Best Mario Kart OST Music From All Games (Top 40 Songs)

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Perhaps one of the most underrated aspects of the Mario Kart series is the music.

Yes, you’re here to play on the craziest race tacks you can think of. But don’t forget about the OST tracks that added so much enjoyment to each race.

It’s easy to focus on the hundreds of kart customization options, the huge playable cast from the Mario universe to choose from, the creatively designed cups and courses… yet in this list I’m going to dive into the best Mario Kart music tracks and share my top 40 picks.

There’s something about the cartoon visuals combined with wacky stages and fast-paced music that lends itself to the most epic Mario Kart sessions ever. Fans of the series know exactly what I’m talking about.

40. Wario Colosseum (Double Dash)

Beginning this list with a typically upbeat track from the Mario Kart series, Wario Colosseum from Double Dash sums up the kart racing franchise at its high-paced chaotic best.

Exactly the kind of frenetic music that you could imagine playing as you race down a spiraling track within a giant hamster wheel, this one definitely matches the course perfectly.

When it comes to what makes a good music theme for a track, coherence has to be the number 1 criteria.

That is to say, you probably wouldn’t want slower-paced music like that of Maple Tree Way since you’re zooming down and drifting the whole way. Soft music doesn’t pair well when you’re driving like a stunt driver.

Energy is key with this theme and it mixes well with the nature of the track.


39. Wario’s Gold Mine (Mario Kart Wii)

Another Wario-based track, Wario’s Gold Mine is an exciting level taking you on a rollercoaster ride through underground mines(throwing plenty of obstacles in front of you along the way).

For that reason you’re going to want some equally exciting music, right? You want something that has your adrenaline really pumping as you head towards the checkered finish line.

This theme definitely doesn’t disappoint; giving the stage a uniquely country flavor with the banjo and high tempo beat, it really stands out.

The ideal accompaniment to a crazy stage, this music will have you swaying side-to-side even if you find yourself falling into a deep crevasse for the 15th time.


38. Sweet Sweet Canyon (Mario Kart 8)

For a level as sweet as this, the soundtrack has to capture the feeling of diving deep into indulgence and experiencing the pleasure of a sweet treat.

It does this well as it has a very upbeat, chirpy musical theme that you could imagine playing as you stroll cheerfully down the street, freshly baked cookies in hand, whistling as you go.

Indulging should be something fun and lighthearted. And Sweet Sweet Canyon does a great job of matching the tantalizingly sweet backdrop with the sugary BGM track as if they were a baker’s wet dream.


37. Luigi’s Mansion (Mario Kart DS)

Taking inspiration from the game of the same name, Luigi’s Mansion is an aptly creepy course that deviates from the standard joyful tracks in the series.

For this reason, the soundtrack has to reflect the eerie atmosphere and immerse you in this abnormally spooky mansion setting.

And once again, this is a song that does so perfectly.

A slower piece, the music isn’t just a repeat of the same beat as many of the others in the series. Yet a highly adaptive track that matches the spooky sights you come across on screen.

Luigi’s Mansion tries something different and pulls it off impressively well, making for a memorable entry into the stages available on Mario Kart DS.


36. Kalimari Desert (Mario Kart 64)

Here we’ve got a very open track capturing the true spirit of the desert, Kalimari Desert is essentially a standard racing track with the added obstacle of passing trains which have the potential to stop you right in your… tracks.

The music for this one is a simple piano beat that’s incredibly catchy and will have you humming along as you make the others eat your dust.

With an occasional western movie style riff, Kalimari Desert does its best to put you in the dusky desert setting and make you feel like you’re competing for supremacy of the wild west.


35. Bowser Castle (Super Circuit)

The GBA Mario Kart title Super Circuit might have been lackluster in terms of what it could pull off visually.

But it did produce this rocking track for the classic course that is Bowser’s Castle.

