53 Facts About Magnemite, Magneton, and Magnezone

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The Magnemite family has 3 of my favorite Pokémon.

And sadly these guys never got as much attention for being so electrifyingly awesome as Pikachu and Zapdos.

However I do admit that “Detective Magnezone” doesn’t sound like it would be a hit at the cinema. But there’s still a lot of interesting stuff about these three monsters! Here are some neat about these guys you probably didn’t know.

1. Magnemite and Magneton are in every ‘dex

Thank the Sinnoh Pokédex expansion.

They all appear in every regional Pokédex. However, Magnezone is not in the older games because it only appeared first in generation IV.

2. Similarities Between Magnemite, Beldum, and Klink evolution lines

The evolution line for Magnemite is based on magnets, whilst Beldum’s is based off of computers, and Klink is off of gears.

These Pokémon are all non-organic machines. Kinda cool right?

3. Only the Togdemaru and Magnemite evolution line are Steel and Electric

However the only difference is that Togdemaru is a mammal.

Magnemite, Magneton and Magnezone are dual-type Steel and Electric floating magnets. Seems pretty straightforward!

4. Magnemite and Magneton had their cry changed

Generation III got an upgrade for the two of them compared to the older games.

The new cry stuck around ever since.

5. Magnemite and Magneton became dual-types in gen 2

They acquired the Steel-type and as such, Magnezone is also a dual-type.

In gen 1 Magneton and Magnemite were just plain electric Pokémon.

6. Magnezone doesn’t really fit

Magnezone is a magnet area Pokémon whereas the other two are magnet Pokémon.

I know it’s a technicality but it makes you wonder why they would move this around.

7. Three Magnemites make a Magneton, and three Magnetons Make an…

Apparently weird looking UFO magnet.

Nevertheless, I like Magnezone because it looks like it’s pretty tough. You want one on your side of the field in the E4.


Now let’s take a look at facts about the smallest of the three, the one they all evolve from, Magnemite.

8. It Has Its Own Song!

I wish I was kidding but it’s available on the Japanese Pokémon YouTube Channel.

There’s an article on The Verge covering this oddity.

9. Magnemite’s original name was Coil

This was in the Pokémon Blue and Red beta. I’m glad they changed it.

10. Magnemite was once the most traded on the GTS

This due to the exploit that players had to increase the number of visitors to their Join Avenue.

11. Magnemite could float (According to the Pokédex)

However, this was weird since it didn’t have Levitate.

In Generation IV they fixed this by adding Magnet Rise so this all made sense.

12. It could have been Voltorb’s counterpart

However this was broken when they added Steel-type to the mix.

But in gen 1 Magnemite and Voltorb were considered a “pair” much like Caterpie vs. Weedle.

13. Magnemite can be apathetic

They sometimes just flee when approached by a trainer. This makes them tougher to catch at times.

14. They do not want to hurt you

When attacked they will first react using non-damaging skills.

15. It’s attracted to gadgets

Magnemite is said to naturally approach trainers that are using Pokégear.

16. They are also attracted to other Electric Pokémon

This is because they produce a magnetic field. You know how crazy magnets are, right?

17. High electricity bill? Blame Magnemite

Magnemite is said to feed on electricity from power lines. Primarily from circuit breakers that connect into our homes.

18. There is a 300-foot attraction from any Magnemite

A Magnemite can draw iron objects from really far away.

19. Be careful when its side magnets rotate

When a Magnemite’s side magnets start rotating quickly, this can only mean that its magnetic force is rising. And with a stronger magnetic force means a stronger Magnemite.

20. Magnemite is only as big as standard ruler

It’s only a foot or so long, which is about 30 cm.

21. They can be a security team

In the anime episode Current Events, ten Magnemite serve as the security for the electric company.

22. Magnemite’s debut showed how friendly they are

They defended Ash and the gang in Sparks fly for Magnemite when they were being chased by Grimers and a Muk.

23. They can power your town!

In another show of kindness, Ethan was harnessing energy from lightning using Magnemite in order to provide electricity for towns with no power.


Three Magnemites make a pretty tough Magneton, but what else do we know about it?

24. Magneton is said to be made of 3 Magnemite

However some dispute this.

There are some inconsistencies such as different evolution phases in the anime and some going so far to say that the weights don’t match up.

25. How old are Magneton?

You will see one featured in a flashback in the war of Kalos from newer generations.

So they could be more than 3,000 years old!

