My Hero Ultra Impact: Complete Beginner’s Guide + Tips

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My Hero Ultra Impact features a lot of game modes and mechanics that are fun, yet a bit challenging to grasp for new players.

This beginner’s guide aims to address the basics of MHUI’s gameplay, its various game modes, as well as the general “do’s and don’ts” that every player should know before starting out.

And to top it all off, this guide will also include some invaluable tips and tricks that every player can use to boost their account’s progress to a running start.


Choosing Your Starting Characters

After going through a brief tutorial at the beginning of the game, you’ll be presented with infinite reroll summons.

Beginner's recruit screen (infinite rerolls) in My Hero Ultra Impact

In order to reroll, you simply have to click “Redo” over and over again until you’re satisfied with the pulls you get.

No need for resetting accounts, deleting game files, none of that jazz!

TIP: Try to pull for at least 3 URs (as shown in the picture above). They don’t necessarily have to be all characters, but make sure that you have at least two UR characters to start out with.

Technically, pulling even 5 URs is possible.

But that’s only recommended if you’re prepared to reroll for hours on end.

Either way, 3 URs should be more than enough to carry you all the way to the end of the Main Quest within two to three days.


MHUI Game Modes

There are a total of 6 game modes in MHUI:

  • Main Quests
  • Level Up Quests
  • USJ
  • Event Quests
  • VE Tower
  • Ultra Arena

All of them are designed to give you resources that can help you improve your account — provided that you can clear them with your given units.

Here’s a basic overview of each mode and what clearing them can do for your account’s progress:


Main Quest

Main Quest Screenshot (Chapter 9) My Hero Ultra Impact

The Main Quest is the story campaign in this game. It has two difficulties — Normal and Hard.

And both difficulties allow you to farm a lot of Hero Gems.

Not only that, but you can also farm your Ability Board Materials from specific stages in the Main Quest. Other things can also be farmed here, such as:

  • Skip Tickets
  • Fodder (N-rarity) memories
  • Character Lvl Up Bars

TIP: Try to clear the entire Main Quest as fast as possible. The reasoning is because certain game modes can only be unlocked after you’ve cleared certain stages in the Main Quest.

Also, strive for 3-star clears so you can just clear them repeatedly with Skip Tickets when you’re farming resources for your character’s Ability Board.


Level Up Quests

Level Up Quests Page in My Hero Ultra Impact

When it comes to farming gold and leveling materials for your characters & your memory cards, Level Up Quests are where it’s at.

MHIU mode features a Character EXP stage, a Memory Card EXP stage, and a Gold stage.

There are a total of 7 levels for each of them.

And the higher you go, the better the rewards.

Plus just like in the Main Quest, you’re free to use Skip Tickets once you’ve cleared each level with 3-stars.

TIP: You should also clear this game mode as quickly as you can. After all, the highest difficulties (Level 7) will give you the most amount of resources.

Considering that you only get 3 Tries per day, maximizing your gains from these quests is highly recommended even early on.


USJ (Unforeseen Simulation Joint)

USJ Zones Screenshot in My Hero Ultra Impact

USJ gives away U.A. Medals which you can use to buy Hero Shards, SR Heroes, Memory Cards, and more at the Gear Shop.

This game mode is better suited for single-type teams, but you don’t necessarily have to use one to clear them.

Each Zone has different bosses with unique movesets and weaknesses.

They all have a lot of health, but worry not — the HP of the bosses carries over to your next attempt(s).


Event Quests

Event Quest (Girl Power is Infinite!) in My Hero Ultra Impact

Event Quests are time-limited quests that allow players to farm resources (sometimes even event-exclusive ones) much more efficiently compared to the Main Quest.

You can also farm Hero Gems from Event Quests.

Once you’ve cleared a level, they can be farmed repeatedly for Event Currencies, which you can then exchange for a ton of useful resources in the Event Shop.

Using specific characters and memories can also give you a Bonus that increases the number of Event Currencies you get per level.


