Best Animal Crossing Minecraft Skins: The Ultimate List

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I can’t speak for everyone out there in the videogame-verse, but if you’re anything like me or the 37 million people who purchased ACNH, then you probably love AC.

I didn’t know about Animal Crossing growing up.

I was too preoccupied with Pokémon cards and my Xbox to stop and look into a farming/village simulating game.

Flash forward to my adulthood, and Animal Crossing is among the chief joys of my life. The games’ peaceful, satisfying atmosphere and gameplay are unparalleled. And I’ll be praising them until the day I drop.

If you feel like I do, then I know you’re going to have a blast with this list as we explore some Animal Crossing skins ready to add into Minecraft.


1. Tom Nook

Tom Nook Skin For Minecraft

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What list of Animal Crossing characters could start with any character but Tom Nook?

The sleepy-eyed tanuki (or raccoon, depending on your game version) has been a fan-favorite for years, and for good reason.

The character is essentially the anchor for the series, running the main shops your character, well, shops at.

I’m only familiar with New Horizons’ Hawaiian shirt-clad Tom, but this apron-wearing version from the original GameCube game makes my heart soar.


2. Male Villager (Realistic)

Male Villager (Realistic) Minecraft Skin

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The cute, rounded visual style of the Animal Crossing franchise holds a special place in my heart.

I feel like it’s instantly recognizable in almost any setting.

Despite the fact this skin by creator Teddy is nearly a decade old, it stopped me in my tracks and had me pressing download in a heartbeat.

I love the villager designs in Animal Crossing and the nearly infinite ways you can customize those cute base designs.


3. Ankha

Ankha Skin For Minecraft

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Ankha was probably one of the most memorable villagers from New Horizons and for good reason.

Ankha’s design is genius.

An Egyptian cat? Named Ankha??

Whoever was behind character design ought to be paid more.

Creator Kirigiri hit the nail on the head with this skin too in a perfectly staged Cleopatra design. I couldn’t praise this skin or the character enough.


4. Isabelle

Isabelle Minecraft Skin

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When Isabelle first popped on the Animal Crossing scene in New Leaf, she was an overnight icon, a resounding success.

That success is rightfully earned too given Isabelle’s infectiously kind personality.

Pair her hard-working nature and kindness with the fact that she’s a shih tzu, and I’m gone. Thankfully, creator Drazile also gets the awesomeness of Isabelle and managed to convey it perfectly.


5. Pompompurin

Pompompurin Skin For Minecraft

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While not a specific villager in Animal Crossing, Pompompurin is an adorable golden retriever character from the Hello Kitty franchise that has a design series in New Horizons.

This skin by Kirigi puts the honey gold palette and style on display in what I think might be the most aesthetically pleasing Minecraft skins I have ever seen.

This is a skin to build an entire village and town around.

A design so strong, it could only go by one name: Pompompurin.


6. Rodney

Rodney Minecraft Skin

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Rodney is a hilarious Animal Crossing character and one that makes just about no sense to me.

He’s a teal hamster who likes music and who lives in an arcade machine house. Rodney is a kid’s dream character.

Truth be told, this is my dream skin.

The creativity by creator kodayne to put Rodney on a grass block for legs and to give him miniature arms is hilarious and solidifies this is an ultimate Animal Crossing x Minecraft skin crossover.


7. Raymond

Raymond Skin For Minecraft

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How could anyone take a look at Raymond and not instantly fall in love with his business cat design?

Between his tidy appearance, sharp business advice, and creator AngelFruit’s design, I think I’m about to log on and try to get Raymond on my own island.

Well, first I’m going to download this skin. Then I’m going to try and get Raymond on my island. Minecraft takes priority, of course.


8. New Leaf Tom Nook

New Leaf Tom Nook Minecraft Skin

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I love Curiouse9’s rendition of Tom Nook from New Leaf.

Tom Nook’s mellow demeanor and lackadaisical attitude are one of his largest appeals, but Curiose9 in the skin’s description and design pokes fun at the money-hoarding nature of this tanuki.

