Best Minecraft Archer & Ranger Skins (Boys + Girls)

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Bows have assisted warriors in taking down their enemies from afar for millennia.

Although combat and hunting weapons in the real world have progressed past the point of using archery in warfare, it’s still used in competitions and hunting.

Having been so popular for so long, bows have found a place in many games involving combat.

Vanilla Minecraft is no exception.

Archery in Minecraft is fun but difficult. Especially with the addition of crossbows. Learning two different sets of reload times, arrow physics, and firing methods can be incredibly challenging.

That being said, the satisfaction of calculating the dropoff just right and hitting seemingly impossible shots is truly exhilarating.

If that dedication to the bow is something you possess, it’s definitely something worth showing it off with a custom skin.


10. Dark Archer

Dark Archer Cloaked Character / Minecraft Skin

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Mysterious skins like this have always had a place in the Minecraft community.

Not everyone wants to show the world what they’re all about right away.

With this skin, the only thing people will know about you is that you like ranged weapons and the color red.

And really, isn’t that all they need to know?


9. The Tundra Archer

Blue Tundra Archer Male / Minecraft Skin

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Despite the cold not having an adverse effect on players in game, fans of snowy biomes like the tundra may appreciate the extra immersion that comes along with the cloak featured by this skin.

Necessity aside, the cloak does look nice and ties the look together quite well.

Overall the skin has very few flaws, all of which come down to personal preference.


8. Hawkeye

Hawkeye Male Bounty Hunter Archer / Minecraft Skin

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Marvel fans out there will know that Hawkeye may not have superpowers.

But his archery skills more than make up for it when he fights alongside his fellow heroes.

Really, who better to emulate in a round of Survival Games?

The creator of this skin did a great job of capturing Hawkeye’s later comics and MCU look, which is a bit sleeker than it is in the earlier comics, while still being easy to recognize.

That being said, I really would love to see an Avengers movie that shows all the characters in their original comic costumes.

Some of them would look pretty much the same – but Hawkeye wouldn’t be one of them.


7. Red Hair Elven Archer

Red Hair Elf Archer Character / Minecraft Skin

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As someone who does archery in real life —albeit poorly—it’s definitely nice to see someone put bracers and gloves on their Minecraft skin.

Shooting a bow can really do a number on your fingers without the gloves.

And even slight changes to your grip can cause the string to smack your arm in a rather unpleasant fashion when you release it.

Bracers and arm guards prevent such things, when worn correctly.

It may not actually make a difference in-game.

But seeing those little details included in this skin was definitely a pleasant surprise – and the rest of the skin is also quite well done if a bit generic.


6. Master Archer

Cloaked Master Archer / Minecraft Skin

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This dark camo look definitely gives off some sneaky but deadly vibes.

The colors are all dark and muted, but not in a way that makes the skin bland.

Instead, the green and crimson work to make even the standard brown leather of the accessories seem vaguely threatening.

If you’re wanting a skin that’s quiet enough to go unnoticed in a crowd, but intimidating on the battlefield, this is the way to go.


5. Wolf Archer

Wolf Archer Character / Minecraft Skin

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No Minecraft world is truly complete without some fluffy friends following you around.

Those fluffy friends are especially nice to have if you’re a fan of taking down enemies from a distance to avoid damage, seeing as they’ll immediately chase down whatever mobs you hit – with the exception of flying mobs and creepers.

As for the skin, it’s a well-crafted way of showing both your playstyle, and your love of wolves.

Or just a way to wear a quiver and a fluffy hat.

Either way, it’s a fun skin.


4. Forest Archer

Forest Archer Character / Minecraft Skin

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Now this is a skin made for hunting!

Camouflage modeled after what appears to be the savanna biome decorates the entirety of the skin.

Which is sure to help catch your prey off guard.

Or at least it would be, if Minecraft skins could change the detection range of hostile mobs…

That being said, it would definitely make it easier to catch fellow players off guard if that’s more your style.

In any case, the skin is quite well made and more than worthy of a spot on this list.


3. Huntress Assassin

Female archer assassin girl / Minecraft Skin

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If you like archery and the color blue, this is the Minecraft archery kkin for you.

The colors are nice, the accessories are spot-on, and the shading is immaculate.

What more could you ask for in a Minecraft skin?

One minor aspect that sets this apart from others is that the eye color is different from any other part of it.

The green of the eyes pops simply because no green or yellow is present in the rest of the skin.

Ordinarily, something like that would make the whole face look a bit weird to me.

But in this case it doesn’t.

It’s certainly a small detail, but an important one nonetheless.


2. Hunter

Masked Dark Hunter / Minecraft Skin

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This not-quite-human hunter is one of most (if not the most) intimidating on this list.

Everything about this skin looks dangerous.

The expressionless face, the hands and neck that let you know it’s not a mask, the deliberately drab apparel—if anything, dangerous is an understatement.

Those of you wanting to scare the life out of your prey from several chunks away should definitely consider using this skin.

I can’t imagine it would look much less menacing even after equipping vanilla Minecraft armor.


1. Katniss Everdeen

Katniss Everdeen Character / Minecraft Skin

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As possibly the most well-known female archer in popular media, not to mention the protagonist of the series that inspired the game mode Survival Games, Katniss Everdeen is undeniably one of the all-time greats.

The creator of this skin captures her likeness perfectly, leaving no doubt as to who inspired its wearer to take up the bow.

The skin is stunning, shaded flawlessly, and designed in a way that makes good use of the layer tools available to give volume to the clothing.

If you’re a fan of The Hunger Games, Survival Games, or just archery in general, this is a skin worth trying on.

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