It’s hard not to feel like a badass as you brave the evil Bowser’s lava-filled lair, full of angry Thwomps out to get you and many other manners of obstacles.

Bowser’s Castle is such an iconic level in the franchise that it deserves a soundtrack with a suitable amount of gusto and power to it. And that’s exactly what you get in Super Circuit.

On top of this, the soundtrack has aged well to have a wonderful retro feeling coming from the GBA era. Just listening to it makes you want to dust off that old Gameboy in your closet and give this track another whirl.

Thankfully if you sold your old GBA you can always fire up an emulator and play that way.


34. Peach Beach (Double Dash)

Peach Beach from the weird and wonderful Double Dash was one of those incredibly entertaining levels that you’d always look forward to.

Whether it’s overcoming the challenge of drifting around the beach trying not to submerge into the sea, or being fired out of the large green pipe getting a great view of the beach, this track is outstanding.

The music is a great mix of Caribbean style beachy music with light drums and percussion instruments that’ll conjure images of sipping on a piña colada. Maybe in this beach fantasy you’ve even got a copy of Double Dash on the TV.


33. Mario Kart Stadium (Mario Kart 8)

Quite a spectacle race track, Mario Kart Stadium has you fighting for a top finish in a giant stadium with a capacity crowd.

The BGM soundtrack reflects this with its upbeat, big band feel. This really gives you that feeling that all eyes are on you so they can spur you on to the finish line.

A track that’ll make your finish feel that much more triumphant, Mario Kart Stadium does a really good job of creating an atmosphere and as a result turns out to be a great choice for a race with your friends to see who comes out on top.


32. Rock Rock Mountain (Mario Kart 7)

In the game that introduced gliding, Rock Rock Mountain is the perfect demonstration of the new game mechanic.

Gliding through the forest and racing alongside mountains, Rock Rock Mountain is matched by its guitar-heavy soundtrack which will really make you feel like you’re jamming out as you soar through the air.

Giving you a crazy rocking high to accompany your literal height in the game, the music that goes with Rock Rock Mountain is the best compliment to the gameplay. I can’t imagine any other track.


31. Koopa Cape (Mario Kart Wii)

Now this is a crazy and creative tune matching an equally insane course.

Koopa Cape is one of those tracks that compliments the race track so well, that you’ll probably never want to hear it outside of the race.

There are some gaming soundtracks that sound incredible within the game and make it seem like no other music would fit. And Koopa Cape is arguably one of those tracks.

Complete with Koopa-esque sound bites, this soundtrack is all over the place and it moves around almost as much as you will during the race.

But that’s also this song’s best quality and what makes it so memorable, in my opinion.


30. Ribbon Road (Mario Kart 8)

Like something out of a Toy Story movie, Ribbon Road has you racing around a miniature course in what looks like a (giant) kid’s bedroom.

This also comes with an interesting soundtrack that will keep you engaged for sure. This is one song that excels by proving that less is more.

Being a fairly minimalist theme for the course, the music allows you to take in the creative scenery around you and doesn’t detract at all from the experience with anything too crazy.

Striking a good balance between clean and crazy, Ribbon Road lets the track do the talking while flowing gently into the background.


29. Choco Island (Super Mario Kart)

Every now and again it’s nice to jump back into the wonderful world of Super Mario Kart, the game that started the whole franchise, and appreciate its original levels and retro soundtracks. Especially if you were around back in the 90s to play this game when it first hit the SNES.

The distinct style of this track is mesmerizing and almost calming in a way that most modern music can’t match.

Seeming like something your dad could have cooked up on his Groove-box in the 90s, this track is conducive to good times on Choco Island. Or bad times if you absolutely hated this level.


28. Maple Treeway (Mario Kart Wii)

Here’s a much more chill sound to compliment the relaxing autumn scenery of Maple Treeway.
But sometimes the low-energy vibes are really nice to take the edge off. This song won’t put you to sleep though, since it’s sufficiently catchy and rhythmic to have you in the right frame of mind to crush the race.

