Coolest Minecraft Animal Skins: The Ultimate Collection

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Animals – they’re cute, they’re cuddly, and they’re very clickable and appealing to almost everyone!

So it should be no surprise that there’s no shortage of animal styled skins custom-made for Minecraft.

From your typical domestic pets and livestock, to the wild beasts of nature, here’s our compilation of the coolest animal skins to show off on your “stray cat strut” in your next Minecraft server!


1. Walrus

Brown Walrus with Tusks / Minecraft Skin

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One of the more basic but understandable skin on this list is the humble walrus.

Despite walruses being a recent update to the vanilla game, this animal skin has wide popularity thanks to YouTuber/Minecrafter Trottimus and his spiffy walrus skin!

Even without Trot’s iconic labcoat, this skin is still cute to run around in your Minecraft world!

Run free through the artic landscapes and fish to your heart’s content while being one with the native walruses in your world!


2. Clown Fish

Orange Clown Fish / Minecraft Skin

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This skin is a bit peculiar, but fans of Finding Nemo will likely enjoy it.

The design of this clownfish skin is on point, and adorable as well, from the coloration to the face.

While clearly missing a few fins and some gills, this iconic funnyman of the ocean is a nice splash of color to add to your skin collection for water-themed servers – or if you plan to build an oceanic home.

Just remember that while fish are friends, not food, any hostile water mobs in your world don’t share that pact with Bruce and his boys.


3. Rudolph

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer / Minecraft Skin

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He’s gone down in history since 1939, and now he’s going down in Minecraft history.

Because one cannot have a list of animal skins without involving this iconic childhood favorite.

The hooved hands and feet, the bright red nose, and the 3D antlers and ears…

He’s the cutest one here so far!

Granted he’s the perfect choice during the wintertime, but it’s always winter in Minecraft if you wish it to be – so enjoy using Rudolph the Reindeer whenever you feel like it!


4. Professional Axolotl

Professional Axolotl in a Suit / Minecraft Skin

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With the introduction of Axolotls in vanilla Minecraft, skins based around the cute mob were bound to flood the Internet (along with pictures).

This is one of those skins.

It looks strikingly like the cute Minecraft mob, but with the addition of a sharp black suit.


Well, why not?

With the 3D details of the frills on the head, the tail in the back, and the wide set eyes, this snazzily-dressed axolotl is ready to make an impact on the world.


5. Tiger

Striped Orange Tiger / Minecraft Skin

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When it comes to the most detailed of animal skins, this one easily takes the cake.

Incorporating the ability to add three-dimensional details in layers, this tiger skin does so in a unique way to make this bipedal tiger look very realistic.

Along with the iconic tiger coloration, the details adding bulk to certain parts of the body, definition to the ears, and a tail enhances this skin greatly!

This is a perfect choice to stalk through the jungles of your next world, ready to embrace your inner big cat.

Just be careful of any Tiger Kings or Big Cat Queens.


6. Tuxedo Sheep

Tuxedo Sheep / Minecraft Skin

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Here’s another skin featuring a vanilla mob in a suit:

And a very dapper sheep steps into the world!

Clad in a dark suit with a red tie and the iconic derpy face of the sheep we love to corral, mate, and shear in your farms, this sheep means serious business.

Is he the head of a sheep mafia?

Is he a business-sheep coming to make a deal?

Is he a wolf of wall street in literal sheep’s clothing?

The backstory of this well-dressed mammal is up to you to decide – and you’ll look quite enthralling while doing it.


7. Penguin

Basic-looking Penguin / Minecraft Skin

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We’re sliding back into the artic to look at another wintery animal skin waddling into our hearts.

Taking clear inspiration from the design of the penguins from “Adventure Time”, this penguin skin is cute with the large eyes, bluish black coloration, and even the cute tail on the back.

The simple design of this skin makes it ideal for younger players.

But you don’t have to be young to enjoy this skin in the least!


8. Orange Fox

Gradient Orange Fox / Minecraft Skin

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This cute little vixen likely packs quite a bark.

From the beady black eyes and nose, to the black gradient blending into orange fur, this fox skin is among the cutest here.

With the addition of the fluffy tail and small black ears, this is the perfect skin to go trekking through the forests with – alongside the foxes in vanilla Minecraft.

Be one with your inner fox and run wild through the greenscapes of your Minecraft world.


9. Ferret

Tall Ferret Character / Minecraft Skin

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While this skin is a rodent, it’s still the cutest little fur noodle around.

And this ferret design shares all the adorable features of the lovable fur noodles!

The beady eyes, perked round ears, and slender tail help pull this skin together – alongside the earthy color palate of the fur.

Plus this is sure to be loved by most players, and win over those that don’t already adore ferrets (who doesn’t?)

So you can go spelunking into caves and exploring in the mountains and forests, all as the brave little fur noodle you’ve always dreamed of being.


10. Tuxedo Cat

Black & White Tuxedo Cat / Minecraft Skin

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Surprisingly, this one isn’t dressed in a suit…

But it’s still snazzy looking as-is!

This is of the more adorable colorations of domestic cats. And note the name: the tuxedo cat!

With the black and white coloration, small ears, tail, and beady green eyes, this stunning skin will win over the hearts of any Minecrafter cat lovers.

Slap this on and do a little “stray cat strut” in your next server.


11. Banjo-Kazooie

Banjo-Kazooie Character / Minecraft Skin

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So here’s a cool animal both in style and history. And it’s one we cannot leave of the list:

Good ol’ Banjo.

