Minecraft: The Best Angry Birds Skins, Mods & Packs (All Free)

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Are you a fan of birds? Do you get angry easily? (maybe you should go have that checked…)

Well either way, you know where I’m going, right?

Angry Birds!

Everyone knows the popular puzzle/physics game where you shoot birds – some of us might even remember the amazing variants too… how could we forget about Angry Birds Epic? (Rest in peace)

But I’m not here to transfer you my depression over deleted/canceled games (for no good reason!)

I’m here to share some of the best Angry Birds-related addons & skins for Minecraft, so let’s take a peek at what’s out there:


10. Red Skin

Red Angry Bird Skin / Minecraft Skin

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We all know Red is the angry one.

And you would think this skin wouldn’t reflect that emotion, but just stare at him for some time and then let me know.

His face shows some kind of indifference that just might be the next phase of being angry for so long.

Jokes aside, this skin is probably the most detailed one I could find of Red.

Probably your best pick if this is your character of choice!


9. Angry Birds Resource Pack

Angry Birds Resource Pack Preview

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Well ok, I’ll admit this isn’t the most useful resource pack out there.

And it not being available for the most recent versions of Minecraft doesn’t help either.

But hey, 1.8 is still cool right?

Or if you want to challenge yourself you could try to use this abomination for legacy PvP.

Did I mention the pack is animated?

Every character, including the pigs, have animated faces that match their usual emotions. A true state-of-the-art piece.


8. Bomb Skin

Bomb Skin / Minecraft Skin

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This guy’s pretty chill – but doesn’t mess with him!

You don’t want him to go off when you’re near him.

If you’re a Minecraft pyrotechnic and you like Angry Birds, then you should have this skin by now (or at least be ready to give it a try).

Apply this skin, grab the TNT kit, and go nuts! Whenever someone pisses you off, you know what to do.


7. Chuck Skin

Chuck Angry Birds Minecraft Skin

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Chuck’s normal shape doesn’t make it easy for a Minecraft skin to look like him.

But the cartoonish approach of this one makes it rather convincing.

It looks like Chuck in the movies!

Chuck’s fast, so get your speed potions ready.

You might not get to 100 mph like him – but hey, give it your best shot!


6. Minecraft Green Pig Skin

Minecraft Green Pig Skin

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Pigs are in Minecraft too.

Well I think this creator sure knew, as they created a skin changing a pig’s color to green…

And now you’ve got an Angry Birds skin that’s ready to go!

I’m impressed at the resemblance here – even if they’re not the same, it’s a fun way to combine the two games.


5. Angry Birds Mod

Angry Birds Mod For Minecraft

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This mod is pretty old, but 1.5.X is still used for modding among some players.

And if you’re creating a modpack for a multiplayer survival playthrough, this might be a fun addition.

You can place pigs around and explode them with the birds.

It’s quite simple, but you can play with friends or just blow up the landscape. Whatever you’d normally do in Minecraft.

You can also give the mod a try in more recent versions, as the additions aren’t so big. Truth be told it might work just fine!

Upwards compatibility isn’t new, and these kinds of mods can work at times.


4. Stella Skin

Angry Birds Stella Skin For Minecraft

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You might not know this character, as it appeared in the movie and some of the more classic games.

But Stella is for sure a character you might want as an Angry Birds-themed skin.

“Optimistic” and “bright” are her traits.

So if you identify with that (or if you just like the cute vibe this skin emanates) then this is a fine choice.


3. Silver Skin

Silver Angry Birds Minecraft Skin

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Chuck’s sister!

She’s not physically fast, although her brain is.

You’re only gonna enjoy this skin if you’ve got as many awards as she has.

Much like Stella, this is a pretty simple and cute skin. So if Stella’s pink doesn’t convince you, this grey/silver one might.


2. Worker Pig Skin

Worker Pig Angry Birds Minecraft Skin

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The birds are breaking their houses ALL the time.

Someone’s gotta work on that, right?

Well here you have it, the one and only poor pig that has to fix everything every time the birds drop by for a visit.

You can also see he has a pickaxe on his belt here too.

Maybe he’s down for some mining as well?


1. The Blues Skin

The Blues Birds / Minecraft Skin

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You know what would be nice? To find a skin that has the three heads of the blues stacked on top of each other…

This may not be a skin you’ve been looking for, but I found one for you anyways!

I really wanted to find something like this when I started this list. I’m surprised it wasn’t more common already.

Oh, and with this skin you’ll notice they’re also wearing a pig suit. Maybe to hide from their enemies?

I guess you’ll just have to try out the skin and find out.

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