My Hero Ultra Impact Skill Chain Guide (Tips + Do’s & Don’ts)

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MHUI has several mechanics in place to make combat more engaging. The Skill Chain system is one of them.

Depending on the type of skill you’re chaining, you can use the Skill Chain system to clear mob waves easily, heal your teammates, or even mow down a boss’s HP by a lot in just one turn.

Using Skill Chains is quite simple, but there are a few things that any player should keep in mind if they want to use this mechanic more effectively.


What is Skill Chaining & Why Should You Do It?

Utilizing the Skill Chain system isn’t just optional — it’s necessary if you want to achieve your team’s maximum damage output per turn.

Not only that, but you can also charge up the Plus Ultra Gauge of your much faster if you successfully chain three skills together.

You can chain the skills of your characters by simply tapping/clicking the screen before each QTE (Quick Time Event) ends.


Skill Chain x1 (10% Damage Increase)

1st Skill Chain / My Hero Ultra Impact
1st Skill Chain

The first skill in the Skill Chain will have a 10% damage boost if executed successfully.

The best skills to use as the first skill in the chain are non-attack skills such as heals or team/self-buffs.


Skill Chain x2 (20% Damage Increase)

2nd Skill Chain / My Hero Ultra Impact
2nd Skill Chain

Next up, the second skill in the Skill Chain will have a 20% damage boost if executed successfully.

The best skills to use as the second skill in the Skill Chain are attack skills with debuff/buff effects with moderate damage.


Skill Chain x3 (30% Damage Increase)

3rd Skill Chain / My Hero Ultra Impact
3rd Skill Chain

Finally, the third skill in the Skill Chain will have a 30% damage boost if executed successfully.

Moreover, all of your characters will also get a 30% increase in their Plus Ultra Gauge meter.

The best skills to use as the third skill in the Skill Chain are single-target or AoE attack skills with high damage or freezing effects.


Skill Chaining: Do’s and Don’ts

3 Chain Finish / My Hero Ultra Impact
3 Chain Finish

When it comes to skill chaining, there are a few things you’ll have to keep doing to get better. Of course, there are some things you might like to avoid too!

Like I said before, it’s not that complicated. But knowing these things will surely help you improve your efficiency in battle and perhaps even let you defeat high-BP teams or bosses.


Do’s for Skill Chaining

  • Do try to wait for skills on cooldown if you have the opportunity to chain three skills next turn. Doing so will be much more efficient than just using one or two skills in a single turn.
  • Do practice your chaining in x3 speed mode. It’s pretty easy once you get used to it, plus it’ll make your clears much faster.
  • Do target a specific enemy before chaining your skills. If you don’t, your characters’ attacks will target a random enemy instead!

Don’ts for Skill Chaining

  • Don’t trust Skill Chains on Auto mode. You’ll have more flexibility if you chain your skills manually.
  • Don’t use skills with the Freeze debuff as anything but the 3rd skill on the Skill Chain. Attacking a frozen enemy will break them free, rendering the debuff practically useless.
  • Don’t attempt a Skill Chain if a character is about to use their Plus Ultra skill. There are exceptions, of course, but waiting until all three characters are available for a Skill Chain is likely more efficient than not.
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