Top 10 Best Armor Sets in Monster Hunter: World

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Monster Hunter has always been a franchise where your progression as a player depends on your equipment. This makes sense in a game centered around hunting majestic creatures for their parts.

Monster Hunter: World (MHW) is no different in this regard. If you want to be the best, you have to cover yourself in the scales, horns, claws, and fangs of the strongest monsters you can find.

You are what you hunt.

I’m sure that the upcoming MHW: Iceborne expansion will bring many newcomers and returning veterans to the shores of Hoarfrost Reach, the new landmass teeming with new challenges to overcome and monsters to hunt.

In order to help you be prepared and, therefore, minimize casualties in the exploration of this new land, I’ve put together a list including some of the best armor sets you can find in the game.

Most players pick and choose some parts from different sets to optimize their builds, but for those of you who favor aesthetics or just don’t want to break out a calculator each time you choose your gear, then my list will set you on the right path to monster hunting proficiency.

10. Commission Armor Sets

Commission MHW armor

I’m starting the list off with one of the safest choices for any hunter who doesn’t want to switch their armor around too much.

The Commission Alpha and Beta sets will offer you a high defense rating along with solid resistances to all the elements in the game.

They also have some useful utility skills such as “Stealth,” to help you sneak around monsters, and “Wide Range,” which extends the effects of certain items to your teammates.

Donning all the pieces of either armor set will activate the bonus skill “Commission Guidance,” which allows you to carve the remains of any monster one additional time.

Truly a nice, all-around option if you don’t mind looking like some NPC grunt.


9. Uragaan Alpha Set

Uragaan armor set in MHW

I’ll follow up with the very definition of tank armor.

Although this high-fantasy version of the Hulkbuster doesn’t offer as high of a base defense value as you’d expect, it allows you to guard through otherwise unavoidable attacks thanks to its “Uragaan Protection” bonus skill.

It also comes with some levels of the “Guard” skill built-in to further improve your use of shields and a very high fire resistance, which is very desirable against most of the game’s higher-level monsters.

These are two of the best options to pair with the Lance and Gunlance.

I recommend the Uragaan Beta version, which trades some skills for decoration slots, making it more customizable.


8. Teostra Alpha/Beta/Gamma Sets

Teostra MHW armor set

These sets are a great choice for players who are good at targeting weak spots.

The Teostra sets come with a “Weakness Exploit” built-in, which will increase affinity, and therefore critical hits, when hitting weak spots.

This is marvelously complemented by the armor’s bonus skill “Teostra Technique” which prevents your weapon from losing sharpness on critical hits. It also offers a high Defense rating and, like the Uragaan sets, nice resistance to fire damage.

If you can get your hands on the Gamma version of the set, then I highly recommend it. In addition to a higher defense value, it does away with some of the least useful skills in favor of “Critical Eye,” which increases affinity in general, and has plenty more decoration slots for further customization.


7. Kirin Armor Sets

Kirin MHW armor

In addition to easily being the sexiest armor available for both genders, the Kirin set has plenty of things going for it if you like to bring the thunder.

All versions of this armor have the “Free Element” and “Thunder Attack” skills, which are great if you have a weapon with hidden thunder damage. It also has the “Marathon Runner” skill, which makes you spend less stamina when performing certain actions in combat.

Its bonus skill, “Kirin Favor,” will allow you to obtain more rewards for capturing monsters than you normally would; so killing all those unicorns to make the armor will, at least, reduce further damage on the New World’s fauna.

On the downside, this armor has an important lack of versatility, and its negative fire resistance makes it complicated to use on most endgame bosses. Still, I couldn’t possibly make a list without such an iconic look.


6. Diablos Nero Alpha/Beta Sets

Diablos Nero MHW armor

Next up on the list I have a unique armor in comparison to the rest of the sets.

Where most sets will focus on keeping you healthy and your weapons sharp, the Diablos encourages an aggressive, reckless playstyle.

It integrates the “Resentment” skill, which makes you stronger when you have recoverable damage, and its bonus skill “Diablos Mastery” will have you dealing more damage the more sharpness your weapon loses.

Few things are more intimidating than a horned madman running at you with a blunt sword.

