Top 20 Best Lances in Monster Hunter: World

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There was once a time in RPGs when tanks on your team were supposed to be big, slow punching bags meant to take a beating and let others do the hard work.

Well, not anymore.

In Monster Hunter: World, tanking means to block, counter, and position yourself with millimeter precision to land devastating combos to the weak spots.

That is, if you’re tanking with a Lance weapon.

The Lance is a favorite among MHW players for obvious reasons. Its playstyle puts you right in the middle of the action where every move must be perfectly timed.

Where others roll away to safety, you side-step and continue the onslaught.

Where others sit down to heal, you dash in pursuit of the enemy.

Where others see danger, you see an opportunity to land a counter thrust. The Lance is a weapon for those with nerves of steel.

In honor of you valiant lancers I’ve put together a ranking curating 20 of the best lances in the game so far. Everyone has their favorites, and looking over all the options these are my picks.


20. Thunderpiercer

Thunderpiercer MHW

The first item in the list is your very sharp, very dangerous hunting trophy for having bested Kirin in battle.

This weapon may not be the strongest in terms of raw damage. But it deals really high Thunder damage and has a small affinity boost to help with critical hits.

A great option if you want to bring the thunder or just want something that looks good with your Kirin cosplay/armor.


19. Legiana Halberd II

Legiana Halberd II MHW

Legiana is one of the most majestic lifeforms to be found on the New World, and this lance really captures the spirit of the icy wyvern.

With its characteristic wing patterns on both your shield and lance you’ll be downing enemies in style.

This weapon has a decent ATK value and Ice elemental damage, which will be especially useful against foes like Diablos or Odogaron.

Its white sharpness without needing to get the Handicraft skill is the icing on the cake.


18. Datura Pike III

Datura Pike III MHW

Many Pukei-Pukei were harmed in the creation of this tribal-looking feathered lance.

This poisonous weapon is recommendable for solo players who prefer playing it safe and hunting calmly instead of risking life and limb to speedrun their fights.

Its very high Poison damage will let you poison enemies like Barroth or Kushala Daora with ease, both of which who have a weakness to it… and you can land poison status several times in a fight.

This lance also has a couple decoration slots you can use to boost your damage or just add the Guard skill. Just to give it a little extra oomph.


17. Lightning Spire III

Lightning Spire III MHW

This plain-looking weapon is a direct competitor to the Thunderpiercer for the spot of best Thunder element lance. And much to some arguments from fans, I think it comes out on top.

Although the Kirin lance deals more Thunder damage, this lance deals considerably more raw damage than its rival.

Plus it is able to reach white sharpness with the Handicraft skill and even has a decoration slot so you can add whatever you need.

Sometimes you must sacrifice style if you want to reach the top.


16. Gama Pilebunker II

Gama Pilebunker II MHW

A somewhat more aesthetically appealing option is the Gama Pilebunker II, a lance and shield covered in the scales of the Dodogama monster.

Mimicking the rock-eating creature’s explosive potential, this weapon dishes out a nice Blast damage to make up for its less-than-stellar ATK. And it has two decoration slots you can use to power it up further. Two is always better than one!

All of this and the possibility to reach white sharpness makes it a great option for those who still can’t forge the higher-level lances quite yet.


15. Daora’s Fang

Daora’s Fang MHW

This slim classy lance is the first entry derived from an Elder Dragon… in this case, the Dragon of Steel Kushala Daora.

Along with its nice raw damage output, it’s the only entry in the list with unlocked Ice damage.

This can be useful against several strong monsters such as Odogaron, Teostra, and even Diablos.

However what really places the Daora’s Fang above the previous five is its 10% affinity bonus, along with a decoration slot to further improve it.

A great option if you put its Ice elemental damage to good use.


14. Sapphire Star Lance

Sapphire Star Lance MHW

This is one of the most uniquely designed lances in the game which earned it a place among other greats.

With the banner of the First Fleet on one hand and a steering wheel strapped to the other, you’ll inspire your companions as you charge into battle in the name of research.

It has a very nice ATK value and the ability to inflict paralysis on your prey, one of the most useful ailments available for serious hunters.

Overall a great option for those who know how to profit from the Paralysis ailment or just really, really like the Research Commission.


13. Elder Babel Spear

Elder Babel Spear MHW

Here’s the first entry in the big leagues of damage output: the Elder Babel Spear.

While it can’t reach white sharpness, even with the Handicraft skill, this lance has a very high ATK value and can make use of the Elementless to give it a sizeable boost.

If that’s not enough for you then you can also add a large decoration to make this tower of a lance into a solid option for any hunt. Bottom line this sucker can leave a mark.


12. Barroth Stinger III

Barroth Stinger III MHW

A very interesting two-pronged lance accompanied by a shield that really captures the feel of the monster it’s made out of.

This is one of the most all-around options for a lancer.

Not only does it have a high raw damage output and access to Elementless, it also allows for two decorations and brings with it a small defense boost that not many others can offer.

Instead of Elementless you could also opt to unlock and make use of its high Paralysis damage, but there are better options if Paralysis is what you desire.


11. Xeno Zauta

Xeno Zauta MHW

Xeno’jiiva weapons and armor have a tendency to look alien. Much like the Elder Dragon they come from.

But the Xeno Zauta has a regal feel to it that really sets it apart from the rest.

This frilly lance doesn’t have the highest raw damage on the list by a long shot. But it deals a good chunk of Dragon elemental damage and has both a small affinity boost and white sharpness by default, which is invaluable for precise lancers looking to pierce through weak spots.

In addition to this it also has low level Elderseal, which is always useful, and two large decoration slots that can be useful if you have the right materials.


