20 Best Adventure Maps for Minecraft (All Free)

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Over the years, Minecraft map makers have gotten incredibly good at making maps.

The redstone is impressive and the builds are gorgeous. Most Minecraft players know how time consuming building something gorgeous can be!

After a long day of building, sometimes all you want to do is enjoy and explore someone else’s build.

That’s what adventure maps are perfect for.

Enjoying the scenery, killing things ruining the scenery, and completing a story.

These are the absolute best adventure maps for your next Minecraft session.


20. An Adventure, I Guess

An Adventure, I Guess / Minecraft Map

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This map is about your friend Steve randomly putting you in the Beans Dimension and then ditching you.

Good luck and don’t die.

If you make it out alive, be sure to give Steve a good smack on his head. Or maybe don’t… wouldn’t want to end up in the pineapple-on-pizza dimension.


19. The Hexiron

The Hexiron / Minecraft Map

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With great power comes great corruption, and this map is all about fighting against that corruption.

A wizard has taken over an underground city and your goal is to stop him.

You’ll be exploring this city and fighting various monsters. Both you and the monsters will be 6 feet under but only one side will be dead!


18. Finding Toast

Finding Toast / Minecraft Map

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This map is like Finding Nemo, except instead of searching for your clownfish son, you’re finding toast – your pet rat. Or, what’s possibly your pet rat.

You see, you lost your rat a while ago and you miss the little thing.

While eating at a café with your partner, you see a rat run into a sewer.

Could it be… Toast? Or is it just a sense of personal loss playing tricks on your head?

Anyways, I’m getting hungry. Maybe I should work on finding toast in real life.


17. Sheep Ship Adventure

Sheep Ship Adventure / Minecraft Map

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Sheep Ship Adventure will have you sailing on a yacht as a sheep, with other sheep.

It’s like if Noah’s Ark if Noah could only find sheep.

On this yacht, you’ll be completing various tasks to help your fellow sheepmates. These tasks vary from repairing the engine to solving a crime!


16. Deep Coma

Deep Coma / Minecraft Map

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Who doesn’t love a good coma story?

In this map, you attempt to lucid dream. Obviously, you came to this page for an adventure, so this attempt goes terribly.

So terribly that you managed to get yourself into what’s essentially a coma.

I know lucid dreaming is hard and all, but come on. How’d you mess up this bad?

Solve puzzles and explore your way out of your terrifying subconscious. Seriously, why is your subconscious so terrifying? Did you eat cheese before bed or something?


15. Revive The Planet

Revive The Planet / Minecraft Map

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This map takes place on a dead planet, and because of your boundless empathy to the point where you can empathize with a big floating rock in space, you want to revive this planet.

Unfortunately, you can’t do mouth-to-mouth on something that doesn’t have a mouth.

I also don’t know of any hospitals that take patients this large.

And I don’t mean that as any sort of insult against the planet – but let’s be practical, this thing won’t be able to fit through the front door.

The only way you can revive your large planet friend here is to explore it. This will involve visiting various elemental temples.


14. Cipher

Cipher / Minecraft Map

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Saving the world is getting stale.

How about saving the dimension?

Or maybe saving multiple dimensions?

In Cipher, you will be dimension-hopping to fix a dimensional artifact. This dimensional artifact has been causing some interdimensional problems.

Cipher involves puzzles, boss fights, and some nice custom music! At least the bosses can die grooving.


13. Unexpected Past

Unexpected Past / Minecraft Map

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There are plenty of maps that have you shedding blood but this is a map that will have you shedding tears.

It’s quite unexpected, considering this is Minecraft.

Unexpected Past is a map about two lovebirds: Josh and Cheryl.

They’re about to become parents. As is the case for many people about to become parents, things don’t go quite as expected.


12. Stranded: Lost In The Cosmos

Stranded: Lost In The Cosmos / Minecraft Map

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I’ve always wondered: if aliens visited us, would they be evil?

In this map, aliens visit you and put you in their UFO. You’re nothing but a collectible action figure to them.

Is that evil? I don’t know.

Maybe they just think we’re cute, like how we do with dogs and hamsters.

Your kidnapper has one wish: for you to be terminated.

Is that evil? Alright, maybe they’re a little evil. I just have a soft spot for aliens because I think they’re cool. Hopefully you don’t though, or you might develop Stockholm syndrome.

Remember: the alien is not your friend. You need to escape.


11. Get OUT

Get OUT / Minecraft Map

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You’re in an apartment that’s filled with zombies.

The title of this map tells you the one instruction you need to know: GET OUT!

Luckily, this map probably takes place in America, or some other country where there’s easy access to guns. You have a gun to protect you from the horde.

Regardless of your current political views, by the end of this thrilling map, you’ll be in favor of gun ownership with the reasoning: “what if there’s a zombie apocalypse?”

If you aren’t a fan of shooting guns, hopefully you’re a fan of baseball? Or stabbing people, maybe?

A dagger and a baseball bat are two of the melee weapons you can use to make the zombies get out (of your face).

The types of zombies you’ll be dealing with are called normal, runner, and fat.


10. The Graveyard Tale

The Graveyard Tale / Minecraft Map

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Graveyards are spooky and this map is all about escaping one. You’ll be completing challenges and solving puzzles to do so.

You know what’s spookier than graveyards?

Things that can talk that aren’t supposed to talk.

Well in this map, there’s a thing that talks that isn’t supposed to talk, but he’s nice so just treat him like your shy friend! He’s a stone statue named Likeke.

