25 Best Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain Mods To Check Out

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Metal Gear Solid V might have released a few years ago, but the game is still widely popular thanks to unique gameplay mechanics that set it apart from the rest of the MGS games.

However, having released so many years ago, many of us have played it over and over again…

So maybe customizing the gameplay could give it a fresh coat a paint?

Sure, let’s take a look at some of the best mods you can get for MGS5. All free, of course!


25. SnakeBite Mod Manager (Must-Have!)

SnakeBite Mod Manager MGS V menu

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To get us started let’s look into a must-have item.

On its own, it’s actually a pretty useless mod.

The SnakeBite Mod Manager allows you to properly manage all of your mods, and it saves you the time and trouble of having to load them all one by one.

If you want to use one or more of the mods that I’ve added to this list, you’re going to need the SBMM. It’s free to grab and not too exciting, but definitely start with this before moving on.


24. Real Weapons Name Update

Real Weapons Name Update MGS V Phantom Pain Mod

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Look, I know that many people don’t really care about this, but true weapon nerds absolutely love watching all of the guns in the game named according to their real-life counterparts.

Sure, “Assault Rifle” is an extremely sexy name… but I think I’d rather have my weapons named in a more realistic way.

Now I’m not an expert when it comes to naming schemes so I don’t know why studios insist on adding fake weapon names, but I can tell you this: I love to see my enemies being killed with a real AK-47 in Afghanistan.

And this mod gives us that feeling every sessions of MGS5.


23. Turn Portable Toilet into Provisional Showers

Man in white suit mod - MGS V Phantom Pain screenshot

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Now this might be extremely simple, but it deserves a spot on my list.

I know that many of you MGS players want to look clean, but you hate returning to Motherbase time and time again.

This mod allows you to enter any portable toilet in the game and come out totally cleaned up. Not sure how but roll with it.

It’s annoying having to go back to the base after every successful infiltration because your fine white suit is all dusted up.

Now you can simply enter any toilet and it will have a shower installed (apparently).

Fancy, isn’t it?


22. Improved Combat Deployment

Improved Combat Deployment mod screenshot

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The only reason why I’m not ranking this mod in a better spot is only that it seems to be outdated.

However when it comes to utility, this is one of my favorite ones on the list.

I always hated having to wait between deployment missions, and this mod fixes that by allowing them to complete instantly.

I mean, not everyone wants to wait for a few hours to continue progressing in the game, Kojima. Jesus Christ.


21. More Animals – Africa

Zebra in MGS5 Phantom Pain

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Is this mod necessary? Not at all.

Does it make the game more immersive? Hell yes.

The More Animals mod adds a ton of animals to Africa (shocking, I know).

Donkeys, zebras, and more – all of them will now be available and hunted as well, if you’re a sick bastard.


20. Maximum Resources

Maximum Resources Mod screenshot

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Are you tired of only collecting a few materials each time you harvest those rare resources?

With the Maximum Resources mod, the rarest harvest will yield 10 times as much as they do in the vanilla game.

Some might call it cheating. I call it making things easier.

No, those things aren’t synonyms, nor do they represent the same thing. Why would you think that?


19. Fulton Extraction 3000

Fulton Extraction Mod screenshot

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Fulton Extraction 3000 is the ultimate cheat mod for MGS.

Basically, it allows you to press one button and have all the soldiers in the map instantly fultoned back to your base, which allows you to recruit them all and clear the entire map quickly.

You can also set the mod to have the fulton extract only one soldier at a time, or select which ones you want to extract by marking them one by one.

Why do the hard work yourself when you can get your hands on the Fulton 3000 and have it work for you?


18. High Rank Soldiers and Unique Characters

Staff Characters MGS V Menu

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This mod allows all unique characters in the game to see their level increased, making them far more useful and helping you keep a truly unique Mother Base setup.

This includes all unique characters and soldiers in MGSV.

Why doesn’t this mod get a better spot on my list, you ask?

The reason is simple: the latest patch broke the mod, and the creator isn’t developing it anymore. Whoops.