A refreshing step away from some of the more zany and out there music which is almost chaotic in nature, Maple Treeway is the breeze that gently blows the leaves that are the karts along the track in an incredibly soothing manner.


27. Animal Crossing Summer (Mario Kart 8)

The summer season of the Animal Crossing track in Mario Kart 8 is a delightfully light and upbeat song. It bridges the gap between two mega-hits in the Nintendo library(and it does so beautifully).

This song in the background will make sure your race is more of a pleasant journey than a frustrating one.

At times it’s hard for us not to let our frustration get the better of us as we are met with setback after setback and slip on that darn banana peel once again.

However this track does help offset the negatives and bring you into a calmer state to help you re-focus and get over the finish line. Even if you got blue shelled and lost out on first place by a millisecond. Don’t worry, it’s summertime.


26. Delfino Square (Mario Kart DS)

Cruising around the narrow streets of this European-style square with plenty of character, you’ll enjoy the slightly retro sounding theme which captures the spirit of a joyful ride through a romantic city.

This is a song that would definitely feature on a playlist of touring around actual European cities in the summer.

And I have to say for DS music this polka-themed track actually sounds pretty good!


25. End Credits (Mario Kart 64)

The only end credits featured in this list, but noteworthy enough to deserve a place among the best music themes because this one is so iconic.

The music at the end of Mario Kart 64 epitomizes the highs and lows of the tournament and gives you that feeling of elation and relief of having achieved something impressive.

A very triumphant and comforting track at the same time, the end credits music for Mario Kart captures something that most of the other tracks can’t – some sense of resolution at the end of all this wackiness.


24. DK Snowboard Cross (Mario Kart Wii)

An icy adventure level, the DK Snowboard Cross soundtrack starts out as if it’s going to turn into a lively drum and bass track a then takes a familiar turn towards the Mario-esque music.

It’s a very interesting track that moves away enough from the usual style of music to make it worthy of a mention, and still different enough to be memorable among all the other songs.

This one is an enjoyable listen that fits the environment nicely as you race down the snowy mountains.


23. Neo Bowser City (Mario Kart 7)

An atmospheric track that takes you into the futuristic world of Neo Bowser City, this soundtrack has a distinct feeling to the music and is also a really entertaining track to explore the urban environment.

When the chorus kicks in you won’t be able to help humming along. It’s incredibly catchy and will have you hooked from the first time you hear it in Mario Kart 7.


22. Sherbet Land (Double Dash)

The incredibly challenging icy level that we all hate in Double Dash.

This thing will have you sliding out of control more often than you’d like, but Sherbet Land’s BGM music is at least pretty wholesome.

The music is almost deceptive in that it betrays the infuriating nature of the course with its upbeat and chirpy mix of the Mario Kart classic beat. I have a sinking suspicion this is Nintendo developers mocking us…

This song is really catchy though and you might even throw this on in the background as you’re working on the computer.


21. Donut Plains (Super Mario Kart)

Sounding like the best elevator music you’ve ever heard, Donut Plains from the classic Super Mario Kart combines easy-listening with a catchy SNES beat that will draw you in like butter on bread.

If you like the SNES music styles then this will have you happily racing along Donut Plains and humming each step of the way.

Another deceiving song, Donut Plains does its best to fool you into thinking everything will be a breeze given the upbeat tune of this track.


20. Rosalina’s Ice World (Mario Kart 7)

Another treacherous winter wonderland(like Sherbet land, number 22), Rosalina’s Ice World is quite the icy adventure.

In fact, for this one, you’ll probably want to just let it go and try your best not to get frozen in your tracks.

Ok cold-related puns aside, the BGM song for this level is weird and wonderful at the same time. It encapsulates an exploration through the intimidating ice world nicely.


