How To Increase BP in My Hero Ultra Impact

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You can increase all of your characters’ BP and make your overall account stronger by doing any the following:

  • Leveling Up Characters
  • Leveling Up Memory Cards
  • Limit Breaking Memory Cards
  • Unlocking Ability Boards
  • Awakening Characters
  • Unlocking EX Skills for Characters
  • Unlocking EX Skills for Memory Cards

Your BP is calculated as the figurative “sum” of your character’s stats (HP, Power & Speed).

It’s compounded when characters are put in a party together.

Oftentimes, BP is a clear-cut indication of whether or not you’ll be able to win against your opponents. It can even decide who attacks first both in PVP or PVE, so you have to increase it as much as you can!


Easiest Method: Leveling Up Characters

[Flashing Bolts] Denki Kaminari (Advanced Level Up) / My Hero Ultra Impact

Leveling your characters is by far one of the most straightforward methods of increasing a character’s BP.

You simply have to feed your Characters Level Up Bars till you hit max.

After doing it, you’re guaranteed to see a considerable rise in their BP.

Keep in mind that there’s also Advanced Level Up which raises a character’s max stats further — even if they are already at max level.

TIP: For the sake of efficiency, it is highly recommended that you use either Large or Medium Level Up Bars first when leveling up characters.

If you can get to max level using Large or Medium Bars, simply remove one of them and replace the deficit with Small Bars.

Also, try to visit and update the Gear Shop as often as you can to avail HP Flakes, Power Proteins, and Speed Jellies.

Updating at least until the update cost becomes 4,000 coins is recommended.


Leveling Up Memory Cards

The Three Musketeers (Memory Level Up) / My Hero Ultra Impact

Leveling Up your Memory Cards is the next best thing you can do to upgrade your Character’s BP and overall strength.

When fully leveled up, a Memory Card can even boost your character’s BP by up to 50% more than what it originally was!

Do note that the value that each Memory Card adds to your character’s stats varies widely, though the general rule of thumb is that UR-rarity Memory Cards provide the largest stat bonuses.

TIP: Simply picking the Memory Card that provides the most stat bonuses for your Characters is not advisable.

After all, you also have to keep in mind Character-type Bonuses and overall synergy when choosing Memory Cards to equip your Characters.

This is the reason why you should also consider maxing out tons of SR-rarity Memory Cards, as they often have decent and sometimes even fantastic built-in Auto Skills.


Limit Breaking Memory Cards

I Am Here in the Classroom! (Memory Limit Break) / My Hero Ultra Impact

Limit Breaking Memory Cards increases their maximum level, therefore allowing them to gain additional stat and BP bonuses.

Not only that, but it also enhances the Memory Card’s Auto Skill for every two levels they have been limit-broken.

You can use either duplicate Memory Cards or Limit Breakers to do this. It’s preferable if you save Limit Breakers for Memory Cards you use often as they’re incredibly rare — especially UR-rarity ones!

TIP: Sometimes it’s better not to limit break Memory Cards and just keep duplicates as individual copies to use.

After all, you can still equip duplicate Memory Cards to different Characters in your Party.

Doing this is highly recommended, especially during Events where equipping event-relevant cards gives you certain Event Bonuses.


Unlocking Ability Boards

[Number One] Katsuki Bakugo (Ability Board #8 - Complete) / My Hero Ultra Impact

Unlocking Ability Boards for your Characters is the most painstaking and time-consuming method of raising their BP – but on the other hand, it can also be the most rewarding.

In the Basic Route, you are expected to unlock each Node by farming materials in the Main Quest. Each Node stands for the stat bonuses you can get for your characters.

In the Piece Route, however, you need Character Pieces instead of normal materials in order to unlock bonuses ranging from Level Limit Boosts, Skill Unlocks, and Skill Boosts.

If you’d like to know how to get Character Pieces then we also have an article on that.

TIP: Try to take advantage of Item Drop Rate-ups whenever they come around. They drastically increase your material farming output, therefore lowering the Stamina required to unlock a Node.

While spending 30 Gems at most in refilling your Stamina is the standard for F2P players, going a bit further beyond may be acceptable when there are Item Drop Rate-ups present.

To mitigate overusing Stamina on farming, buying Ability Board materials from the Coin Shop or even time-limited Event Shops is also recommended.


Awakening Characters

[Certain Win] Katsuki Bakugo (Awaken Unlocked Screen) / My Hero Ultra Impact

Awakening Characters can be done by unlocking every Node up to Page #6 for UR Characters and Page #4 for SR Characters in their Ability Boards.

Awakening changes your Character’s portrait image and provides them a boost in overall stats.

It’s one of the features that’ll help push your BP a bit more if you’re already in the endgame.

This process requires Character Pieces and quite a lot of Coins to unlock, so definitely read through our guide on farming coins if you need to stack them up fast.

TIP: To conserve Materials and Gold, players should stop at unlocking the entirety of Page #6 of a Character’s Ability Board Page.

Going further than Awakening a Character can be costly — and perhaps too costly if you’re planning on upgrading a lot of characters in the long run.


Unlocking EX Skills for Characters

[Number One] Katsuki Bakugo (EX Skills) / My Hero Ultra Impact

EX Skills for Characters are the two extra Auto Skills that will apply either permanent or temporary buffs to your character during every battle.

It has two slots:

  • The Offense Slot boosts things like power, skill impact, or Plus Ultra Skill Damage
  • The Defense Slot boosts Defense, HP, and HP Regen

The bonus BP granted is random and depends on Auto Skills that you’ve acquired.

Using higher rarity Gadgets may provide you with better Skills, but it’s not guaranteed.

TIP: You should be quite selective on what character you spend your Super Gadgets on, since these are very rare and very expensive.

You needn’t worry too much though, as Normal and Intricate Gadgets are still very much viable if you manage to roll for the right Auto-skills

Keep in mind that you can also consume Character Pieces to give an EX Skill to a Character, though doing so is not recommended.

Instead, try to save the Pieces for Ability Board upgrades.


Unlocking EX Skills for Memory Cards

The Big Three of U.A. High (Memory Card EX Skill Unlock) / My Hero Ultra Impact

Much like EX Skills for Characters, the EX Skill for Memory Cards is an additional Auto-skill that applies buffs on your Character during battle.

The only difference between the two is that you can only equip 1 EX Skill per Memory Card, though the Auto-skill granted to the card can also range from permanent to temporary buffs

TIP: Remember that getting large BP bonuses isn’t the main goal here — it’s the good synergy between the EX Skills and the Characters themselves.

For example, you can get over +3,000 BP for an EX Skill that boosts Power by 30% for ABL-type characters, but it’s practically useless if it’s in a Memory Card meant for STR-types instead.

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