Top 9 Best Dropper Maps For Minecraft (All Free)

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Dropper maps have been around for nearly a decade now.

Minecraft players have fallen in love with falling – and understandably so. There’s something very thrilling about falling from great heights, even if it is just in a video game.

And out of every single dropper map released in the past decade, these are the nine best ones. Okay, I haven’t tried every single dropper map released in the past decade… but these are certainly among the best ones out there.


9. Nauseous Dropper

Nauseous Dropper Minecraft Map Screenshot

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This map combines two things: nausea and falling.

Basically, it’s a drunk simulator.

You’ll have seven levels to get through as your screen waves back and forth from the constant nausea effect.

Careful – don’t vomit on the obstacles! Wouldn’t want to faceplant into it on your next try…


8. Scaffold Drop

Scaffold Drop for Minecraft

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A dropper map with a tiny twist – instead of water, you’ll be landing in scaffold blocks.

This means you’ll have to crouch as you land if you don’t want to break every bone in your body.

This is a great map if you want a dropper with a twist but not a big enough twist that your entire screen is moving!


7. Levitation

Levitation Minecraft Map

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Okay, so this isn’t technically a dropper map.

It’s similar to a dropper map except instead of dropping, you’re slowly floating up. So a reverse-dropper of sorts.

Is this what it feels like to be a helium balloon after its owner got bored and abandoned it?


6. Flipped Parkour

Flipped Parkour Minecraft Map Screenshot

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This map takes the dropper idea and flips it on its head.

Those blocks that you so despise in a regular dropper map?

Your enemies are now your friends.

In Flipped Parkour, instead of avoiding them on your descent, you must parkour down them.

Don’t be fooled though – your new friends won’t make it easy.

This map is quite challenging and not recommended for beginners. What are friends for anyway, if not to frustrate you until you want to throw your computer out the window?


5. Safe Drop

Safe Drop for Minecraft

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If you’re not afraid of breaking a couple of bones, this might be the dropper map for you.

Unlike most dropper maps, you’re allowed to land on obstacles here. In fact, you’re encouraged to.

The key is to be smart about the obstacles you land on. You still take fall damage!

So what do you think?

Are 10 hearts enough for you to safely make it down 6 levels?


4. Time Warp Dropper

Time Warp Dropper Minecraft Map

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Dropper map makers mess with the dimension of space, putting obstacles in the way of your skydiving dreams.

This Time Warp Dropper map maker decided to mess with the dimension of time as well.

Each level has a hidden clock, which you must go close to as you’re free falling.

This clock will slow your fall, allowing you to navigate the obstacles more carefully.

The clocks are vital! Without them, this map is not humanly possible.

So unless your skin is metal and your veins are wires, look for that clock.


3. Snowflake Dropper

Snowflake Dropper for Minecraft

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The name “Snowflake Dropper” sounds like another term for a cloud during winter.

But don’t be mistaken: it’s not the snowflakes that will be dropping, it’s you.

Your task is to land on a target.

The problem is there will be a giant snowflake obscuring the way!

These snowflake monstrosities won’t be fragile the way a regular snowflake is. You won’t just be able to plow your way through them. You’ll have to make it through the little holes and cracks.

And if you’ve ever seen a snowflake up close, you know how complicated that’s gonna be.

In addition to a solo mode, you can play this dropper with one or more friends. Just make sure they’re not sore losers, or should I say… snowflakes!


2. The Dropper

The Dropper Minecraft Map Screenshot

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This is the one that started it all.

It’s the one map that made this list possible.

The Dropper is a must-play for anyone that wants to experience Minecraft history.

And it’s not just historical value that this dropper map offers either.

Even nearly a decade later, this map still stands strong against other dropper maps.

It offers 16 levels of free-falling through Minecraft history.


1. The Dropper 2: Newton Vs. Darwin

The Dropper 2: Newton Vs. Darwin Minecraft Map

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OK, this is the map that came after the one that started it all.

The Dropper 2: Newton Vs. Darwin is a sequel to The Dropper.

Same gist – free-fall through history, find the diamonds, etc.

This map will have you feeling like the apple that fell on Newton’s head. Or maybe an extinct species that didn’t survive Darwin’s idea of natural selection, if you’re not skilled at droppers.

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