19. Toad’s Turnpike (Mario Kart 64)

Definitely a contender for most frustrating level to come out of the Mario Kart series, you’d think Toad’s Turnpike would be accompanied by an equally irritating soundtrack.

Yet the BGM music here is actually really chill and pretty modern in some ways. It’s got an almost techno-style tune that will have you wondering if it’s even worth getting worked up over this rage-inducing course.

This is another one of those tracks you could put on in the background as you work.


18. Moo Moo Farm (Mario Kart 64)

A contender for one of the most catchy & entertaining songs of the franchise, Moo Moo Farm has one of the best thematic tracks if you like N64 music.

It’s almost impossible not to love this track the first time you hear it. It so perfectly fits the theme of the level and makes you want to get up and line dance.

Granted it may get a little grating over time but trust me: in the level, this song is gold.


17. Daisy Hills (Mario Kart 7)

Taking inspiration from the Switzerland style of town tucked away deep within snow-topped mountains, this picturesque course is bound to impress.

Daisy Hills has the kind of music that’s capable of brightening up anyone’s day. Which is exactly what you’d expect from the idyllic setting of the course.

Now the course may not be your favorite but I think we can agree that this BGM song fits with it pretty nicely.


16. Shy Guy Falls (Mario Kart 8)

A characteristically impressive entry to Mario Kart 8, Shy Guy Falls is an adrenaline-fuelled race across wild scenery. It’s also complemented beautifully by the woodwind instruments and soothing sounds of this BGM track.

This is the kind of music you’d expect to hear from a hobbit’s jolly adventure in the Shire. A great listen as you play through MK8 one more time.


15. Bone Dry Dunes (Mario Kart 8)

One of my personal favorites, Bone Dry Dunes from Mario Kart 8 has a really atmospheric soundtrack that will transport you to the desert – arguably much more so than Kalimari Desert’s BGM (number 36).

Exactly the right amount of exotic and unusual music that takes you into the dry desert landscape, the Bone Dry Dunes music definitely hits the nail on the head. My compliments to Nintendo’s composers here.


14. Desert Hills (Mario Kart DS)

While Bone Dry Dunes might take the prize as the track best capturing the desert vibe, this background track has a distinct Egyptian flavor that makes you feel as if you’re Indiana Jones hunting for treasure in a faraway land.

A fun tune for your desert excursions, this one will bring a sense of exotic adventure to the action. It’s rare you get to hear a sitar-type instrument in game music too.


13. Music Park (Mario Kart 7)

For obvious reasons, I would be remiss not to mention the BGM to Music Park on this list.

The music to accompany this melodic stage is as impressive as you’d imagine with some pretty crazy techno-ish beats in the background. It provides a surprisingly happy yet catchy beat in the background of all the action here.

Love or hate this level, you gotta give it up for the music.


12. Waluigi Pinball (Mario Kart DS)

A funky mix on one of the series’ classics, the soundtrack for Waluigi Pinball is easily one of – if not the – best music tracks for Mario Kart DS.

The slightly trippy track is designed to make you feel like you really are trapped in the chaotic environment that is the inside of a pinball machine.

It’s funny how easily music can capture the true feelings of a game level like this.


11. Baby Park (Double Dash)

Now here’s one BGM track that just sounds crazy as heck. And it matches nicely for a crazy stage.

Baby Park for Double Dash will have you loving the energy level of both the course and the music.

A true match made in Nintendo heaven, the music here is so simplistic but incredibly catchy. This is all that’s necessary for such a short circuit track full of eye-catching attractions.


10. Thwomp Ruins (Mario Kart 8)

A series of booby traps and obstacles that can definitely put you off course, Thwomp Ruins is as perilous as you might expect from the name.

This Indiana Jones style stage is accompanied by a masterfully composed piece which captures the tension of wondering if you’ll get crushed by a marauding boulder.

It’s also really hard to describe since this music isn’t like much else in the Mario Kart OST. Because of this I think it deserves a spot on this list just on uniqueness alone.