This set also offers a decent defense rating and high fire resistance, which makes it viable against many high-level monsters. It’s best paired with something like a Great Sword with no elemental damage, as “Diablos Mastery” also empowers such weapons.


5. Vaal Hazak Alpha/Beta/Gamma Sets

Vaal Hazak armor sets

Hands down the most badass-looking suit available to MHW players.

This armor is pretty straightforward: It’s meant to keep you alive for a long, long time. Not only does it have a high Defense rating, but the bonus skill “Vaal Hazak Vitality” will let you slowly recover Health until fully replenished.

That coupled with the “Recovery Speed” skill and plenty of decoration slots will let you build an almost immortal character, provided you can dodge or block the most damaging attacks.

As if to balance out such potential, the armor is regrettably weak against fire and dragon damage, which keeps it from being as viable against most high-level bosses.

It’s still incredibly powerful against enemies such as Deviljho or Lunastra, and if you manage to mount a Kirin, you’ll easily be mistaken for one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.


4. Odogaron Alpha/Beta Sets

Odogaron MHW armor

If you liked the Teostra set, then this one will definitely pique your interest, as it’s also focused on sharpness and critical hits.

The Odogaron armor seems heavily influenced by Japanese folklore.

On the aesthetic side it looks somewhat like a samurai wearing an Oni mask to intimidate his foes, and the skills on this set would definitely match such a character.

The Odogaron armor’s bonus skill “Odogaron Mastery” adds a stun effect to your draw strikes, which is complemented well by the integrated “Quick Sheath” skill.

It also keeps your weapon from losing sharpness for a full minute after sharpening, which is a great matchup with the “Speed Sharpening” skill.

What truly makes those bonuses worth it is the “Critical Eye” skill, which will have you landing critical hits left and right.

I recommend this for samurai-lovers and anyone who values a sharp edge on their weapons but hates pausing the action every few hits to sharpen their blade.


3. Nergigante Alpha/Beta/Gamma Set

Nergigante armor sets mhw

This armor is more than just protective gear – it’s a badge of honor and a reminder of your triumph over the forces of strife and destruction that Nergigante represents.

This absolute beast of an armor set is excellent for maximizing DPS with skills like “Agitator,” “Maximum Might,” and “Attack Boost,” while still keeping you safe and sound with its great defense rating and “Nergigante Hunger” bonus skill, which regenerates your health as long as you’re beating something up.

The best version of this armor is definitely Gamma, which has considerably higher defense, but because that’s only acquirable during events, you can always take Beta for increased decoration slots.


2. Xeno’jiiva Alpha/Beta/Gamma Set

Xeno’jiiva armor set mhw

Second place on my list is occupied by an otherworldly piece of equipment.

Indeed, anyone clad in this armor will look like a mystical being descended from the heavens to bring order to this savage land.

To achieve such an end, you have the “Xeno’jiiva Divinity” bonus skill, which will keep your weapons sharp 50% longer, and “Critical Boost,” which will make your precise strikes eat through the enemy’s health in a flash.

This set will also give you a very high defense rating, keep you from flinching with the “Flinch Free” skill, and protect you against any kind of blight that could interfere with your onslaught with “Blight Resistance.”

You only have to worry about landing those critical hits… and maybe avoiding dragon and fire damage, if you can.


1. Drachen Alpha Set

Drachen Alpha MHW armor set

This shiny and slick suit of armor made from the remains of countless Behemoths is one of the coolest-looking armors I’ve seen in the Monster Hunter franchise. Luckily, it’s also really powerful, with a very high defense rating and 7 decoration slots for your customizing needs.

The Drachen Alpha set has the “Critical Eye” and “Critical Boost” skills, which both increase the likelihood of landing critical hits and heightens their damage output.

Along with those, this armor’s bonus skill “Soul of the Dragoon” will keep your weapons from losing sharpness when landing critical hits.

“Soul of the Dragoon” also has a second effect, which increases elemental damage on airborne attacks.

It’s the only way to get this bonus in the game, which makes this armor a must for those who favor the Insect Glaive and want to pack more of a punch as well as anyone looking to critical hit their way to monster hunting supremacy.

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