How To Get Character Pieces in My Hero Ultra Impact

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You can get Character Pieces primarily by visiting several Gear Shops and buying whatever’s on sale.

Alternatively, you can use Stars to exchange for more Character Pieces. You can get Stars mainly by recruiting dupes of characters you already own.

To obtain Stars or Character Pieces via exchanging points, the shops you’ll want to keep in mind are:

  • USJ Point Exchange Shop
  • Stars Shop
  • VE Tower Point Exchange Shop
  • Arena Point Exchange Shop

Do note that these shops are not the only sources of Character Pieces and Stars — as you’ll see below.


USJ Point Exchange Shop

USJ Point Exchange Shop / My Hero Ultra Impact

The shop is among your primary sources for Hero Pieces.

It features one limited Character and their Character Pieces that are much cheaper than normal.

These are very cost-efficient, even if they’re just SR-rarity.

Of course, you can also buy all kinds of Character Pieces for their normal price — including random UR-rarity Pieces that come in very limited stock.


Send Out Units on Dispatch Missions

Dispatch (Huge Success) / My Hero Ultra Impact

This method is highly RNG-dependent, but sending out Characters on Dispatch Missions can net you some extra Character Pieces for your Ability Board upgrades.

It’s highly recommended that you only use Characters with Bonuses (which are given according to their Affiliations) before you send them out.

Doing this will increase your chances of getting a “Huge Success” which gives you Pieces for some or even all of the Characters you have sent out on the mission.


VE Tower Point Exchange Shop

VE Tower Exchange Shop (UR Pieces) / My Hero Ultra Impact

Aside from the Stars Exchange Shop and the USJ Point Exchange Shop, the VE Tower Point Exchange Shop is the only shop that sells UR Character Pieces.

What makes this particular shop special is that it only features one UR character & their Pieces per season.

This featured character is then replaced after the end of each season.

Considering this, you should either get everything — Character Pieces and all — before the season ends or just save your points if you don’t want the featured UR character.


Check Out the Events for Event-Exclusive Characters & Character Shards

Provincial License Combat Training (Lottery Event) / My Hero Ultra Impact

If you’re looking for free maxed-out Characters, then you should really check out ongoing events!

After all, most (if not all) story-driven Events come with a free guaranteed SR-rarity Character and Memory Card for players that are willing to play consistently.

Always try to take advantage of this. Especially if you’re F2P, since sometimes you can even max out the Cards and Characters given away in these Events with Character Pieces and Duplicate Cards.


Using the Stars Exchange Shop

Stars Shop (Hero Pieces) / My Hero Ultra Impact

Have you been pulling too many Dupes lately?

If so, then this shop will compensate you (a bit) for your misfortunes.

Using the Stars that you’ve gathered, you can get Character Pieces ranging from R-rarity to UR-rarity — all of which are for the Characters you already own.

The exchange ratio is 1:1 which means you’ll be able to get 1 Character Piece per Star, although the only tradeoff is that you’re only allowed to buy Character Pieces in increments of five.

So, how do you get Stars?

There are currently four good ways to farm stars in MHUI:

  • Events
  • Arena Point Exchange Shop
  • Login Bonuses
  • Pulling Dupes (best method)

Stars from Events

Provincial License Combat Training (Lottery Event) / My Hero Ultra Impact

Events are just about the only place where you should be able to farm Stars by consuming your Stamina.

They’re fairly rare even in Events that give them away, but you should be able to farm a decent amount if you play the Events consistently before they go away.

Of course, not all Events feature Stars as rewards. And all of those that do are highly time-sensitive.

So make sure you’re tuned in whenever they come around.


Arena Point Exchange Shop

Arena Point Exchange Shop / My Hero Ultra Impact

If you’re an avid Arena player you find yourself lacking Hero Pieces, then there’s no need to worry.

After all, you can exchange your hard-earned Arena Points for a lot of Stars in the Arena Point Exchange Shop!

One thing to note when buying Stars from this shop is that the cheaper ones are generally more cost-effective, so look out for that whenever you’re buying them.


Login Bonuses

Login Bonuses (February 2022) / My Hero Ultra Impact

Login Bonuses will give you a few Stars every time you check-in at midnight (JST).

It’s completely hassle-free and is a good “passive” way to accumulate Stars, although you do need to make sure to log in every day just to get all of the rewards.


Pulling Dupes for Stars

Recruit (x4 Dupes) / My Hero Ultra Impact

The last method of acquiring Stars (and the best method) is simply pulling extra Characters on the Recruit page.

For the conversion rates, refer to the table below:

Character Rarity Stars Given Per Duplicate
UR x80
SR x20
R x2

As you can see, pulling duplicate UR-rarity characters nets you the largest amount of Stars.

One thing to keep in mind is that only duplicate Characters give away Stars.

Duplicate Cards, on the other hand, are instead used for Limit Breaking.

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