VE Tower

VE Tower Stages Screenshot in My Hero Ultra Impact

The VE Tower provides VE Tower Medals, which you can use to buy high-tier rewards such as:

  • UR Memory Cards
  • UR Unit Shards
  • Or even a UR Unit

It’s composed of different stages — each with 3 levels of difficulty which are then further divided into 3 separate floors.

You’re required to form 3 separate teams to battle the bosses on each floor.

This game mode is more suited for endgame players, since it requires you to invest in at least 9 different characters to be able to progress easily.


Ultra Arena

Ultra Arena (Opponent Selection Page) My Hero Ultra Impact

In Ultra Arena, you battle other players’ defense teams in order to rise in the rankings and get useful rewards, such as Hero Gems and Ultra Arena Tokens.

You’re given 10 Tries initially, but a point is restored every hour.

Like in the VE Tower, the points in Ultra Arena are calculated at the end of each season, and rewards are given out appropriately.


Powering Up Characters

Level Up Sub-page in My Hero Ultra Impact

There are 6 ways that you can improve your characters in MHUI, and they are:

1. Character Level Up – increases the level and raw stats of your Characters.

2. Memory Level Up – increases the level and raw stats of your Memory Cards.

3. Character Ability Board – unlocks your character’s second Auto Skill, increases their stats and level limits, enhances their skills, and awakens your character.

4. Memory Limit Break – increases the level limit and enhances the auto skills of your memories.

5. Unlock Character EX Auto Skill – gives your characters two additional auto skills which further increases their overall Battle Power.

6. Unlock Memory EX Auto Skill – gives your memories one extra auto skill which provides the characters that equip them an additional BP boost as well.


Gear Shops

Gear Shops Screenshot in My Hero Ultra Impact

The Gear Shop is mostly made out of stores where you can exchange your hard-earned Arena, VE Tower, and UA tokens for important resources.

However, the Coins Shop and the Memories Shop use Gold and Memory Coins respectively.

You can farm Coins mainly by clearing Coin Quests, and you can get Memory Coins by selling Memory Cards.

The Stars Shop, on the other hand, is where you can spend the Stars that you get from dupes of characters, either by recruiting them or exchanging for them in the Gear Shop.


Dispatch Missions

Dispatch Missions (Team 1 & 2) My Hero Ultra Impact

Dispatch Missions allows you send your characters out on missions for several hours.

And they return with various resources, such as:

  • Stamina
  • Coins
  • Leveling Materials
  • Hero Shards (if you’re lucky)

You’re free to choose destinations depending on what rewards you want, but keep in mind that each of these destinations has a Preferred Character Role.

The more characters you send out with the preferred role, the higher chance you get of having a Huge Success – which nets you more resources and Character Shards than a normal success.


MHUI Hero Base

Hero Base Screenshot in My Hero Ultra Impact

The Hero Base is a customizable place where you can see your characters socialize with each other.

But more importantly, Hero Base gives you resources whenever a set amount of time passes. This includes getting:

  • Stamina
  • Coins
  • Character Level Up Bars
  • Memory Level Up Tonics

And the more you wait to visit the Hero Base, the more resources you can accumulate and collect.


MHUI Stamina System

Stamina Restoration Screen in My Hero Ultra Impact

My Hero Ultra Impact features the tried and true Stamina System, which restricts the game modes you can play after you’ve exhausted all of your stamina points.

You can, however, replenish your Stamina a total of 35 times.

It costs more Hero Gems each time you do it per day, but the counter resets every midnight at JST.

TIP: If you’re a F2P player, it is highly recommended not to invest more than 30 Hero Gems in refreshing your stamina per day – unless you don’t mind having fewer Hero Gems to spend on recruiting characters.


MHUI Combat Guide

There are only a few things that you have to keep in mind when it comes to the combat system in MHUI:

  • Chaining
  • Buffs
  • Debuffs
  • Speed
  • Weaknesses
Successful 3-Chain with Def-down Debuff (MHIA)

Chaining occurs when you’ve chosen two or more skills to use in one turn. Timing your taps correctly ensures a successful Chain which in turn enhances the damage of your skills.

