Memento Mori: Complete Beginner’s Guide + Tips

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Memento Mori is a story-centered AFKRPG developed by Bank of Innovation, Inc. that relies heavily on auto-battles and AFK reward mechanics.

Though the game lacks any real-time, action-oriented gameplay and combat controls, there are certain things you must learn if you want to excel as a beginner.

This guide will show you how the game’s AFK system works, who to reroll for, and ways to increase your BP — along with a list of tips and things you should and shouldn’t do as a beginner.


Starting Out (Rerolling)

Summon Results (x10) / Memento Mori
Summon Results (x10)

To reroll, all you need to do is follow these five steps:

Step 1: Finish the tutorial (Chapter 1)
Step 2: Claim your Presents in the Main Menu
Step 3: Roll for good SR Heroes
Step 4: Reset the game data in the in-game settings if you don’t like your pull
Step 5: Rinse and Repeat


What Heroes Should You Reroll For?

Recommended SR Heroes Soul Alignment Role
Florence Azure DPS
Cordie Emerald DPS
Amleth Azure DPS
Merlyn Emerald Support/Healer
Freesia Crimson Support/Healer
Fenrir Azure Support/Healer

I would recommend pulling at least one of these heroes, as any one of them combined with any other SR heroes can carry you far into the Main Quest.


Core Mechanics Guide

Memento Mori is predominantly an AFK-based gacha game, which means most of its gameplay requires little input from players.

Memento Mori's “Combat” / Memento Mori
Memento Mori’s “Combat”

For example, the combat in this game is fully automatic — from the order the characters execute their turn, the activation of their skills, and how often they attack.

This doesn’t mean you can’t strategize at all, though. Because you can still tinker with the formation of your party and optimize it according to factors such as skill targeting and buff/debuff placements.

Population Info (Amount of AFK-farmed Resources) / Memento Mori
Population Info (Amount of AFK-farmed Resources)

Another feature that makes Memento Mori stand out from other conventional turn-based games is its AFK reward system.

The AFK reward system gives you resources based on how far along you are in the Main Quest, and the rewards accumulate every second until you claim them.

The more Boss Battles you’ve beaten, the more the population of your Kingdom grows, and the more of the following resources you’ll be able to farm:

  • Gold
  • EXP
  • EXP Orbs
  • Kindling Orbs
  • Gear Pieces

Primary Tasks for Beginners

Here are the five most important things that you should achieve first and foremost as a beginner in Memento Mori.


Objective #1: Clear As Many Boss Battles As You Can

Kingdom of Byrune 7-12 (Stage Details) / Memento Mori
Kingdom of Byrune 7-12 (Stage Details)

Clearing lots of the early Boss Battles in the Main Quest is essential for several reasons — the most important reason being that it unlocks other game modes and power-up features.

If you don’t focus on Boss Battles early, your progress will be stunted, as you will not be able to farm that many resources while you’re AFK.

If you’re a complete beginner, I recommend getting to at least Chapter 5 to Chapter 8 within your first week. Not only is this easily manageable, but it’ll also make your AFK farm more productive early on!


Objective #2: Unlock All Trial Modes

Trials / Memento Mori

If you want to unlock all Trial Modes, you’ll have to get to Main Quest 5-20.

Here are the requirements for each Trial Mode and the types of resources you can farm from them:

Trial Modes Unlock Requirement Resources Farmed
Cave of Space-Time Clear Main Quest 1 Diamonds, Gold, Kindling Orbs, EXP Orbs, & Space-Time Coins
Tower of Infinity Clear Main Quest 2-14 Diamonds, Witch Shards (R & SR), Kindling Orbs, Gold, EXP Orbs, & Gear
Fountain of Prayers Clear Main Quest 3-12 Gold, Gems, Diamonds, Witch Shards, & Kindling Orbs
Battle League Clear Main Quest 4-4 Battle Coins, Diamonds, Gold, Kindling Orbs, EXP Orbs
Temple of Illusions Clear Main Quest 4-20 Upgrade Water, Upgrade Panacea, Rune Tickets, Kindling Orbs, & EXP Orbs

Objective #3: Join a Guild

Guild Info Page / Memento Mori
Guild Info Page

Joining a Guild gives you a lot of perks, but the best perk is having access to Guild Raids. These allow you to farm:

  • Diamonds
  • Gears
  • Gold
  • EXP Orbs
  • Kindling Orbs

Not only that, but you’ll also be able to farm Guild Coins which you can exchange for a lot of useful items in the Guild Coin Shop!

Guild Coin Shop / Memento Mori
Guild Coin Shop

Don’t forget to join one as soon as you unlock the Guild feature — preferably one that is active and already has several members!


Objective #4: Add Friends

Friends Page / Memento Mori
Friends Page

Memento Mori rewards players for being outgoing and friendly through Friend Points, which you can get from your friends and use to pull in the Friend Point gacha.

And unlike in most Friend Point gachas from other games, you can get high-rarity (SR) characters here and not just fodders!

How’s that for a change?

Make sure to take advantage of this FP gacha system and add at least 20 friends on your first day.


Objective #5: Link Your Account

Link Account Page / Memento Mori
Link Account Page

One of the most important things you can do as a beginner is to link your account once you’ve decided to stop rerolling.

