How To Get More Stamina in My Hero Ultra Impact

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You can obtain more Stamina per day mostly by doing your Daily Missions.

Of course, that’s not the only way to get additional Stamina.

Below is a list of the best methods for acquiring stamina in MHUI:

  • Doing Your Dailies
  • Checking Your Hero Base Regularly
  • Leveling Up Your Account
  • Participating in Events
  • Dispatch Missions
  • Tune In for Login Bonuses
  • Restoring Your Stamina (Optional)

By doing all of these, you can get so much extra Stamina every day – which allows you to either play or skip a lot of Main Quests or even Event Stages for materials.


Best Method: Do Your Dailies

Daily Missions / My Hero Ultra Impact

Doing your Dailies, first and foremost, will net you an additional 250 Stamina per day.

This is a lot if you’re just starting out. But it becomes more or less a decent amount once you get to the true endgame of MHUI — endlessly farming Ability Board Materials.

A lot of these missions that reward you with Stamina are very easy to clear if you just play normally, though there are a few outliers.

For example, you will have to log in at specific times to be able to claim some of them, whereas one particular mission requires you to clear at least one Ultra Arena battle.


Check Your Hero Base Regularly

Hero Base (Max Rewards x2) / My Hero Ultra Impact

Your Hero Base accumulates not just Stamina, but all sorts of incredible rewards.

In a sense, it’s basically the game’s built-in “idle” functionality.

If you’re diligent enough in visiting your Hero Base, you can get upwards of 100 Stamina per day — not to mention a hefty amount of Coins and Leveling Materials too!

Also keep in mind to take advantage of the Campaign Events that double the accumulation rate & double the maximum limit of rewards you can claim.


Level Up Your Account

Level Up Prompt (LVL 58) / My Hero Ultra Impact

Just like in most gacha games, leveling up your account is the only way to increase your maximum Stamina Cap.

However, the neat part in MHUI is that your Stamina refills by how much Stamina Cap you’ve gained anew every time you level up.

The refilled amount also exceeds your new Stamina Cap.

TIP: You can take advantage of this when you’re at a lower level by clearing as many Main Quest Stages as you can — only stopping if you’re unwilling to pay the current price of restoring your Stamina.

This will give you an increased Stamina Cap early on, not to mention tons of farmed materials because of your Level Ups refreshing your Stamina gauge.


Participate in Events

Provisional License Combat Training (Event Missions) / My Hero Ultra Impact

Most Events rarely give you Stamina as rewards.

But they do compensate you a bit if you’re willing to play them (and you should).

While the featured Stamina Rewards from Events are nothing to write home about, they can at least make up some of the Stamina you’re willing to spend on playing that particular Event.

Some of these Stamina Rewards are locked behind certain Missions that will require you to use (or not use) certain Characters though, so watch out for that.


Dispatch Missions

Dispatch Mission (80 Stamina) / My Hero Ultra Impact

Dispatch Missions are a great method of getting more stamina.

And they will net you more than just a few extra Stamina that you can spend on anything every single day.

You see, you’re guaranteed to receive Stamina no matter what Destination you pick.

So all you really have to do is assign some Characters, claim the rewards, and voila — free Stamina!

And here’s a handy table showing which Destinations give whatever amount of Stamina:

Hours Spent on Missions Stamina Rewards
4 Hours x40 Stamina
8 Hours x80 Stamina
12 Hours x120 Stamina

Tune In For Login Bonuses

Login Bonuses (February 2022) / My Hero Ultra Impact

Claiming Login Bonuses is just about the last method of acquiring Stamina in MHUI (without resorting to exchanging Hero Gems for them or outright buying in-game purchases).

In total, Login Bonuses only give away pretty small amounts of Stamina compared to the other entries on this list – although they’re much less of a hassle to get.

After all, you don’t really need to do anything but log into the game to get Stamina.

Just note that with this method, you only get Stamina on specific days of the month – not daily.


Restore Your Stamina (Optional)

Restore Stamina Prompt / My Hero Ultra Impact

Restoring your Stamina will allow you to regain up to 150 Stamina per refill.

Doing this daily is purely optional, but is highly recommended when there’s a Campaign Reward ongoing in the Main Quests.

You can do this a whopping 35 times a day, though it’s recommended that you only do it 3 times per day if you’re purely F2P. Because the cost of restoring your Stamina will drastically increase every time you do it, specifically by increments of 3.

Hence why you should only stick to using 30 Hero Gems if possible.


P2P Pack Recommendation: 21-Day Stamina & Skip Tickets Course

21-Day Stamina and Skip Tickets Course Pack (Description) / My Hero Ultra Impact

If you don’t mind caving in and spending your hard-earned IRL money for MHUI Stamina, then the 21-Day Stamina and Skip Tickets Course Pack is the best in-game purchase to nab.

For the price of $4, this pack gives you a 21-day total of:

  • 3,150 Stamina
  • 210 Skip Tickets (which is 150 Stamina & 10 Skip Tickets per day)

That’s a lot of Stamina!

Its value diminishes a bit because the Skip Tickets you get are also very easy to farm on their own.

But it’s still the most cost-effective P2P item in the shop if you want more Stamina.

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