While Likeke’s skin may be made of stone, his heart is made of gold. He’ll help you out!


9. The Tourist: Remastered

The Tourist: Remastered / Minecraft Map

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Paris is known as the city of romance.

In this map, you can visit it from within the comfort of your room. Bring a partner too, if you’d like!

In addition to exploring the city, there are some minigames you can have fun with. The map will take you 2 to 4 hours to complete, so if you bring a partner, you can call it a date!

Note: this is an updated version of an old map. Like older adventure maps, the map creator uses signs to communicate with you. If you were playing adventure maps back then, you’ll feel nostalgic, and if you weren’t, just go look at the scenery or something.


8. Mob Rooms

Mob Rooms / Minecraft Map

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Mob Rooms will put your PvE skills to the test – 18 times.

That’s because this map has 18 rooms filled with mobs that you’ll need to conquer. It won’t be easy but you’ll feel great by the end of it!

Along the way, you’ll be finding various upgrades (some hidden, some not) to make you more powerful.

What’s interesting about this map is how death works.

If you die, you go right back to the room you came from. However, you’ll keep your upgrades, which will make the rooms easier the next time around.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get in the SWAT team spirit and go invade all those monsters’ rooms!


7. Casino Night Hitman

Casino Night Hitman / Minecraft Map

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Get ready to kill some strangers because that’s what this map is all about! You’re a hired gun, tasked with killing 3 high-priority targets.

You’re not going to be killing them in some dark alleyway though.

These targets are more glamorous than that.

You’re going to kill them at a casino, where they’ll be surrounded by 100 guests and some pesky security.

Don’t kill any civilians! You’ll probably give them trauma that will take many therapy sessions to deal with, but… just don’t kill them, okay?


6. One-Block Dungeon

One-Block Dungeon / Minecraft Map

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One-Block Dungeon takes the concept of dungeon crawlers to its literal form.

It features a dungeon – one block high – that you will be trying to escape from.

Understandably so, because holy mother of claustrophobia!

I’m not even claustrophobic, and I’m short too. But even I would feel anxious being in a dungeon like that!

Of course, I would be anxious being in any dungeon, but especially this one.

Escaping this cruel and unusual contraption is going to involve more than just crawling around a bunch. If you want to crawl around all day, go back to daycare.

This map will have you fighting monsters, including baby zombies. In a sense, it is kind of like daycare, except from the point of view of a future serial killer.

Crawl, kill, repeat.


5. Adventure Map.exe

Adventure Map.exe / Minecraft Map

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Do you know what it’s like to lose it all?

In this map, you play as someone who experiences just that. Someone who went from an admin of a Minecraft map to simply a player. A peasant.

You’re trapped in your own map, desperate to make something of yourself again. Desperate to get your special admin status back.

To do this, you must maneuver around your own hellish creation.

There are plenty of hidden spots around the map too, as well as special books called “command books.”

I know that sounds like a holy text, but it’s not. Well, I guess for your purposes, it kind of is because these books will aid you in becoming an admin again.


4. Cow Detective: The Malfunctioning Slime Block

Cow Detective: The Malfunctioning Slime Block / Minecraft Map

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You’re a cow.

That’s not meant to be an insult. I’m simply explaining how this map works.

In this map, you play as a cow that solves mysteries.

The problem? Slime blocks don’t bounce from the side. Considering how beloved slime blocks are, it’s a pretty serious problem.

The mystery? The whereabouts of slimes.

After all, who else is going to fix our beloved slime blocks? A chicken?

You’ll be visiting an island to look for clues to where these slimes could be.


3. Ender Virus II

Ender Virus II / Minecraft Map

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You’re a virus.

That’s not meant to be an insult either. You actually play as a virus on this map.

Your goal is to infect a host cell. It’s not just going to lie down on its back and let you take it over though! It’s got defenders, so exterminate them or be exterminated.

The map is loosely based on how viral replication works in real life, so you might learn something too!

Just don’t take it too literally, or you might end up believing that there are monsters in your cells.


2. The Mapper

The Mapper / Minecraft Map

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The Mapper (the actual map) is a map created by Artsicle.

The mapper (the person) is Artsicle themselves.

In this map, you get to talk to Artsicle.

It’s not exactly a regular “the weather’s nice today, huh” type of conversation though. That’s because you have a secret motive: to escape. In this map, you’re essentially a dog that hates its owner.

You can do this by finding teleportation fragments.

Just don’t let Artsicle find out your little plan!


1. Witchcraft and Wizardry

Witchcraft and Wizardry / Minecraft Map

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Have you ever watched a Harry Potter movie? If you’re like me, you probably thought at one point “I want to fly a broomstick.”

Well in this map, you get to fly a broomstick.

That’s not all you get to do though – you also get to unlock and use spells and mess around with potions!

And the setting?

Well, remember how I mentioned Harry Potter earlier? I did this to foreshadow the great reveal: the setting is Hogwarts.

If you’re more of a Percy Jackson kind of person and you don’t know what a “Hogwarts” is, I’m here to tell you. It’s a wizarding school that’s much more interesting than a regular school.

It’s more interesting because instead of a regular brick box school, Hogwarts is an absolutely stunning castle. Oh, and there are wizards and potions and stuff.

And magic broomsticks. I want to fly a broomstick.

Tip: we’ve also got a whole collection of Harry Potter MC mods if you’re looking for more magical ideas.

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