Buffs are given out either before the battle starts, or during the battle. You can get them from EX auto skills, memory cards, or even from active skills that your characters use while in combat.

Debuffs are fairly similar to Buffs, although they are applied to your opponents mainly through active skills during battle.

Speed decides which characters strike first. Having a high speed stat ensures that you can Chain your skills and do normal attacks before your enemies do.

Weaknesses can be exploited simply by choosing the correct matchups against specific enemies, as shown in the table below:

Character Type Strong Against Weak Against
Red (Strength) Green (Intelligence) Blue (Ability)
Green (Intelligence) Blue (Ability) Red (Strength)
Blue (Ability) Red (Strength) Green (Intelligence)
Yellow (Mind) Purple (Destruction) Purple (Destruction)
Purple (Destruction) Yellow (Mind) Yellow (Mind)

TIP: When Chaining attacks, try to keep the skills with the highest damage as the last skill in the chain. This will give it a 30% damage boost upon being executed.

Also, make sure to set a target (tap a specific enemy you want to single out) before Chaining. If you don’t, both your skill chains and normal attacks will target a random enemy instead.


MHUI: General Tips & Tricks

To ensure a brilliant start to your account, here are a few helpful tidbits that every MHUI player must know about:


When in Doubt, Follow the Awakening Missions

Awakening Missions (Level 6) My Hero Ultra Impact

If you’re feeling stuck and don’t know what to do, just go to the Awakening Missions and attempt every mission until you’ve completed each mission.

Not only will you be given directions here, but you’ll also be able to get a ton of useful rewards, which even include a UR Guaranteed Ticket if you finish them all!

Just keep in mind that some of these missions are time-gated — especially if you’re a beginner with limited resources and Battle Power.


Pick Your Friends Wisely

Friends Page (Search) in My Hero Ultra Impact

In MHUI, you can bring along your friends in most PVE battles and utilize their Auto Skills and Plus Ultra Moves.

On that note, your choice of friends can decide whether or not you’ll struggle to clear a stage, or absolutely dominate it with their help.

Also keep in mind that you’re only allowed to follow a very limited number of players (up to 24 if you reach Rank 40).

So feel free to unfollow inactive friends and use the “Search” function to follow stronger players instead.


Invest Your Ability Board Resources Wisely

The Ability Board (Screenshot) in My Hero Ultra Impact

Ability Board resources are by far one of the hardest resources in the game to farm, other than Tokens and Hero Gems.

This is because the drops are all based on RNG — not to mention you also only have a set amount of stamina to spend in grinding these resources before you tap out.

To conserve your stamina, it’s recommended not to go beyond Page 6 of a character’s Ability Board after awakening them.

Especially if you don’t really plan on using them much.


Buy-out & Update the Coins Shop Regularly

Coin Shop (Update Screen) in My Hero Ultra Impact

Repeatedly updating and buying everything in the Coins Shop is highly recommended, simply because you get a lot of highly valuable items from it.

This includes HP, Speed, and Power-enhancing materials that you can use in the Advanced Level Up section of the Character Level Up page.

You can even get Ability Board resources here!

It’s all a matter of personal taste, but I recommend updating the list of items in the shop and buying them out until the update price goes up to 4,000 coins at the very least.


Always Clear and Farm Event Stages

Event Shop (Girl Power is Infinite!) in My Hero Ultra Impact

This is arguably the most important tip there is.

You can only get so many free Hero Gems from the Main Quests before they dry out — leaving you with little to no source of Hero Gems.

To remedy that, Events give players an indeterminate amount of Hero Gems to farm every time they come around.

Keep in mind that you can also get highly valuable resources from Event Shops too – stuff like:

  • Event-exclusive Memory Cards
  • Hero Shards
  • Recruit Tickets

This all makes Event Stages more or less a necessity to farm if you plan on playing the game long-term.

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