You will not be able to recover your account data in case you lost your phone or deleted your app accidentally, as the game uses a slightly archaic backup system.

Linking your account removes this threat entirely, so I would highly recommend that you do it as soon as you can. The whole process takes only about a minute to complete.


Powering Up Units (How To Increase BP)

Character Growth Page (Rean) / Memento Mori
Character Growth Page (Rean)

Here are the five best methods of increasing your entire party’s Battle Power as a complete beginner in Memento Mori.

Methods Resources Consumed Effects
Level Up EXP Orbs, Kindling Orbs, & Gold Increases your unit’s stats & skill levels
Awaken Character Duplicates, Fodders, & Gold Increases your unit’s max level & stats
Upgrade Equipment Upgrade Water, Upgrade Panacea, & Gold Increases your unit’s stats when equipped
Augment Equipment Holy Water, Gold, & Dark/Holy Gear Increases your unit’s stats when equipped
Equip Runes Runes, Gold, & Diamonds Increases your unit’s stats and provides various buff effects when equipped

Memento Mori General Tips

Dian (Character Story Illustration) / Memento Mori
Dian (Character Story Illustration)

To help you make your way through the early game more quickly and efficiently as a beginner, here are several tips that you should keep in mind while playing.


Tip #1: Invest in Five Units Only

Characters Page / Memento Mori
Characters Page

Leveling up only five units in the early game is highly recommended, as you unlock a feature called Level Link in Chapter 5.

The Level Link feature takes into account the level of your fifth highest-leveled character and allows you to copy that level to any character you set in your Level Link slots.

This means that investing in any more than five characters is unnecessary and a complete waste of resources.

But don’t you worry if you accidentally did! You can still use Reset on a unit and take back all of the resources you invested in it for the small price of 50 Diamonds.


Tip #2: Always Complete Your Dailies & Weeklies

Daily Missions (All Completed) / Memento Mori
Daily Missions (All Completed)

Memento Mori, like most modern gacha games, features a Weekly and Daily Mission rewards system. This allows players to earn resources by completing tasks regularly.

Never miss even one of these missions as a beginner!

You need all the resources and materials you can get, and your Daily and Weekly Missions will give you a decent amount of them to start with.


Tip #3: Use Your Resource Gifts Wisely

Kindling Orb (8 Hours) / Memento Mori
Kindling Orb (8 Hours)

Resource Gifts are consumable items that give you a set amount of Gold, EXP Orbs, and/or Kindling Orbs upon consumption depending on the amount you get per hour from the AFK rewards system.

The further you are in the Main Quest, the more you get out of the AFK rewards system and these Resources Gifts.

This is why I recommend that you do not use these Resource Gifts until after you’ve hit a wall in your progress — preferably around Chapter 5 to Chapter 9 in the Main Quest.


Tip #4: Clear Cave of Space-Time Stages Regularly

Trial Mode (Cave of Space-Time) / Memento Mori
Trial Mode (Cave of Space-Time)

Trial Mode Stages are very easy to clear — especially Cave of Space-Time which is arguably the most important of them all.

You can clear Cave of Space-Time stages once per day, and there are a total of three stages on it.

Make sure to consistently clear up to Stage 3, since only then you’ll be able to farm the highest amount of Space-Time Coins.

Cave of Space-Time Coin Shop / Memento Mori
Cave of Space-Time Coin Shop

You can exchange these Space-Time Coins for tons of high-rarity items in the Shop — most notably Unit Shards which I highly recommend you save up for.


Tip #5: Use Your Diamonds Wisely

Obtained Rewards (Diamond x100) / Memento Mori
Obtained Rewards (Diamond x100)

Diamonds are Memento Mori’s premium currency and are among the hardest resources to farm.

They can be used to pay for several things in the game, but your Diamonds will be more well-spent if you exclusively them spend in:

  • Unit Summons
  • Unlocking Rune Slots
  • Quick Battles (Once per day only)
  • Buying some items in the Mystery Shop (Cave of Space-Time)
  • Buying some Discount Packs from Shops/Events

Memento Mori Do’s and Don’ts

Freesia (Character Story Illustration) / Memento Mori
Freesia (Character Story Illustration)

Memento Mori is a much simpler game compared to other gacha games. But there are still some things that you absolutely should and shouldn’t do as a complete beginner.


  • Do clear up to Main Quest 5-20 ASAP
  • Do join a Guild ASAP
  • Do add at least 20 friends ASAP
  • Do complete your Weekly and Daily Missions consistently
  • Do participate in Guild Raids & Guild Battles often
  • Do link your account ASAP
  • Do save up Space-Time Coins for Witch Shards
  • Do Smelt excess gear pieces for Holy Fragments & higher-rarity gear
  • Do try to invest in units with different soul alignments


  • Don’t waste Diamonds on Refreshes and non-discount Shop items
  • Don’t leave your Guild Activities unattended
  • Don’t level up more than five units
  • Don’t Awaken units you don’t plan on using long-term beyond SR+
  • Don’t ignore PVP (Battle League)
  • Don’t forget to clear your Trial Mode stages regularly
  • Don’t spend Diamonds on Summon Banners if you can’t get pity (100 Summons)
  • Don’t forget to set units in your Wish List before summoning in any banner
  • Don’t spend your Resource Gifts too early in the game
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