How To Farm Hero Gems in My Hero Ultra Impact

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Aside from being the most important resource in MHUI, Hero Gems are also undoubtedly one of the rarest resources in the game.

There are only a few ways that you can farm them reliably:

  • Clear All Main Quest Stages (Normal & Hard Difficulty)
  • Level Up Ability Boards
  • Brave the Ultra Arena
  • Climb the VE Tower
  • Attempt Missions
  • Clear Event Quest Stages
  • Check Out Event Minigames
  • Do Your Dailies

Doing every single one of these consistently will guarantee that you’ll accumulate significant amounts of Hero Gems over time.

And out of every method in the list above, Clearing all Main Quest Stages is by far the best method, considering the sheer number of Hero Gems you can farm there.


Best Method: Clear All Main Quest Stages (Normal & Hard Difficulty)

Main Quest (Chapter 9 Stages) / My Hero Ultra Impact

The Main Quest Stages are where the most sizable bulk of your Hero Gem reserve will come from.

It’ll be your primary source of Hero Gems as soon as you start the game.

In the Main Quest:

  • Completing Non-Boss Stages gives away 10 Hero Gems
  • Completing Boss Stages gives away 20 Hero Gems

Each Chapter has at least 10 stages each, which means clearing a chapter will net you (more or less) 150 Hero Gems.


Leveling Up Ability Boards

[Number One] Katsuki Bakugo (Ability Board #8 Reward) / My Hero Ultra Impact

After clearing all of your Main Quest Stages, leveling up Ability Boards for your Units will be one of the best “alternative” methods for farming Hero Gems.

Regardless of rarity, leveling Ability Boards will give you 10 Hero Gems per page.

This is exactly why you should also consider leveling up Ability Boards for your SR-Rarity and even R-rarity Units.

To make this method less time-consuming, keep an eye out for Ability Orbs that are often sold in the UA Coliseum Point Exchange Shop.


Braving the Ultra Arena

Ultra Arena (Season Rewards) / My Hero Ultra Impact

Whether you like the Ultra Arena or not, battling in it every single day is still one of the most consistent methods of farming Hero Gems.

Your Hero Gems come from two sources here in the Ultra Arena:

  • Season Rewards
  • Promotion Rewards

Keep in mind that you will still be given Hero Gems even if you cannot rise to the very top of the rankings.

PVP in this game may be optional, but alas, it becomes a necessity if you want to farm as many Hero Gems as you can — F2P or otherwise.


Climbing the VE Tower

VE Tower (Ranking Rewards) / My Hero Ultra Impact

The VE Tower is just about the same as the Ultra Arena, rewards and all — only it’s more PVE-oriented and requires at least 3 teams to clear.

Here, your “points” are also tallied by the end of each season, and you’re then awarded Hero Gems depending on your performance.

While creating teams for the VE Tower is a bit trickier than creating one for the Ultra Arena, the rewards are still very much worth it regardless of where you are in the game.


Attempting Missions for Hero Gems

Normal Missions / My Hero Ultra Impact

Missions are a completely passive way of earning several extra Hero Gems in MHUI.

All you really have to do is either explore the game, clear certain Main Quest Stages, or just Level Up your account to receive Hero Gems from Normal Missions.

Of course, there are also Special Missions that give away better rewards than Normal Missions – though they’re largely time-sensitive. So you’re going to have to keep an eye out for them.


Clearing Event Quest Stages

Event Quest Stages (Provisional License Combat Training Event) / My Hero Ultra Impact

Event Quest Stages are much like Main Quest Stages — they give you Hero Gems whenever they’re cleared for the first time.

If you’ve exhausted all of the Hero Gems that you’ve got from the Main Quests, Event Quests which rotate once or twice a month will be one of your go-to sources for Hero Gems.

Unfortunately, unlike in Main Quests, you only get 10 Hero Gems per Event Quest Stage cleared – regardless of whether or not it’s a Boss Stage.


Checking Out Event Minigames

Hero Lottery (Provisional License Combat Training Event) / My Hero Ultra Impact

Not every event has “minigames” that give away Hero Gems.

But in case they do, you have to make sure that you’re taking advantage of it.

A set amount of Hero Gems will be given away as rewards from these minigames, along with countless other precious resources.

So be sure to check out if an event has them!


Doing Your Dailies

Daily Mission Rewards / My Hero Ultra Impact

Just like any other gacha game, MHUI features a “Dailies System” in the form of Daily Missions.

You should make an effort to clear every single one of these missions – not kist because they give you Hero Gems each day, but also because they give you Stamina and some precious leveling materials too.

As I mentioned before, Hero Gems are very rare in this game.

So it’s highly recommended that you do your dailies as consistently as you possibly can.

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