26. Its manga debut was in Danger: High Voltorb

Lt. Surge had one ready for Red. I’m not too shocked. (Pun intended.)

This was also one of the earlier mangas so it’s been around for a while.

27. Magneton is as heavy as 10 Magnemites

Speaking of weight, three Magnemites should only be 18 kg.

One Magneton is 60 kg.

Something’s going on here…

28. If Magnemite Is Coil, Magneton is Recoil

In the same beta its original name was Recoil. Very clever Game Freak.

29. It’s most used by your rivals

You’ll notice that Magneton is the most used Pokémon by rival characters moreso than Rockets or other players.

The list?

Silver, Wally, and of course, Blue.

30. They Can Seriously Damage Your Stuff

Their magnetic force can damage electronics far worse than Magnemite.

31. You can find them when there’s rain

This is because they are waiting for lightning to strike to recharge.

32. Trouble in numbers

A group of Magneton can cause a magnetic storm just by grouping together.

33. They’re as powerful as 3 Magnemite, but not as smart

Their brains become one so they don’t become three times smarter. Darnit!

34. Want your clothes to dry? Get a Magneton

Magneton are said to cause moisture to disappear in its area. A personal drying machine, you might say.

35. Magneton can cause earaches

If you get too close to a magneton, the magnetic force can hurt your ears.

36. Are Magneton contributing to global warming?

A Magneton can cause the temperature to rise by 2 °C within a kilometer radius. How many Magneton are out there flying around nowadays?

37. Do they all have 3 screws?

Although they most often appear with the topmost Magnemite having three screws, in 3d games they do not seem physically connected and all of them have three screws.

38. Magneton = “Three-in-one magnetic monster”

In Cantonese its name is: Sāamhahpyātchìhgwaai and in Mandarin its Sānhéyīcíguài, literally translated to “Three-in-one magnetic monster.”

39. It can fake float

Just like Magnemite, it doesn’t have Levitate.

But in Generation IV it learns Magnet Rise. This is kind of like Levitate but only lasts for five turns.

40. They generate radio signals

Now I’m not clear on what kind of signals they generate, all I know is that they do generate their own signals(or at least can!)


Magnezone is said to be made from three Magnetons. However, everyone to date is still wondering why it doesn’t follow the design to them to a certain degree. Let’s find out more with some other facts about Magnezone.

41. Magnezone can play with its colors

The colors on the side of Magnezone can be switched on and off at will.

42. Magnezone = “Self-detonating magnetic monster”

Now that’s a mouthful to say!

But did you know that is what its name is translated to from Cantonese (Jihbaauchìhgwaai) or Mandarin (Zìbàocíguài).

43. Aliens? no, it’s a Magnezone

A lot of people mistake Magnezone for a UFO in the sky. Pretty common mistake I’d imagine.

44. However, it could very well be an alien

According to its Pokédex entry in Ultra Moon, people still believe that it could have come from outer space.

45. They sometimes can’t move as a group

Due to the strong magnetic forces of Magnezone, they can attract each other causing them to end up stuck together.

46. Magenzone have radar

If you happen to stumble into their territory, they’ll zap you with a hyperbeam.

Or at least get away from you before you even see it.

47. Magnezone are loyal to a fault

Even though Zero in Giratina and the Sky Warrior was evil, his Magnezone remained loyal.

48. It can carry humans around with its Anti-Gravity

This is also seen in Giratina and the Sky Warriori.

49. Its four Magnemites tall but…

It’s 30 Magnemites heavier!

Coming in at 180 kg(400 lbs!) is our friend Magenzone. Compare that to Magnemite’s mere 6 kg.

It’s actually the heaviest Electric-type there is out of all Pokémon(currently). Also remember that a Magneton is only 60kg.

50. Magnezone is pretty strong

It’s got the highest base Special Attack and base Defense stats of Electric-types – discounting the legendary and mega-evolved of course.

51. Its main anime appearance was in Regaining the Home Advantage!

Here it battled nonstop with a Metagross.

Another thing to note was that since their battle area was filled no long usable at one point, they took the streets. Yikes.

52. Its evolution is on a molecular level

This is due to its evolution being the result of it being subject to a special magnetic field.

53. Magnezone’s Japanese Name is Jibacoil

Translated into English this means electro-magnetic coil.

Remember that Magnemite and Magneton were named Coil and Recoil in the betas, respectively? It all comes full circle.



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