How To Farm Coins in My Hero Ultra Impact

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The best method of farming coins is clearing the highest Stage of the Coin Quests that are located on the Level Up Quests page consistently.

Of course, there are other ways to go about it — all of which we’ll discuss in great detail throughout this article.

All in all, the best farming methods are:

  • Clearing Coin Quests (best method)
  • Dispatch Missions (2nd best method)
  • Selling Memory Cards
  • Collecting Hero Base Rewards
  • Clearing/Skipping Story Stages
  • Attempting Missions
  • Participating in Events

Doing all of these every day (if possible) will net you a considerable amount of Coins.

I’d even say you could stack enough Coins fast to not worry about Coins ever again!


Clearing Coin Quests

Coin Quests / My Hero Ultra Impact

You’re given limited tries to clear Coin Quest Stages for a reason.

After all, it gives you the most Coins as clear rewards out of any Story or Event Stages out there.

Using up all three tries (if you’re F2P) everyday will ensure that you’ll eventually accumulate a ton of excess Coins.

Like all Level Up Quest Stages and Story Stages, Coin Quest Stages may also have time-limited Item Drop Bonuses which doubles the total Coins dropped per clear. Watch out for those!

TIP: For the price of $3.00, you can purchase a 7 Day Boost Pack at the Regular Course Shop which increases your daily tries from 3 to 6 — therefore increasing your daily Coin farming output.

Doing this is not necessary at all, as you’ll eventually be able to collect enough Coins completely F2P if you follow the methods stated in this guide.


Dispatch Missions

Dispatch Mission (Hosu City Urban District) / My Hero Ultra Impact

Dispatch Missions is the second-best method of farming Coins both passively and consistently.

While the amount of Coins you get every run depends on your luck, you can easily collect a lot of Coins from Dispatch Missions just from your first few weeks of playing the game.

TIP: The best Destination to select if you want to farm Coins is the Hosu City Urban District (as shown in the image above).

For efficiency’s sake, also keep in mind that dispatching an All-Villain team to this Destination will give you higher chances of gaining bonus rewards!

If you’re running low on Coins, remember that you can send out characters to this Destination twice every day until you’re satisfied with the amount you’ve accumulated.


Selling Memory Cards

Memory Cards (Auto-Select Selling) / My Hero Ultra Impact

If you farm Ability Board materials regularly, then you’ll no doubt accumulate a bunch of N-Rarity Memory Cards.

So what do you do with them?

Well, selling these Memory Cards for Coins and Memory Coins is actually the best thing you can do.

Feel free to sell these N-rarity Memory Cards liberally as they provide little to no value when equipped by your Characters compared to vastly superior SR-rarity and UR-rarity Memory Cards.

TIP: You also have higher chances of getting N-Rarity Cards when there’s an Item Drop Bonus Event going on, so keep an eye on them if you’re especially low on Coins or Memory Coins.


Collecting Hero Base Rewards

Hero Base (Max Rewards) / My Hero Ultra Impact

Your Hero Base provides you with rewards that accumulate over time.

Aside from Coins, you can get Level Up Bars, Memory Level Up Tonics, and even Stamina from your Hero Base.

While the main reason why you’d want to keep an eye on your Hero Base is mainly because of the Stamina it provides, the amount of Coins you get from it is fairly decent and will add up eventually.

TIP: Your Hero Base has a maximum amount of Rewards that it can accumulate. After reaching that limit, it can no longer gain further rewards for you to claim.

To get as many resources from the Hero Base as possible, be sure to claim your rewards at least two times a day.


Clearing/Skipping Story Stages

Main Quest: Stage 6-17 Normal (Skip x5) / My Hero Ultra Impact

Clearing or Skipping Story Stages is guaranteed to net you a decent amount of Coins if you’re willing to do it every single day.

And while the number of Coins you get might not seem as much compared to the amount from other methods, note that Skipping a lot of Stages for Ability Board Materials is a necessity in this game.

TIP: Most Event Quest Stages drop Coins as well, though they’re not as much as the amount that drops in Main Quest Stages — especially when there’s an Item Drop Bonus.

If you’re looking to farm Coins over Event Currencies, just drain your Stamina by using Skip Tickets on Main Quest Stages instead of Event Quest Stages.


Attempting Missions

Normal Missions Screen / My Hero Ultra Impact

Mission Rewards are the resources you get for reaching certain milestones in the game.

You can get a lot of Coins from Normal Missions even in the early game, although most of them are time-gated and would require some time to unlock.

You can also get Coins as rewards from Special Missions.

The only downside is that Special Missions are time-limited and are replaced every once in a while.


Participating in Events

Hero Lottery Event (Minigame) / My Hero Ultra Impact

Most (if not all) Events will allow you to farm extra Coins to fill your reserves.

Sometimes they might be featured as rewards in minigames (as shown in the image above), but they’re mostly featured as Items in Event Shops which you can exchange your Event Currencies for.

It’s also important to note that playing Events also consumes a lot of Stamina, so you might have to decide for yourself whether playing Events or Skipping Main Quests is more worth it.


P2P Recommended Pack: 7 Day Boost!

Regular Course Packs / My Hero Ultra Impact

If you don’t mind spending a bit of your hard-earned cash, then the best in-game purchase to farm more Coins will be the 7 Day Boost.

It doubles the number of tries you get for Level Up Quests to 6x per day for 7 Days.

The pack costs about $3.00 (as of this writing), but do keep in mind that the total price may vary depending on your region.

And like I mentioned before, in-game purchases aren’t really necessary if you just need more Coins.

You’ll get more than enough as a complete F2P player given time.

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