10 Best Armor Sets in Mass Effect: Andromeda (And How To Get Them)

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Developer BioWare put a lot of emphasis into making Mass Effect: Andromeda a highly customizable experience worthy of being called a role-playing game.

Each Ryder is supposed to feel unique. And one of the ways this is achieved is by giving players a wide variety of perfectly protective armor sets to suit different playstyles and aesthetic tastes.

It can be hard to choose between so many great armor sets. Especially considering their stats and bonuses are just as important as which skills you’re getting and what weapons you’re using.

The right weaponry are key to a great offense, but armor is necessary to survive those battles.

To help anyone having a hard time finding the right outfit I’ve come up with a basic list going over the best armor sets you can snag in your next Andromeda playthrough.

10. Initiative Armor

Initiative Armor Mass Effect: Andromeda Armor Set

How to get: Producing this armor’s pieces requires Beryllium, Fluorite, Omni-Gel Canisters, and Titanium. They can also be bought from the Armor Merchant in the Nexus, or Cody Hodren on Havarl.

Giving a sizeable bonus to max shields and up to 15% extra XP from enemy encounters, the Initiative Armor is the bare minimum anyone exploring the Heleus Cluster needs.

This all-around solid armor will keep you alive and help you make the most out of your first adventures as part of the Initiative.


9. Deep Space Explorer

Deep Space Explorer Mass Effect: Andromeda Armor Set

How to get: The Deep Space Explorer set is a ME: Andromeda Special Edition bonus item, which you can retrieve from the Special Deliveries in the Pathfinder’s Cabin.

Following a similar style to the Initiative Armor, this mobile-looking set will give you a massive 25% extra XP from enemy encounters, which is massive.

Especially at the start of the game.

It also gives you 5% extra weapon damage too, which is always nice.


8. Pathfinder Armor

Pathfinder Armor Mass Effect: Andromeda Armor Set

How to get: This set can be produced by spending Cadmium, Iron, Omni-Gel Canisters, and Titanium. Alternatively, you can buy it from the Armor Merchant in the Nexus.

The Pathfinder Armor is pretty similar in looks to the default Initiative Armor. But goes on to look incredibly bad-ass as you upgrade it, becoming worthy of a leader such as yourself.

In combat it tries to give you all-around coverage by improving Damage Resistance and Defense, but also enhancing more offensive stats like Weapon Accuracy and Power Restoration.

If you can’t stick to a single character development path, this is always a solid option.


7. Maverick Armor

Maverick Armor Mass Effect: Andromeda Armor Set

How to get: After unlocking the blueprints, this armor can be produced by spending Omni-Gel Canisters, Platinum, Soft Chitin, and Uranium. Alternatively you can buy it from Armor Merchants on Aya and Kadara.

For those of you who live for headshots and precision, the Maverick Armor is likely the best armor you can get.

Not only does it increase damage from shooting at weak points, but it gives you higher Weapon Damage overall and increases ammo reserves. Which most precision-oriented weapons have little of.

It looks slim and practical but also menacing in the same way Boba Fett is in Star Wars.


6. Kett Armor

Kett Armor Mass Effect: Andromeda Armor Set

How to get: Blueprints for this set require 250 Heleus Research Data (HRD), and developing it will cost you Kett Alloy, Renderable Plates, Eiroch Fluid Sacs, and Cadmium.

As the default olive drab color and overall tough look suggest, the Kett Armor set is ideal for warriors looking to deal as much damage as possible.

It increases overall weapon damage by a lot, but also features bonuses to Combat Power Damage and Power Cell Capacity.


5. N7 Armor

N7 Armor Mass Effect: Andromeda Armor Set

How to get: Obtain N7 Armor by spending 250 Milky Way Research Data at the Research Center to get the blueprints, then crafting it with Omni-Gel Canisters, Copper, Iridium and Platinum. It can also be bought from the Armor Merchant on the Nexus if the Market Dominance Cryo Pod Perk is active.

For fans of the original Mass Effect Trilogy, picking this set is a total no-brainer.

It reprises the same style seen on Commander Shepard and other soldiers all throughout the series.

This armor is especially useful for players going heavy on Biotics in their character development, as it provides bonuses to Biotic Power Damage and Biotic Recharge Speed, along with Max Shields.


4. Heleus Defender Armor

Heleus Defender Armor Mass Effect: Andromeda Armor Set

How to get: First you’ll need to research the blueprints for this armor set by spending 300 HRD at the Research Center. Then to bring these blueprints into reality will cost you Angaran Meditation Crystals, Kett Alloy, Remnant Cores, Remnant Polymers, and Omni-Gel Canisters.

Despite looking very basic and even somewhat ugly, this soldier’s armor is amazing for anyone looking to add some extra “oomph” to their offense.

Not only does it massively increase Power and Weapon Damage, but it gives you enough Damage Resistance so you can live long enough to make them count.

And well, it looks a bit better when fully upgraded to Rank X.


3. Angaran Armor

Angaran Armor Mass Effect: Andromeda Armor Set

How to get: Researching the Angaran Armor’s blueprints requires 175 HRD, and producing it will cost you Angaran Meditation Crystals, Shell Filaments, Iridium, and Titan.

If your build revolves around Tech powers, you can’t go wrong with the Angaran Armor, which provides massive bonuses to Tech Power Damage, Tech Construct Damage, and Tech Effect Duration, along with some extra Max Shields.

You’ll be a walking mass destruction weapon with this, and it has a pretty cool roguish look once upgraded it to Rank X.


2. Hyperguardian Armor

Hyperguardian Armor Mass Effect: Andromeda Armor Set

How to get: The blueprints for this amazing armor can be obtained by spending 175 MWRD at the Research Center, and you’ll need Omni-Gel Canisters, Titanium, Scale Fibers, and Nickel to develop it.

The Hyperguardian Armor is the best armor for a jack-of-all-trades.

I’d say anyone can benefit greatly from wearing it regardless of their playstyle.

This wonderfully solemn-looking armor gives great bonuses to Max Health, Max Shield, and Max Melee Damage – so it may be especially good to go with devastating weapons like the Krogan Hammer or Asari Sword.


1. Remnant Armor

Remnant Armor Mass Effect: Andromeda Armor Set

How to get: To research this armor set, you’ll need 250 Remnant Research Data, then Remnant Polymer, Silicon, Titanium, and Uranium to develop it.

Despite looking like you could cut yourself just looking at the thing, the Remnant Armor has a large focus on preserving life rather than ending it.

With it equipped, you’ll see massive improvements to Damage Resistance, Health and Shield Regeneration.

And you’ll even wait less before your shields start recharging after taking damage. This makes it a great choice for any build.

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