil League champion out there. And I doubt any future champion will ever beat his cruelty.

And let’s be real:

His hook is also one of the cruelest abilities in the game. It’s just downright insufferable.

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