9. Cloudtop Cruise (Mario Kart 8)

With a BGM track that’ll make you feel like you’re floating on air high above the clouds, Cloudtop Cruise is a joyful success that matches brilliantly with the gameplay.

The ideal music for a daring high altitude adventure, the music for this track is a delight to the ears and makes you feel like you’re soaring through the air in a surreal environment.

The heavy guitar riffs that kick in to accompany the stormy section of the course really add atmosphere and nail the ambience.


8. Mute City (Mario Kart 8)

Here’s a highly futuristic stage in one of the more recent Mario Kart iterations. Mute City is a showcase for how far the series has come; certainly visually and also in terms of gameplay.

To show off this incredibly energetic track that’ll have you upside down, drifting along walls and pulling off visually impressive stunts, there is an equally energetic BGM track.

And I may not be alone in feeling this song could easily be released as a standalone song. The music for Mute City is a solid hit that is impossible not to rock out too as you’re racing around the course.

As complex as the race track itself, the music takes you on an epic journey where you’re the adrenaline-seeking protagonist.


7. Vanilla Lake (Super Mario Kart)

Proving that the classics can absolutely compete with more modern game music, Vanilla Lake from Super Mario Kart is a nostalgic and upbeat track that is an utter joy to listen to.

As minimalist as songs tended to be for the game that started it all, the soundtrack for Vanilla Lake is not so complex. So if you’re accustomed to PS4 music then you may not find much joy here.

But the melody is so fun and it’s insanely catchy. Really makes you want to dust off that old Super Nintendo or even pick up a SNES Mini just to play this game.


6. Coconut Mall (Mario Kart Wii)

One of the most zany tracks of the entire series, hands down, the Coconut Mall song is exactly what you want to hear.

This racetrack will have you remember those exciting trips to the mall as a kid and the myriad possibilities.

The wild, varied music reflects the variety and complexity of this wonderful stage in a very satisfying manner.


5. Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 64)

Now this is not the first time a Rainbow Road track is going to feature on this list so fair warning here.

But the Mario kart 64 version is a superb song to accompany the mystery and joy of the last course.

It’s hard not to enjoy this track that does the final course complete justice and provides the perfect sendoff to your final race.


4. Electrodrome (Mario Kart 8)

Here we’ve got a funky soundtrack to go with a funky race track.

In fact, I’ll just say it: Electrodrome from Mario Kart 8 is a certified banger.

Capturing some party spirit, this music could very well chart with some clean vocals added in, such is the quality of it as a fun electronic dance track. Maybe we need to send this out to some R&B musicians and see what they can do.


3. Big Blue (Mario Kart 8)

A thumping rock soundtrack just like that of Mute City (number 8), but with the inclusion of some sexy sax.

The futuristic Big Blue is all about electrifying beats and adrenaline-coursing fun.

Comparable to DragonForce’s ‘Through The Fire And Flames’, Big Blue’s background music is a fast and furious rock theme with all the makings of a magnificent Mario Kart musical piece.


2. Circuit Theme (Double Dash)

The song to countless memories and a number of great race tracks, you can almost hear the sound of the question mark box spinning like a slot machine in the background as you hurl that banana skin onto the pavement.

No doubt this is a true classic of Mario Kart music, the circuit theme from Double Dash is a piece which summaries the high-paced action of the series.

In many ways this is the “traditional” racing theme. It fits so well without pushing too far into one thematic feeling. It just feels like Mario Kart!


1. Rainbow Road (Double Dash)

Topping off the list, and rightfully so, is only one contender for the absolute best song in all of Mario Kart: Rainbow Road.

But what sets the Double Dash version apart from the others is the especially uplifting tone with better audio quality.

Rainbow Road is a delightful track in itself which, although it has definitely been the cause of many an outburst, manages to retain its special quality through this musical masterpiece.

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