Still pretty useful if you kept the older version! Although I’m rooting for an update soon.


17. E3 2013

E3 2012-2013 MGS V Phantom Pain Mod screenshot

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We all know studios lie to us about the quality of their graphics whenever they’re presented to the public.

Watching those E3 videos of Watch Dogs will always remind me of one of the biggest betrayals in the history of the industry.

Nothing as bad happened with MGSV, but the game’s graphics were still much better in the E3 showing than the game release.

Well this mod aims to turn the basic shaders of the game into a version that resembles the one from the E3 showing, and it does a fine damn job of it.


16. MGSV Outfits Unlock

MGS5 Outfits Mod screenshot

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Unlocking stuff in Metal Gear has always been one of its most entertaining activities.

But sometimes the game takes it too far.

You can only finish as many missions in S rank before you feel like jumping out of a window, after all.

Well with this mod, you’ll have all of the custom outfits completely unlocked and able to be used whenever you like.

You don’t need to complete any more missions.

Yes, it takes the challenging part out of the game, but it improves its aesthetic aspect. Pretty cool, if you ask me.


15. Remove Time Limits

Remove Time Limits Mod Menu screenshot

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As I said before, one of the most annoying aspects of Phantom Pain is having to wait like an idiot for stuff to finish.

It makes me feel like I’m playing Clash of Clans, and I absolutely hate it.

It even takes away the pay-to-finish aspect, so I’m left waiting around like a fool!

Well this mod aims to remove all of the time limits from the game.

No, I’m not cheating; you’re cheating. Go away!


14. Outfit Refitting Project

Character in Outfit Refitting Project Mod

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I admit this wouldn’t be the first mod that I’d categorize as a must-have on my list.

But it’s surprisingly more useful than I expected it would be.

The creator of the mod used the simple technique of editing the vortex of the game’s outfits to make them all fit more closely to each person’s body type.

As such, you’re left with less saggy women’s outfits, as well as better-looking suits for Snake and other male characters.


13. Metal Gear V Unlocked

Metal Gear V Unlocked Mod title

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So if you’re a lazy bastard, or if you just lost your Phantom Pain save after all these years, you’ll want to take a look at this mod.

I mean, it’s not really a mod, as much as it is a save file that allows you to get all of the game completed to the fullest.

This is an ideal choice if you just like to mess around killing idiots with the best weapons in the game already unlocked.

Also a great save option to go around testing other mods with, so you don’t break your own save.


12. I Can’t Believe It’s Not a Reshade

No reshade MGS V gameplay screenshot

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Reshades are cool and make the game look refreshed. But they also drain a lot of your computer’s power.

In fact, if you want to install a shader, you’re guaranteed to see it consume a ton of resources and potentially lag your computer into the ground.

This mod completely changes the appearance of the game’s regions without the use of a reshade, which means that you’ll get to improve the aesthetic feel of MGSV without having to obliterate your GPU.


11. Infinity Suppressor

Suppressor in MGS5 Phantom Pain

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Suppressors break down too often.

It’s one of the most annoying things to happen in Phantom Pain.

We’ve all gone on a mission and tried to remain in complete silence during the entire operation, only for the damn silencer to break in the most unfortunate of times.

With Infinity Suppressor, that’s no longer an issue.

You’ll be able to ice as many fools as you like without any fear of the suppressor’s durability. A small but welcome change.


10. The Ultimate Phantom Pain Mod

The Ultimate Phantom Pain Mod

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If anyone ever made a list of things we’d like to change in MGS5, and turned it into a mod, this would be it.

You’re now allowed to move much quicker thanks to skippable helicopter rides, you can now add & customize more characters to your base.

Plus you can skip annoying waiting times, change the revenue system, and you can even customize player equipment in a much more comprehensive manner.

If you’re tired of waiting and you want your game to feel more like “your” game, this mod is absolutely worth checking out.


9. MGSV TPP Improvements

Character in MGSV with TPP Improvements Mod

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It’s hard to single out one improvement from this mod, as it makes the game feel much better overall.

In fact, if you’d ask me to pick one Phantom Pain overhaul to download and keep forever, I think this one would have a strong chance of being my number one choice.

