The Most Fun Top Laners To Play in League of Legends

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As any League player knows, top lane is the no.1 holiday destination on the Rift: an island where you can peacefully farm away, blissfully unaware of the destruction, chaos and fiesta-like skirmishes happening everywhere else on the map.

Okay, I’m obviously overexaggerating just a lil bit.

But top lane is definitely more “islandy” than all the other lanes combined.

While there’s nothing wrong with a vacay, if you’re a top main, the slow pace the lane often lends itself to can get pretty stale.

So what’s the best way to bring some thrill and excitement to the top lane?

Expanding your champion pool with some kickass top laners who are utterly fun to play!


12. Poppy

Poppy LoL gameplay
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Poppy is one of the oldest champions in the game.

While her abilities can’t exactly compete with the likes of flashy Irelia, she does have something no other champion has:

A ridiculously fun ultimate that sends her enemies flying halfway across the map.


Your opponent is inches away from killing you and – BONK – off they go, on a mission to Mars.

The helplessness, the tilt, the immeasurable rage they experience…

It’s pure, pure bliss.

Besides her “not today” ult, Poppy also has a lot of sustain and her kit is brimming with CC. This makes her both a fun and relatively safe champion, so she’s perfect for those new to the top lane.


11. Teemo

Teemo LoL gameplay screenshot
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Now I know what you’re thinking:

How could I possibly even consider Teemo as a fun champion, let alone include him on this list?

But your reaction proves why Teemo deserves a spot here.

His tilt-inducing nature makes him exceptionally fun to play – if you’re the type who enjoys watching your enemies suffer and spiral into a mess of frustration, pain and despair.

Besides this, you can’t deny that Teemo’s shrooms make for both fun and hilarious in-game moments.

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a low-health enemy think they’ve managed to get away, only to die to a hidden shroom.

*cue Teemo giggle.*


10. Tryndamere

Tryndamere Top Laner LoL
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Playing Tryndamere shouldn’t be fun.

His kit is relatively simple, and there’s nothing overly flashy about his playstyle.

Even his base skin and animations are lackluster compared to more modern champions like Gwen and Kled.

And yet, Tryndamere is fun.

Seriously fun.

The reason?

He’s a split pushing king, and his undying rage ultimate allows you to play around with your enemies as if they’re pawn pieces on a chessboard.


9. Wukong

Wukong LoL gameplay screenshot
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Next up on our list is Wukong, the cunning (and well-dressed) monkey king.

From his staff bonkin’ antics to his decoy sidekicks, Wukong’s kit makes for all-round fun.

Even his in-game character emotes are playful and hilarious (shoutout to his ever-growing staff!).

Plus, if you’re looking for some next level “spin to win” vibes? Wukong’s ult, cyclone, has got you more than covered.

It’s literally Garen’s E ability multiple times, with extra speed, style, and fun.


8. Gnar

Gnar LoL gameplay
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If you feel like Gnar embodies how ranked solo/duo makes you feel – tilted, frustrated and pretty much losing your mind – he’s sure to be your perfect partner.

Gnar is rage incarnate.

And that’s exactly what make him so fun.

You get to transform from a cuddly boomerang-throwing Yordle, to a mega beast hellbent on destruction, capable of thwarting any opponent that dares to come near.


7. Darius

Darius Top Laner LoL
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Darius is a snowballin’ axe-wielding bruiser who turns the top lane from an island to his personal island.

With “unmatched power” and fantastic sustain, he’s the perfect champion for those who absolutely love an aggro playstyle.

His ultimate is also one of the most fun in the game:

He literally sentences his enemies to death by dunk.

And if you own the Dunkmaster Darius skin?

He becomes 10x more fun, with hilarious visuals and taunts like: “This is the dunk train, running you down” and “was your plan: all pain, no gain?”

And of course, you can’t forget the good ol’ classic, “get dunked!”


6. Riven

Riven LoL gameplay screenshot
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Through Riven, you can finally live out the bullet dodgin’ Matrix scene:

She’s honestly Neo in champion form.

