Best Adidas Minecraft Skins: The Ultimate Collection

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You’re bound to see Adidas’ unmistakable 3-stripe logo anywhere you go.

What started as a humble shoe brand in the wash kitchen of founder Adi Dassler in Bavaria, Germany has become one of the biggest cultural forces in recent memory.

Going beyond the world of sports where it originated, it has infiltrated the fashion and music industries with big-name collaborators/endorsers like Alexander Wang and Kanye West

Its influence is so widespread that it even found its way into Minecraft’s pixelated world.


1. Rainbow Adidas Boy (1)

Rainbow Adidas Boy (1) Minecraft Skin

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The great thing about Adidas’ simplistic logo is that you can customize it almost any way you like.

It’s like a blank canvas that can be colored and styled into something brand new while still retaining the distinctive Adidas identity.

This Rainbow Adidas Boy skin may make you look like a walking bull’s eye for hostile mobs in the dark, but at least you’ll look glowing in neon while you die.


2. Rainbow Adidas Boy (2)

Rainbow Adidas Boy (2) Skin For Minecraft

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If the first Rainbow Adidas Boy skin is too attention-grabbing for you, here’s a more low-key version of it.

As a more traditional counterpart, it has the black Adidas logo at the back contrasting nicely with plain white.

Of course, there’s also the stripes running down the sleeves and pant legs.

The neon rainbow pattern at the bottom of the hoodie is what sets this apart. But at least it’ll give you a better chance of running away from Creepers unscathed.


3. Adidas Boi Glitched

Adidas Boi Glitched Minecraft Skin

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Minecraft’s old-school pixelated look may not be for everyone, but it has an undeniable charm that has won over millions of fans across the globe.

In line with that unique aesthetic, skin creator KathyKate designed a glitched up Adidas boy.

The dark colors give it a mysterious vibe, and with that black-and-purple Adidas hoodie, it looks like the evil twin of every fuccboi you know.


4. Adidas Skater Boy

Adidas Skater Boy Skin For Minecraft

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Vans may have perfected the skate shoe, but that doesn’t mean Adidas can’t make a solid pair.

They’ve gained the approval of skaterboarders everywhere through innovative collaborations with the likes of Dennis Busenitz and Nora Vasconcellos.

The shoes on this skin may not be completely visible, but it at least has other skating essentials like a hoodie, a backyards cap, and ripped jeans!


5. Adidas Camouflage

Adidas Camouflage Minecraft Skin

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Camo is one of the most confusing fashion trends ever, but I get it.

It’s used mainly in the military, and it shouldn’t work for casual outfits, but somehow it does.

This camouflage-themed skin may not help you much in blending in with the surroundings because of the stark white pants, stripes, and logo… but at least you’ll look stylish while you mine for blocks.


6. Instagram Dude

Instagram Dude Skin For Minecraft

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If you have an obsession for both Adidas and Instagram, this skin is for you!

It’s definitely not the most obvious pairing, because who would ever think to make an Adidas-themed skin with Instagram colors?

Despite my confusion, the odd matching was worth the risk thanks to Instagram’s cheery color palette complementing the white Adidas logo.


7. Pink Adidas Hoodie

Pink Adidas Hoodie Minecraft Skin

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There’s nothing more comforting than being wrapped in a large and cozy hoodie.

I wear mine even when it’s way too hot out, just because of how good it feels.

If I lived in the Minecraft Universe (which can get extremely cold, I bet) I’d definitely wear this pink hoodie and never take it off.


8. Adidas Girl

Adidas Girl Skin For Minecraft

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This looks like a typical female skin at first glance.

But it becomes more interesting once you notice the details.

There’s the tastefully mismatched shoes and socks to stay consistent with the dual hair colors.

And then there’s the rip on the shoulder of the Adidas puffy jacket, which raises a lot of questions. Was it the result of an accident or is it some kind of fashion statement?

Whatever the answer is, Fennu did an incredible job with this skin.


9. Aqua Girl

Aqua Girl Minecraft Skin

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Just like planet Earth, the world of Minecraft is made up of a ton of water – more than you can imagine, probably.

Surprisingly though, water wasn’t always a part of the vast Minecraft landscape. This feature was only added a few days after its public release.

The reason why it was only added later is anyone’s guess… but the important thing is we have it now.

And we can celebrate that fact with IntoTheUnknown’s wonderful skin.


10. Adidas Tracksuit

Adidas Tracksuit Skin For Minecraft

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Tracksuits are a lazy dresser’s dream.

They’re comfy, you can put them on for almost any occasion, and they’re easy to pair with almost anything. They’re basically pajamas for the outdoors.

How wonderful is it, then, that it became so trendy?

Slack off in style with this Adidas tracksuit, courtesy of creator Lm2TrapPy.


11. Flannel Jacket Adidas Girl

Flannel Jacket Adidas Girl Minecraft Skin

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Flannel became a huge part of the 90s, along with Doc Martens and ripped jeans.

And it’s all thanks to the grunge movement.

Even when grunge music turned into this current generation’s dad rock, the look popularized by the likes of Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder lived on.

If you’re not old enough to know those two guys I just mentioned, don’t worry. You can still wear this grunge-inspired Adidas flannel jacket skin by ShAmPo0o.


12. Autumn Player Girl

Autumn Player Girl Skin For Minecraft

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There’s no wonder why many people consider Autumn to be their favorite season, me included.

It’s when the leaves turn into a beautiful red and orange color and the weather becomes much cooler.

On top of that, Autumn is the time for Halloween, which is my personal Christmas.

It can’t be Autumn all-year-round. But at least I can pretend it is through Minecraft with this skin by BassHeroSDGR305DX.


13. Juice WRLD

Juice WRLD Minecraft Skin

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Despite Juice WRLD’s tragically brief life, he was able to contribute so much to the world of hip hop.

After the release of his posthumous albums, it was clear that he still had so much to offer.

To celebrate his talent and his art, fan and Minecraft skin creator JuceWrld made this skin of the late great rapper wearing Adidas.


14. Bape X Adidas Track Jacket

Bape X Adidas Track Jacket Skin For Minecraft

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Back in 2016, Bape teamed up with Adidas to release a number of pieces that made hypebeasts everywhere froth at the mouth.

One of the products of this collaboration is a camo track jacket, which blends the identities of the two brands perfectly.

It costs a fortune now, but you can get it for free with this MC skin.


15. Adidas Queen

Adidas Queen Minecraft Skin

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Last but not least is this Adidas Queen skin by BeautifulRemarks.

I have no idea why anyone would wear a crown with an Adidas jacket, but this is Minecraft where anything goes.

Wear Adidas and be a queen. Wear whatever you want. The world is your oyster.

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