Best Units In Medieval II: Total War

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Medieval II is the best Total War game ever made. Yes, I’m going to say this every single time I write about this game.

There still isn’t a game that comes as close to being as influential for the franchise as Medieval II, which is probably the reason why CA hasn’t gotten around to release the third installment of the series. The expectations are just too high and people will probably end up disappointed.

In any case, as we wait for the release of a third installment (fingers crossed) we can always go back to playing M2:TW for now.

And if you’re booting it up again, I’ve compiled a list of the best units in Medieval II so we can all remember just why we love this game.

Regardless of how much of a hardcore player you are(or were), I certainly think this list could still help. Check it out!


10. Musketeers

Musketeers Unit in Medieval 2: Total War

If you’ve already gotten around obtaining gunpowder, the musketeers will prove to be exactly what you need to kill any enemies that stand in your way.

I’m not ranking the musketeers higher because you’ll spend a good portion of the game without them, so it wouldn’t be fair to consider them the best units out there if you’re going for a campaign win.

However, if you’re thinking about getting those musketeers to work on an online battle, then you might want to think it over a third time.

Be sure to combine them with proper defenses and use your money wisely. But for sure, musketeers can be the end of your enemies if you know how to use them.


9. Retinue Longbowman

Retinue Longbowman Medieval II: Total War Unit

Arguably the best longbowmen in the game, these guys have an insane range as well as crazy damage and a decent fire rate.

If you’re looking to have some archers behind your lines, protecting you from rushes or picking off enemies, I think you just won’t find anything better than the Retinue Longbowmen.

They are expensive, though.

Whether you’d like to use them on your campaigns or in online battles, they’re going to take a chunk of your budget away.


8. Ballista

Ballista Medieval II: Total War Unit

I don’t think there’s too much to say about the Ballista or why we all think it’s one of the best units in the game.

When it comes to artillery, you’ll struggle to find anything better than massive arrows that cross the entire battlefield, killing anything that comes in its way until it loses its momentum.

Besides how effective ballistae are and how good they are during a siege, these damn things look too cool to skip over.

Don’t get me wrong, they serve a great purpose as complementary units in any army. But I’ll be damned if these didn’t have one of the most badass designs in the game. I love them, man.


7. Dismounted English Knights

Dismounted English Knights in Medieval 2: Total War

Take a quick look at this unit in any context and you’ll instantly think of Medieval 2.

These are some of the best representative Total War units out there, and for a good reason.

These knights are some of the strongest melee units in the game, capable of stopping almost anything that comes in its path. And they’re one of the main reasons why I think the English are one of the best factions to use in M2.

They also fight with poleaxes and their helmets look as intimidating as can be. So I don’t think there’s anything to dislike about them.

Unless you’re Scottish, of course. In that case I’d understand.


6. Mounted Sergeants

Mounted Sergeants M2:TW Unit

Mounted Sergeants are the strongest spear cavalry units in the game.

Which means that you’ll want to get your hands on these fast if you’re looking to play the rushing game.

They’re often seen as support units to knights But have you ever managed to amass a huge army of these little dudes and throw them straight into the enemy flanks? I highly recommend you try it.


5. Landsknecht Pikemen

Landsknecht Pikemen Medieval II: Total War Unit

Perhaps the funniest-looking yet strongest unit in the game, these Pikemen have the ability to kill anything that comes in its path.

Particularly cavalry and lesser-armored melee targets.

They do a good job at charging, but if you’re looking to solidify the defensive front of your formations, I’d argue that there isn’t anything as good as these guys.


4. Dismounted Noble Knights

Dismounted Noble Knights in Medieval II: Total War

Basically the French equivalent of the English Knights, these are the only guys in the game that outdo the Englishmen in terms of sheer power and battle skill.

They’re also the reason why so many players love to use France in the campaign – and I’m one of those players!


3. Basilisks

Basilisks Medieval 2: Total War Unit

Basilisks are the strongest artillery units in the game.

They are extremely powerful, accurate, and useful for almost any situation.

Are you facing an army that far outnumbers your total garrisons? Don’t worry, shoot one of these babies and you’ll obliterate them.

Are your enemy’s walls too high or difficult to get through? Don’t worry, use a Basilisk and open up a hole in their walls.

Give these guys a try and you’ll see what I mean.


2. Reiters

Reiters Medieval 2: Total War Unit

Not only are these units useful for attack and defense, but Reiters are also the strongest cavalry units in the game bar none.

You need to be in the late-game to get them, though, as they’re armed with long rifles that require gunpowder to fire.

But think of all the benefits here… out of ammunition? Not to worry! These guys also have long spears that allow you to rush through the heart of your enemy’s defenses. Literally and figuratively.


1. Trebuchets

Trebuchets Medieval 2: Total War Unit

Yes, I’m ranking trebuchets as the number one pick here.

I’m not doing it for the meme value alone, but it’s fair to say that does play an important part in my decision. M2 memes are the best memes, no?

All jokes aside, trebuchets are must-haves in any successful siege – particularly in the mid-to-late game.

I always use trebuchets in M2, even when I have access to gunpowder. I adore these crazy-looking things.

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