The 10 Best Ranged Weapons in Monster Hunter: World

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Among the things that set Monster Hunter: World apart from lesser games of its kind is the big difference in playstyles for each of the 14 weapon types.

This difference is most notable on its ranged weapons like Bows and Bowguns, which turn a hack and slash hunting game into a third person shooter in the blink of an eye.

Ranged weapons are among the most complex and nuanced of them all, forcing the hunter to take several factors into account when choosing the right tool for the job.

Effective range, ammunition types, coatings, modifications… the list goes on!

I thought it’d be a good idea to at least turn attention to some of the most popular and powerful options in preparation for the release of MHW: Iceborne.

For those just getting into the game as well as long-time players wanting to make the jump from melee to ranged, I’ve compiled a top 10 list to give you a general idea of what you can expect and build towards.

10. Empress Cannon Styx HBG

Empress cannon styx mhw

The Empress Cannon Styx is probably the best option to use with Pierce ammo, although it supports other useful types such as Cluster and even Sleep ammo.

It offers high raw damage, coupled with a 10% affinity bonus to help this precise HBG land critical hits.

Its special ammo type is Wyvernsnipe which is useful against the same monsters as normal Pierce ammo.

That is, those with long bodies the bullet can travel through to deal maximum damage, such as Xeno’jiiva.


9. Anja Arch III Bow

Anja Arch 3 bow mhw

The thing with bows in MHW is that they’re best when you’re putting their elemental damage to good use.

Because of this, rather than an overall best bow, you need to choose a good bow for each hunt.

The Anja Arch III is my choice for best Fire damage bow.

This primitive-looking weapon deals decent raw damage and amazing Fire damage with its Power and Blast arrow coatings.

It’s also very easy to craft! A great option if you want to tackle Kirin or Vaal Hazak.


8. Karma LBG

Karma LBG monster hunter world

This Light Bowgun made from Odogaron parts is as easy to use as it is to craft, which earns it a spot on this list.

It can rapid fire Normal Ammo 2 which can deal amazing damage, while also having access to Paralysis and Sleep ailment ammunition. Both great on an LBG.

It also has a 30% affinity boost to help you land critical hits which is excellent for a build with Critical Status that makes the best of those ailment ammunition options.

In addition it’s among the coolest-looking LBGs in the game!


7. Griffon Blazooka HBG

Griffon Blazooka MHW weapon

This powerful Heavy Bowgun, as you may have noticed from the horns, is made from the Black Diablos monster. And it really does justice to the dangerous beast.

It has really high raw damage which in theory should be balanced out by its negative 20% affinity.

The thing is, the main ammo type you’ll be using with this HBG is Wyvernsnipe; an explosive ammo type unaffected by affinity.

This weapon is hands down overpowered if you know how to line up your shots. Start practicing!


6. Legia Snowfletcher Bow

Legia Snowfletcher Bow MHW

The Legia Snowfletcher is, by far, the most stylish bow on the list.

It’s like Legiana was only put in the game so you could cut off its wings and use them to make this beautiful hunting tool.

That said, it’s much more than just a pretty face. It’s also my choice for the best Ice element bow. Partly because of its insane unlocked Ice damage and access to both Sleep and Poison arrow coatings, and because of how easy it is to craft.

I recommend it against Diablos, Odogaron, Lunastra, and most importantly, Kulve Taroth. Get farming, hunters!


5. Taroth Blitz Shot LBG

Taroth Blitz MHW bow

Once you’ve farmed enoughyou might get access to the 5th item on our list.

The Taroth Blitz Shot is for all intents and purposes the improved version of the Karma LBG.

Although it has a negative 10% affinity that you’ll have to deal with, it also has considerably better base raw damage and the possibility to build Elementless/Ammo Up for it, therefore achieving the highest DPS available on a LBG.

On top of that it has a large decoration slot for further customizations.

Amazing weapon if the gods of RNG decide to grant you the drop.


4. Taroth Assault Glutton HBG

Taroth Assault MHW

If they don’t, perhaps they’ll be nice enough to let you get this one.

The Taroth Assault Glutton is designed to connect with the primal, sub-conscious part of our brain that still wants to own noobs in Call of Duty.

It’s literally a gold plated shotgun sure to make you remember the good old days!

Although it has access to Wyvernsnipe and a 10% affinity boost, I really recommend it for its great damage and large Spread 3 ammo clip size. With it you’ll turn Nergigante into Swiss cheese.


3. Dragonbone Bow III

Dragonbone Bow MHW

My choice for the best bow in the game is this menacing yet precise-looking weapon, custom-made to hunt Elder Dragons with its low-level Elderseal and stellar Dragon elemental damage.

It’s especially useful in a multiplayer setting where you and your teammates can go all out and truly take advantage its Paralysis and Sleep arrow coatings.

It even has a couple small decoration slots to help you achieve your ideal build. Pretty cool!


2. Empress Shell Styx LBG

Empress Shell MHW weapon

This majestic-looking weapon ranks for best LBG in MHW.

For starters it has stellar raw damage, a 10% affinity boost and two decoration slots to go with it.

It also has access to an array of diverse ammo types such as Thunder, Water, Slice and even Sleep ammo, which makes it a very versatile gun and one you’ll consider taking on every hunt.

What really sets it apart from the chaff, however, is that it comes with the essential Spare Shot skill already built into it.

This LBG will be an asset for any gunner no matter what your objectives are.


1. Dark Devourer HBG

Dark Devourer HBG weapon

This Deviljho weapon may not only be the most powerful HBG in the game, but possibly the most broken weapon overall.

It’s so good, pro-players stopped using it because it trivialized hunting.

Although it has 35% negative affinity, which would normally force you to compensate with your build, you can bypass it by only using explosive ammo such as Cluster or Sticky, allowing you to focus on maximizing damage.

You can solo anything in the New World with this thing, no doubt.

Just make sure you remember to equip it with recoil mods or you’ll never land more than one shot!

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