The Most Fun Mid Laners in League of Legends

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With over 150 champions in the game – and dozens of champions that can be played mid – it can be pretty difficult to work out which ones are the most fun to play.

In my books, a fun champion has got to have an exciting kit or a playful aesthetic. Ideally they should have both of these things.

So I’ve narrowed down some of the more enjoyable mid laners based on the qualities above.

I determined this using nothing but “superior tactics” – aka, binge-playing mid laners and inting on more than a fair few of them.

So before I get anymore flashbacks of my 0/10 mid lane escapades, let’s dive straight into it.


10. Neeko

Neeko LoL gameplay screenshot
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If Shaco’s the trickster of the jungle, Neeko is the trickster of the mid lane.

She’s an insanely fun mage that uses her chameleon-like charms to confuse and harass her opponents to breaking point.

She can camouflage herself as any of her allies, and even send out decoy clones.

When camouflaged, her health bar also changes to the teammate’s health bar. This makes it incredibly easy to bait an enemy to their death, since you can disguise yourself as a low-health ally.

Besides her trickster antics, another fun part of Neeko’s kit is her hard-hitting CC ult.

You get to leap into the air and perform a good ol’ “superhero landing,” which stuns and deals damage to all nearby enemies.

The only reason she’s not higher up on this list?

She’s a little overwhelming in the current meta.

And while her disguise passive is fun, it doesn’t help her out much during laning phase.


9. Sett

Sett Mid Laner LoL Screenshot
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Sett’s an “all fists, no talk” boss you can’t help but love.

Despite his simple kit, he’s an extremely versatile champion that packs a punch (pun full intended).

His “show stopper” ultimate is also awesome on all fronts:

It feels great, looks great, and it’s the best outplay move out there.

And when it’s pulled off well?

It’s the most satisfying feeling in the world – I honestly feel like a final battle boss playing him.

Sett’s versatility also isn’t limited to his build; he can be played in virtually any role.

This makes him ideal for those who want a fun champion that’s viable mid, but don’t want to dedicate all their play time to the mid role, nor want to spend time learning complex mechanics.


8. Fizz

Fizz LoL gameplay preview
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Fizz is the perfect champion for those who love tilting the enemy.

He’s an amphibious Yordle that jumps above, around, and even through his opponents.

He can escape from virtually any situation, no matter how caught out he is.

And his ultimate also literally summons the shark from Jaws (dun dun… dun dun…).

There is honestly nothing more entertaining than the enemy whittling you down to 10% health, only for them to then be devoured whole by your trusty fanged companion.


7. Ekko

Ekko LoL Champion Screenshot
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Ekko is so much fun, you often lose track of time while playing him…

Yep. I went there. I make no apologies for that joke.

Ekko, the boy who shattered time, is an assassin mid laner that’s versatile, highly mobile, and packed to the brim with CC.

If that’s not enough to sway you, he’s even fantastic at dueling and can engage and disengage fights effortlessly.

Plus his time-defying ultimate gives him a generous safety net.

If he makes a misplay, he can nope out by “rewinding” time.

Besides being an insanely cool mechanic, his ultimate also makes virtually every game more hilarious by tenfold.

Just imagine playing Ekko and ulting out as soon as your opponent has used all their abilities trying to kill you.

You’ll be blessed by the sight of their soul leaving their body, and their character leaving the Rift (aka ragequitting).


6. Sylas

Sylas Screenshot from LoL
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Sylas, the unshackled, is a champion that defies the rules – in his lore and in-game.

While every other champion is restricted to one ultimate, Sylas can have over 150; he has the power to steal his enemies’ ults, making him one of the most versatile mid laners in League.

Considering this, it’s virtually impossible to get bored of him.

Every game you play will be different, since you’ll always be up against different opponents.

Sylas also has plenty of other fun aspects:

He has solid mobility thanks to his lunges and dashes, and his attack animations are a visual treat.


5. Yasuo

Yasuo LoL gameplay
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You might be under the misconception that Yasuo isn’t a fun champion.

And when your only experiences with Yasuo is him going 0/10 on your team, it’s totally understandable.

But there’s a reason why Yasuo has consistently been a highly popular champion in the game since his creation, despite all the hate he gets.

Once mastered, his kit is just *chef’s kiss.*

He has tons of mobility, badass-looking CC, and a projectile-blocking wind wall.

And of course, who could forget?

His ultimate – last breath – looks like it’s straight out of an anime battle scene.

Truly, this katana-wielding champ will take your breath away.


4. Akshan

Akshan LoL gameplay screenshot
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Akshan will swing his way right into your heart with his charm, sass, and extremely fun playstyle.

Seriously. I can’t think of a single part of Akshan’s kit that isn’t fun.

His Q is a damage-dealing boomerang, and his W allows him to camouflage himself and revive his allies.

His ultimate is even a magical gun that fires a zillion shots at the targeted champion.

But the most fun part of his kit?

It has to be his E, heroic swing.

This ability allows him to fire a hookshot and swing all around the map. Better yet, he can attack while swinging, giving him tons of flashy outplay potential.


3. Yone

Yone Mid Laner LoL
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If you’re looking for another katana-wielding champion, then you’ve come to the right place, because Yone has two of ‘em.

Yasuo’s older brother – better known as Yasuo 2.0 – is a champion whose kit is all about being flashy and OTT.

But that’s exactly what makes him so fun.

Every ability he has just feels and looks amazing. I honestly can’t think of a single “boring” aspect about him.

His soul unbound ability is especially fun, as it offers a totally unique way to play.


2. Zoe

Zoe LoL gameplay screenshot
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Next up is Zoe, the “embodiment of mischief and imagination.”

When it comes to fun, Zoe delivers on all fronts.

Her aesthetic is colorful, playful and downright quirky.

Her kit shares the same qualities.

Her Q is a sparkling paddle star that she can fling in any direction she pleases – and with the right build, use to one-shot her opponents – while her E is a giant bubble that puts her enemies in snooze mood.

Not only that, but her W allows her to steal her enemies’ summoner spells or active item casts.

This makes chasing down your enemies a total breeze.

If someone flashes to try and escape from your dazzling, stardust-infused attacks, you can just pick up their flash and catch up with them in an instant.

And if all THAT isn’t enough to convince you why Zoe deserves to be on this list?

I introduce you to Zoe’s ultimate: portal jump.

This ability enables you to dodge skillshots in the most hilarious way, as well as play around with your opponent’s mentality.

As Zoe herself says, “I am THE besta.”


1. Akali

Akali LoL in-game screenshot
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Taking first place is Akali, the rogue assassin.

When it comes to an exciting kit and playful aesthetic, Akali scores top marks in both.

She’s the epitome of a stealthy ninja; she looks the part, walks the part, and hey, even talks the part: “you can never have too many kunai.”

Her kit features flashiness everywhere, a badass smoke shroud and phenomenal mobility.

Her ultimate is a total blast too.

She can leap to her enemies and then dash through them, striking their health bar, soul, and mental with colossal damage.

And did we mention the dash literally looks like an anime move?

Yep. Just like Yasuo, Akali will allow you to finally fulfil your dream of being an anime protagonist.

Akali = pure perfection.

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