The Best Minecraft Alien Skins To Download (All Free)

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Since the dawn of time, humanity has faced questions larger than itself:

What is the meaning of life?

Are we alone in the universe?

And what are some of the better alien-themed Minecraft skins to use?

Unfortunately, life is bigger and more complex than I can explain. Certainly here anyways.

But those 2nd and 3rd questions? We might have an answer.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an X-Files nerd, a tin-foil lover, or a flat-out disbeliever.

With these alien skins you’ll know once and for all that we aren’t the only ones out there in the Minecraft world.


1. The Classic Alien

Green Classic Alien Design / Minecraft Skin

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This skin is brought to you by creator WiseTime, and it’s as classic an alien as they come.

It features a shiny bald head, a green-shaded body, and bulbous black eyes that protrude out of the head.

Seeing as Minecraft doesn’t permit skins to be half the default size with tiny arms, this skin is as platonically perfect an alien as they come.


2. Marvin the Martian

Looney Tunes Marvin the Martian / Minecraft Skin

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For fans of original Looney Tunes and Space Jams alike, this skin by creator oP0lar is perfect to try out.

Clad in the iconic shade of red with a green helmet and skirt, this pixelated rendition of Marvin the Martian will have you itching to blow up Earth with your Illudium Pu-36 Explosive Space Modulator (or dynamite, whichever works).


3. The Xenomorph

Xenomorph Dark Alien / Minecraft Skin

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When I say, “alien,” one of two things probably comes to mind:

If images of short green creatures in sky-bound saucers don’t fill your brain, then this skin probably does.

While Minecraft’s blocky textures can’t replicate H.R. Giger’s timeless design, you can still don the visage of one of sci-fi’s most iconic creatures.

Arm yourself with some splash potions of harming in place of acid spit, and get ready to cause your server a spaceship Nostromo’s worth of trouble.

Or get back to mining for diamonds.

You choose how to live your Xenomorphic life!


4. Purple Alien

Purple Alien Character / Minecraft Skin

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For those who are looking for an alien skin with a twist, elusive’s Purple Alien may fit the bill.

This design has the same prototypical big eyes and shiny bald head, but tosses out the drab green and gray for a radiant array of purples.

You’ll be spotted coming from chunks away.

But isn’t that the point?

Put on this alien skin and make first contact with your server.

You can come in peace or come armed, demanding to speak to their leader.

Either way, you’ll look vibrant in your deep-space purples, with your starting wooden pick in hand.


5. Gir (Invader Zim)

Gir from Invader Zim / Minecraft Skin

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Skin creator Zimphony presents the perfect disguise to trick foolish humans with this Gir design, re-created right from Invader Zim.

You can put on the lovable hyperactive robot’s disguise, equipped with protruding ears and sticking-out tongue, to hide your true identity as a cyborg in the employ of Zim.

Whether you’re looking to pair up with a friend in a Zim skin, or just munch down any foods you can find, this Gir (in disguise) provides the perfect opportunity.


6. The Grey

Simple Grey Alien / Minecraft Skin

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If you’re an alien encounter history buff and want to be true to Roswell form, then this skin by veteran creator halucid is worth a look.

The subtle highlights on this skin provide an impressive gray silhouette to an otherwise monotone body.

Those details combine with a texturally elongated head and massive purple eyes, all to give this skin the actual proportions to Roswell aliens (purportedly).

Halucid’s skin is a feat of a creation.

And it’s one alien skin I could not recommend enough.


7. The Plant

Plant From Little Shop of Horrors / Minecraft Skin

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For musical, movie, and just plain cool skin lovers alike, this Little Shop of Horrors-based Plant skin should do just the trick.

The eyeless-faced, toothy-mawed grin of this skin is equal parts terrifying and awesome.

Add onto that a deep green body with a half-vine, half-bone structure, and you’ve found yourself a singularly cool skin.

For the full LSoH effect, be sure to shift-click in a clay pot and get friends on your server to feed you.

However, if stationary living isn’t your speed, use those Notch-given Minecraft legs you’ve grown to spread beyond your potted domain and take all the food your realm has to offer.


8. Toy Story Alien

Toy Story Alien Character / Minecraft Skin

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For all of us who grew up on Pixar and Minecraft, it’s time to mesh the two together with this LGM Alien skin by NLCast.

You can practice your best Little Green Men impression from Toy Story, alone or with your friends, just by downloading this skin and spamming your server with “The Claw!”

Well, maybe don’t do that. You don’t wanna get banned.

But you can still “oooh” and “aaah” to your heart’s content with this loveable triple-eyed skin.


9. Alien Cyborg

Green Alien Cyborg / Minecraft Skin

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As rare as extraterrestrial sightings may be, extraterrestrial cyborg sightings would certainly put those to shame.

Be the first of your alien kind to dive into your Realms with this extraordinary skin by Biscutlord.

Put a pale-white, almost translucent exoskeleton over the remnants of a green alien body beneath, and you’re left with a skin so remarkably well-made and textured that you’re sure to be the first encounter of the third kind in your Realm.


10. Galaxy Ghost

Dark Galaxy Ghost / Minecraft Skin

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I’m rounding out this list with a controversial entry.

But it’s a darn good skin worth checking out, designed by GanTa1.

The Galaxy Ghost may be alien, but it might not be.

Its origins are as unknown and mysterious as those of our very own universe.

Regardless, the skin looks absolutely amazing.

You get half ashen-gray robe with hollowed face, half starburst blues and whites against intergalactic deep purples.

This skin is the ultimate answer to “what lies beyond.”

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