From more development missions to many more soldiers and even the ability to obtain the Medal of Honor offline, this is a fantastic mod that revamps many of the things we didn’t really like about the original Phantom Pain release.


8. Mordib’s Side-OP Expansion Pack

Forest terrain in MGS5 Phantom Pain

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Have you completed all the side missions in Metal Gear? If so, you’re like me and you’re probably bored out of your mind with re-playing it over & over.

You can only do the same missions so many times before you feel like jumping out of a window.

Well this mod adds a whole new bunch of missions to complete (50 in total) so you can expand your game experience during your next playthrough of Phantom Pain.

And it’s sure to keep you busy for hours.


7. Return of the Item Unlocker

Item unlocker MGS V Menu screenshot

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The Return of the Item Unlocker mod lets you research and craft every single item in the game (including the unique ones that are otherwise unobtainable).

Focus on what you want and research it – leave the days of blocked items behind with this fantastic mod.


6. Multi Quiet Player Mod

Customized Quiet player screenshot MGS V

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Look, I really tried my best to leave Quiet mods out of my list.

There are just too many of them, man. You have no idea how crazy people get when you talk to them about Quiet (this has been the case ever since the game came out).

And with mods giving you the ability to have her completely naked during the entire game, things have just gotten crazier.

I’m adding this mod onto my list because, out of all of the top Phantom Pain mods that directly affect Quiet, this one is the only non-lewd one out of the bunch that’s worth it.

Crazy, I know, but this is a mod that I fully recommend to people who want to play as Quiet and customize her design. And it’s 100% SFW.


5. No Development Requirements

Development menu in MGS V Phantom Pain

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Developing items has always been a fundamental mechanic of the game.

But sometimes requirements can be a bit too much for some players.

Getting your hands on so many resources can be extremely annoying and time-consuming, so this mod aims to remove that factor from the gameplay.

“No Development Requirements” basically allows you to research and develop items for free, which will keep Mother Base filled with new stuff without you having to break your back gathering resources.

That’s not how real-life works, but games shouldn’t feel like a chore anyway. Cheat away, boys.


4. The Man Who Sold the World

Big Boss character in MGS V

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The Man Who Sold the World has come to be a song closely associated with Phantom Pain, given that it’s the outro song of the title and it fits our MC perfectly.

This mod, however, focuses on something different.

It allows you to play with Big Boss instead of Venom Snake.

Turn back time and return to your former self with the magic of game modding.


3. No More Timers

No More Timers MGS V screenshot

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No More Timers is the ultimate timer remover mod for Metal Gear Solid V.

I’ve added plenty of these to my list, but there’s a good reason for it: we all really effin hate waiting around.

Seriously, this mechanic has to stop. It makes me feel like I’m playing a damn phone game instead of a AAA title.

In ant case, No More Timers removes all of the timers from the game.

No longer will you have to wait for building equipment, base platforms, or even deployments.

With this mod, everything gets completed with the click of a button.

You still need to have the materials on you, though. It’s not a cheat mod as much as it is a time-saving mod.


2. S Plus Soldier Mod Update

S Plus Soldier Mod Update MGS V

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Not all soldiers in the region should be idiots, right?

Well this mod allows S+ and S++ soldiers to spawn in the game, which increases your chances of capturing them and recruiting them to your base. Hurrah!

No longer will you have to complete difficult tasks to get your hands on some of these useful boys.

Now all you need to do is be on the lookout for them as you explore Afghanistan or Africa – gotta catch ‘em all!


1. Infinite Heaven

Infinite Heaven MGS V Phantom Pain Mods screenshot

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Remember when I said if there was a compilation mod of the best ideas for the game, it would be The Ultimate Phantom Pain Mod?

Well, I lied.

This is the one you’ll want to get if you want a fully customizable experience!

It offers hundreds of customizable features and play modes, changes to Subsistence mode and Free-roam, customization options for all of your gear, vehicles… the list goes on and on.

Check out the mod’s download page for more details, but this is an MGS mod for the record books.

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