Beyond those fun jabs at having a mortgage in a video game, I appreciate this Tom Nook square and proper design. It feels traditionally Minecraft and in some way nostalgic.


9. Apollo

Apollo Skin For Minecraft

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Apollo’s been a staple throughout the Animal Crossing series.

I mean, the concept of a cranky bald eagle who’s upset that he’s bald is hilarious.

The way he’s designed as well which puts his eyes on the side of his head looks amazing in Animal Crossing and arguably better in Minecraft.


10. Tangy

Tangy Minecraft Skin

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I’ll be honest with you:

I didn’t even need to see this skin to like it. The name “Tangy” would be enough for me to put it on just about any list I do.

Tangy is a hilarious name, and she also happens to be a hilarious character: a cat with a citrus obsession.

These cute designs bring me so much life. I can’t even begin to describe it.


11. Goldie

Goldie Skin For Minecraft

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Goldie is about as lovable as Animal Crossing villagers get.

She’s a golden retriever named Goldie. In Japanese, her name is “caramel.” AND this skin was made by a creator named cosmodog.

Like, how could that not make your heart melt.


12. K.K. Slider

K.K. Slider Minecraft Skin

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I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love the enigmatic and talented KK Slider.

The Jack Russell Terrier who wanders playing his music freely is not only a lovable character, but a lifestyle icon in general.


13. Rosabelle

Rosabelle Skin For Minecraft

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Rosabelle probably tops this list on the creativity meter because who on earth would merge Isabelle from Animal Crossing and Rosalina from the Mario series.

The answer to that question is creator Mangled, by the way.

And if it wasn’t clear enough, they knocked it completely out of the park with this design.


14. Scoot

Scoot Minecraft Skin

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While researching this list, I came upon the name “Scoot” a couple of times and thought it might’ve been a joke.

Scoot is no joke.

Just this Scoot skin conveys how hilarious Scoot is. If you’re unaware, Scoot is a jock duck villager.

Jock. Duck.

Do you need any more convincing? Just download the skin already.


15. Rover

Rover Skin For Minecraft

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Skin creator cosmodog rears their head again with this design of Rover, perhaps the most aptly-named character in Animal Crossing.

Despite his name being Rover, Rover is in fact a cat – and a friendly one to boot.

His big eyes and smile give off Meowth vibes, and I can’t tell if that’s terrifying or great.

Probably both.


16. Lolly

Lolly Minecraft Skin

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Lolly is such a delightful cat villager for so many reasons.

I love villagers that are ruthlessly nice like she is, but I love her naming conventions.

Her Japanese name is Ramune, the name of a popular soda that I grew up drinking.

In general, I’m also a sucker for fuzzy ugly patterned sweaters like creator Mushsect put on this skin. So I was bound to like this one from the get go.


17. Chester

Chester Skin For Minecraft

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I’m a fanatic for pandas. A panda stan, if you will.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I like Chester as much as I do.

He’s an adorable panda cub who’s so lazy that the creator of this skin, BlackMoose, titled the skin “Lazy.”

Chester, you’re a creature after my own heart.


18. Human Blathers

Human Blathers Minecraft Skin

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If you forced me to rank my favorite Animal Crossing characters, Blathers would be at the top of the list every single time.

The lovable and notably nocturnal owl has one of my favorite aesthetics, dark academic, going on. This skin by creator ClownPixels refines Blather’s museum-going owlness into a human form. An exceptionally cute one at that.


19. AC Player Character (Girl)

AC Player Character (Girl) Skin For Minecraft

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While we’ve focused mainly on the adorable villagers available in the Animal Crossing games, your own playable character is really the star of your run.

This adorable gal is skin creator cheyko’s villager, who they’ve named Aerin.


20. Sherb

Sherb Minecraft Skin

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I’ve never been fond of goats.

But Sherb in all his sky blue beauty might just change that one day.

I recently got Sherb in my own village, and he’s been a treat to have around.

I was surprised to see a skin for Sherb, actually, since I don’t know many people who have him. But I’m glad that even in the Minecraft circles, Sherb is getting some love.

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