Best Angel-Themed Minecraft Skins (All Free To Download)

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I was browsing through Minecraft skins the other day when I realized I’d seen about a million e-boy skins that all had some kind of edgy influence.

I’ve seen dozens of demon horns, devil tails, etc. But I feel like there’s been a huge lack of different aesthetics. Where are all my angel counterparts?

Sure, the pure white/do-good aesthetic that people associate with angels isn’t as cool as evil demons. But angels are way more versatile.

They could be cute or terrifying, and anything in between.


1. Ghostly White

Ghostly White Angel Minecraft Skin

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This first skin is a great example of what angels could be.

Angels don’t have to be smooth-skinned folks with wings dressed in white. Angels can be ghostly creatures that are terrifying to see.

Go spook some friends with this god-fearing skin on your next server.


2. Angel E-girl

Angel E-girl Skin For Minecraft

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While I’m harping on angel aesthetics, I admit, they can look pretty good.

Creator daisEeEe’s angel e-girl is a prime example of how a monochromatic white outfit can look beyond good. I know a dozen people who would kill to have this look, and I can’t argue with them.

Sometimes, the all-white look is exaltant.


3. Among Us Angel

Among Us Angel Minecraft Skin

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Oh boy, now we’re getting into the Minecraft community that I know and love.

While Among Us may no longer be the primetime streaming game, the memes that Among Us birthed will live on forever.

It’s honestly a little bit painful how good this Among Us Angel looks. This skin has no right being this holy and angelic. I adore it.


4. Blue Boy

Blue Boy Angel Halo Skin For Minecraft

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My love for this skin stems from the way it utilizes the single color, angel look but does it without using white.

The way this baby/pastel blue skin manages to exude angel aura is ridiculously impressive and a little bit Easter-y, which I love.


5. Winged Guardian

Winged Guardian Minecraft Skin

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Although angels and angel-themes are typically represented by cute or innocent images, angels can also be winged warriors meant to fight demons.

Creator Cephalesa’s Winged Guardian presents the perfect example of how much more an angel can be than a couple of feathery wings and a halo.

Give this skin a diamond sword and an elytra, and you’ve just transformed into a heavenly warrior.


6. Halo Split-Dye Angel

Halo Split-Dye Angel Skin For Minecraft

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The e-aesthetics have taken over my Minecraft skins – and I’m perfectly okay with it.

The split-dye, angel, onesie combo that this skin has going on is almost aesthetic overload. Almost. But not quite.

It rides the line and manages to remain a perfectly edgy look while keeping that holy influence.


7. Angel of Gold

Angel of Gold Minecraft Skin

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Creator Oblivion’s Angel of Gold shoots for the sky as an angel skin and absolutely gets there.

They imbued the skin with the most Minecraft art style around, and it’s genuinely flawless in every way possible.

The ancient Greek/Hermes influence in the design, the wings stretching over the arms, the cartoon eyes…

Everything about this skin is perfect. No wonder it’s an angel.


8. Blank Slate with Halo

Blank Slate with Halo Skin For Minecraft

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We tend to see angels represented as humans or babies with wings.

However, angels are strange heavenly creatures that we can’t really comprehend.

I love creator Bartybarty’s version of an angel that amplifies the all-white nature of them by a thousand.

This skin is literally pure white with two dots for eyes and a halo. Does it get any clearer than this?


9. Mercy (Overwatch)

Mercy (Overwatch) Minecraft Skin

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For all the Overwatch players out there, I hope you saw this skin coming.

While Mercy isn’t actually an angel, and is instead a normal Swiss human being, her design takes heavy inspiration from angels – from her wings down to her white battle armor.

So if you want an angel aesthetic, definitely snag this skin.

Even if you don’t know much about Overwatch, this angelic design is really spot-on.


10. Angel/Demon

Angel/Demon Skin For Minecraft

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Angels and demons often present two sides of the same coin in media portrayals.

From the angel and demon on the shoulder to the fact that in the Bible Lucifer is a fallen angel, the two entities are intrinsically connected.

Why not splice them onto the same skin?


11. Dark vs. Light

Dark vs. Light Minecraft Skin

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Creator DragonsDungeon puts on a masterclass in skin-making with this 2018 angel skin.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen shading or lighting done this well before. The front side of the skin is soaked in a cold shadow, while the back has a wash of warm, sunrise light.

I have no idea how they pulled this skin off.

But I’ll sing Tomorrow’s praises until the end of my days.


12. Uniqueen

Uniqueen Skin For Minecraft

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Uniqueen stopped me in my tracks while I was scrolling.

While the angel-theme is the most subtle in this unicorn-infused skin, the magic and cuteness in it gives off the exact right vibe.

I’d love to know how creator LaurenAngels_ created the whimsical and otherworldly color palette on this skin.

Also, how did they manage to merge unicorns and angels into one righteous Minecraft skin?

I may never know. But I will always have this skin downloaded on my computer now.


13. Castiel (Supernatural)

Castiel (Supernatural) Minecraft Skin

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I’ve been searching for angel skins and angel aesthetics all day long.

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to put Castiel on this list.

Supernatural stans should be intimately familiar with Castiel the angel.

But for those who aren’t, believe it or not this shaggy-looking man in a coat is indeed an angel of the Lord.

Yes, that is hilarious. And yes, this skin is a darn near perfect Castiel.

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