10. Bazel Myniad Rookslayer

Bazel Myniad Rookslayer MHW

The look on this weapon is nothing out of the ordinary.

But the scaly texture and color palette really capture the essence of the Bazelgeuse.

As expected of a weapon derived from such a dangerous predator, this lance has a stellar raw damage output.

Not only that, it also offers the highest unlocked Blast damage among the lances on this list. Which can be a godsend against Kushala Daora or simply to farm for parts.

You’ll need to build Handicraft to achieve white sharpness and find a way to compensate its 10% negative affinity. But once you do you’ll find yourself dismantling monsters like Ikea furniture.


9. Blue Prominence

Blue Prominence MHW

Weapons in Monster Hunter: World are pretty varied when it comes to design. And this spiky, blue lance is a proof of it.

It’s not elegant and it’s not “cool”.

It’s just a lance, made from monster parts, with a lot of spikes.

In a way, it’s reminiscent of old-school weapon design for RPGs in general.

This straightforward lance will deal both great raw damage and Fire damage, which makes it a nice option against Vaal Hazak and Kirin.

What puts it so high on the list is its amazing 20% affinity bonus, only surpassed by the crème de la crème among lances.

Along with a small decoration slot, this weapon will let you create some amazing builds.


8. Love’s Sorrow

Love’s Sorrow MHW

The Vaal Hazak lance may not be the strongest in the game. But many players choose it because of its amazing design.

It’s long and slender, much like the Elder Dragon it comes from, and really captures its sense of dignified decay.

Its raw damage is among the highest and it can reach white sharpness, which along with stellar Dragon damage and an average level Elderseal makes it a must-have if you’re planning on hunting Elder Dragons.


7. Perdition’s Hand

Perdition’s Hand MHW

This lance walks a very thin line between being incredibly badass or just ridiculous. But one way or another, it’s intimidating.

This hand-with-a-handle has magnificent base raw damage and some Dragon damage to go with it, along with a high level Elderseal befitting a weapon derived from the Eater of Elders.

It will never reach white sharpness but the blue sharpness on it will last much longer than normal.

Forgetting about Handicraft allows for great flexibility in your build, making this a very versatile weapon for any hunter.


6. Kjarr Crest Paralysis

Truth be told, it was a challenge to not turn this list into “Top Kulve Taroth Lances in MHW”.

The Taroth Crest and Kjarr Crest series includes several amazing lances with different effects and elemental damages for whatever needs you may have.

In the end, I decided to only include a few of them. Only those that really stood out.

The Kjarr Crest Paralysis does so with a high Paralysis damage which requires no unlocking, and a built in Critical Status skill which makes it even more likely to succeed in paralyzing your enemies.

To make sure you land those critical hits you’d ideally get Handicraft to reach white sharpness, and the 10% bonus affinity on the weapon will take care of the rest.

It may be a bit lacking on the damage side. But a good team will know how to make up for it while your prey lies immobilized. This is my favorite lance for inflicting status ailments too.


5. Kjarr Crest Water

Among the Kjarr Crest series, the Water version stands out due to its high raw damage along with solid Water damage without needing to unlock it.

This, along with other Kjarr Crest staples such as Critical Element and 10% affinity bonus, makes it a reliable option for most hunters.

It’s also the only weapon on the list with the possibility of dealing water damage. So that’s something to consider if water is important for your next hunt.


4. Empress Lance Styx

Empress Lance Styx in MHW

For a long time this was considered without a doubt to be the best lance in the game.

Some still consider it so.

It’s a shame, however, that it doesn’t have a unique design. This Lance is basically the Xeno Zauta with a paintjob. Well, at least it looks just as cool.

What makes this Lance such a fine weapon isn’t its high ATK value orits Blast damage output. It isn’t even its two large decoration slots!

No, what makes it truly stand out from the rest is the Razor Sharp skill that comes built into the weapon, along with its default white sharpness. That’s huge.

You’ll never drop down to blue sharpness!

With the right build this weapon will make you unstoppable.


3. Garon Dhara II

Garon Dhara II mhw

Like the previous lance, this weapon is all about being sharp.

This twirly-looking instrument of destruction has a white sharpness bar by default and comes with an insane 30% affinity boost to help you land critical hits when you need it.

Sharpness and affinity taken care of, you can worry about other things in your build with other equipment.

That makes this a really versatile choice for those who like experimenting or just have a build for every hunt.


2. Fiendish Tower

Fiendish Tower MHW

This badass-looking weapon puts the strength of the Deviljho in your hands.

It has by far the highest raw damage output among the Lances and some very high Dragon damage to boot.

It can even reach white sharpness with Handicraft(but no default here, sorry).

Add in its high level Elderseal and you’ll go from poking small monsters to literally drilling into Elder Dragons (because yes, it spins).

This one may have been my choice for best lance if it didn’t have a 25% affinity reduction like most Deviljho weapons.

Take care of that though, and you’ll have yourself a weapon just as powerful as it looks.


1. Taroth Crest Claw

Taroth Crest Claw MHW

The number one spot here goes to, you guessed it, one of the Kulve Taroth weapons.

This Lance doesn’t only look like a Garon Dhara with golden accents, it’s also basically an improved version of that lance.

It has a higher base damage output while retaining access to the Elementless skill.

It can also reach white sharpness and it has the same insane 30% affinity bonus. On top of that, it also provides a moderate boost to your defense. How cool is that?

Regrettably this weapon is only obtainable during the Arch-Tempered Kulve Taroth siege events. So you’ll have to wait until that comes around again to get it.

Until then you’ve got the entire rest of this list to play around with.

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