Her playstyle is centered around being agile, dodging skillshots and hitting blows as quickly (and as awesomely) as possible.

Now, there’s a pretty good reason why Riven isn’t higher up on this list.

While you’ll feel like Neo from the Matrix when she’s ahead, if you’re behind, she’s anything but fun.

But hey, as the saying goes:

If you don’t deserve Riven at her worst, you don’t deserve her at her best.


5. Gwen

Gwen LoL gameplay
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Gwen is one of the newest champions in the game.

While she’s still pretty fresh to the Rift, she’s quickly becoming a popular pick, no doubt because of her fun-loaded kit.

Her ultimate lets you hurl dozens of gigantic needles at your enemies, and she dominates lane thanks to her hallowed mist ability (aka, her “I rule this space now” power move).

Plus with her snip snippin’ and eye-pleasing animations, her playstyle is downright flashy.


4. Kled

Kled Top Laner LoL
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Clocking in at no.5 is Kled. Aka, the High Major Commodore of the First Legion Third Multiplication Double Admiral Artillery Vanguard Company.

Yep. I’m not joking. That is just one of his many titles.

If you couldn’t have guessed by his title, Kled is for those who love pure chaos.

Pure wackiness.

Pure yet beautiful madness.

He’s literally a psychotic, drunken Yordle that charges his derpy lizard steed into the midst of battle, all while screeching, stabbing, and complaining about “brain weasels.”

Translated into layman’s language, Kled is an aggressive champion that’s exceptionally mobile.

While difficult to master, it’s impossible to not have fun while learning him.

His voice lines are hilarious, his lizard (Skaarl) is adorable, and his kit has plenty of versatility.


3. Camille

Camille LoL gameplay screenshot
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Camille is the epitome of a fun champion.

She’s a hyper-mobile top laner that slices her way into the action, and steals the spotlight with her classy looks and thrilling playstyle.

Plus her ultimate is totally “main character” material; she isolates her opponent and challenges them to a duel, where she’ll no doubt come out on top.

As Camille herself boldly (and elegantly) says, “I don’t play the game. I make the rules.”

While she is hard to master, if your idea of fun is being utterly flashy while carving your way through opponents like butter, Camille is your match made in heaven.


2. Fiora

Fiora LoL gameplay
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Want a sword-wielding badass with refined style?

A fun champion capable of dueling virtually anyone, and shredding towers to smithereens?

Then look no further.

Fiora, the Grand Duelist, fits this to a T.

Her kit is visually playful, mechanically fun, and it’s also centered entirely around dueling.

And if played well, a Fiora that’s ahead can effortlessly parry multiple opponents; there is nothing more enjoyable (and satisfying) than watching the enemy team FF15 after being defeated 1vs3.

Fiora even has tons of fun and hilarious skins to enjoy. She has a pool party skin where her sword turns into a snazzy pool noodle, and she even has a headmistress skin. In the latter, her sword turns into an overly-large ruler (whackity-wack).

While her lessons will probably be a little… well, too violent for most, you can learn a lot from her.

Similar to Camille, she has an insanely high skill cap.

So if you’re not interested in taking the time to learn the ins and outs of Fiora’s kit?

Look elsewhere.


1. Irelia

Irelia LoL gameplay screenshot
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Taking the top stop is none other than Irelia, the Blade Dancer.

Irelia is not just the most fun top laner to play in League of Legends; she’s without a doubt one of the most fun champions in the entire game.

Her abilities are visually stunning, and as her title suggests, it truly feels like you’re dancing with your opponent.

She’s ninja fast, has plenty of flashy combos at her disposal, and she can dash in, out, and all around as she pleases.

And another great aspect about Irelia?

Even if you fall behind, she’s still fun to play – she’ll always be useful in teamfights, since she has tons of utility.

With an extremely dynamic playstyle and tons of playmaking potential, it’s virtually impossible to ever get bored of Irelia.

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