Banjo is a well-known and beloved icon from Rare, seen in many of their games alongside companion Kazooie.

This duo of the large brown bear and the sassy orange bird is still an iconic match up to this day.

And this skin has Banjo as the focus, with his likeness transferred onto the Steve model, even including his bright yellow shorts and blue backpack.

But on the back, you can even see Kazooie popping out to check things out. Great detail!

If you grew up with Banjo-Kazooie & you’re still able to hum along to the intro, you can’t say no to slapping this skin and collecting those Jiggys.


12. Perry the Platypus

Perry the Platypus / Minecraft Skin

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It’s not just a platypus.

It’s Perry the Platypus!

Yep, it’s everyone’s favorite secret agent undercover pet. And Perry slides into Minecraft looking dapper with his spy hat and the expression to knock any baddie into retreating.

The bright green color of this skin, and the replication of Perry’s design transferred onto Steve’s model, all works quite well for this one.

If you wanna explore your world as a top-class animal agent, this is for you.

Go get ‘em, Agent P!


13. Snowy Owl

White Snowy Owl / Minecraft Skin

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For fans of the Harry Potter series, this skin will make you happy-cry a bit.

This snowy owl skin is beautiful, detailed, and reminds me so much of Hedwig.

The details of the feather outlines, the large yellow eyes, and even the cute talon poking out on the feet – it’s all too much.

Slapping on this skin and going out searching for a snowy biome, or maybe a wizard’s tower. All perfectly acceptable here!

Just watch out for Death Eaters flinging killing Curses around.

And if you really want to get a theme going then take a look at our mod collection dedicated to Harry Potter Minecraft mods.


14. Fox in Stripes

Fox wearing pink & white stripes / Minecraft Skin

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What’s cuter than a fox?

How about a fox in striped stockings?

This cute little vixen is dressed for adventure, coming in a sleeveless pink hoodie with matching striped stockings and arm sleeves.

From the small beady black eyes to its smooth orange fur, this kit is ready to dash through forests and climb the highest mountains!

Strut your stuff on the next server you hop into in this fashionable skin.


15. Turtle

Green Turtle / Minecraft Skin

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“I like turtles!”

Don’t we all?

The cute art style and pastel color palette for this skin alone is to die for!

But to take the form of a cute as heck turtle – Oh my Lord, yes!

With pastel green skin, a pinkish tone to the shell, and the small features of the cute expression, it all makes this thing so appealing the more I look at it.

Slap this on and dive into a nearby river to set out on an adventure into the unknown.

Just… be careful not to land on your back or anything.


16. Pug

Realistic-looking Pug / Minecraft Skin

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They’re lovable, they’re memeable, and now they’re Minecraft skin-able!

Pugs are the “so ugly they’re cute” members of the dog breeds. And they’re clearly fit for a conversion into a Minecraft skin.

This skin has it on point, from the color and shading to that adorable face.

Even the large eyes and squished features are so good here – and the details of the folds in the back (and the classic curled tail) are wow-worthy!


17. Retsuko

Retsuko Anime Character / Minecraft Skin

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Red pandas are always cute and cuddly looking creatures. And yes, they’re mostly seen in Asia.

But fans of this character know better…

Meet Retsuko, an overworked office employee with a sweet disposition – until you really get to know her after work hours!

Retsuko is the main character of the anime “Aggretsuko”, and was destined to have her own skin made for Minecraft.

Featuring her iconic work uniform, this skin is perfect for dropping into your favorite anime server – or just milling about and enjoying the quiet life.

But if you see someone wearing this skin, they may be hiding something underneath. So keep your distance if they start losing their cool.


18. Calico Cat

Calico Cat / Minecraft Skin

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Cats are the best! There’s no arguing that.

But the best breed easily is a calico cat.

This rare and adorable coloration doesn’t happen often in the real world – but Minecraft allows everyone to be this adorable feline.

From the patches of orange and black on white, to the heterochromia eyes, this skin is the definition of “cutest calico ever”.

And this skin is good for use anywhere at any time, and will likely be very much enjoyed by cat-loving Minecrafters the world over.


19. Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Leonardo from TMNT / Minecraft Skin

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You can’t think “cool” without ninjas.

But what’s even better than ninjas?

Ninja turtles!

And specific skin is unique in two ways:

First, it features a realistic detailing, shading, and coloration of a turtle alongside the cartoonish proportions of TMNT’s design.

And it could work with all four members.

Yeah, instead of being stuck with just one member of the gang, you’re able to acquire all four from this single skin set – just look in the description and save what you want.

Now you don’t have to pick your favorite ninja turtle to play with.

You can have them all!

Team up with your companions and survive in the world as the sworn reptilian brothers, fighting crime and pizza munchin’!


20. Professional Panda

Professional Panda in Business Suit / Minecraft Skin

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Cute, cuddly, photogenic, and one of the well-known symbols of Asian culture.

Why don’t we put a suit on it and make it an adorable business bear?

Well that’s exactly what we have here:

A panda in a suit!

With the iconic markings on the face, ears, and hands, all squeezed in a dashing off-black suit, this skin is a nice mix of cute and professional.

While not practical for adventuring in the world of Minecraft, one could argue that jumping into a server in this skin on would certainly grab attention – and make it easy to find new friends.

And just look at those bright blue eyes! It’s begging you to give it a chance.

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