Best Hide & Seek Maps For Minecraft (All Free)

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Hide and Seek is a game that never gets old.

You’ve been playing it since you were a super young child, and you’re looking to play it now.

You’ve been playing it since before you were even born, hiding in your mother’s womb.

Well, you’re out in the real world now. And that means things are going to get hardcore… in some intense games of hide and seek.

You seeked out some Minecraft maps by clicking on this post, and I’m going to make sure you find some.


10. Yandere Simulator High School: Hide And Seek

Yandere Simulator High School: Hide And Seek Map for Minecraft

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This is a hide and seek map that takes place in the high school from the video game “Yandere Simulator.”

You’re not bound to school property either – you can hide in the town outside school too if you’d like.

While this map isn’t automated – as in, there are no buttons to run the hide and seek game – it makes up for it with the beautiful build.


9. Hide & Seek by LetzTaco

Hide & Seek by LetzTaco Minecraft Map

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Why did the chicken cross the road?

He was looking for a place to hide!

Hide and Seek is a hide and seek map (who could have guessed) where the hiders are chickens and the seekers are silverfish.

You might be thinking: why would I want to be a chicken.

Look, I understand your fear. No one wants to live under the constant threat of ending up as a fried chicken.

But being a chicken will make you smaller, allowing you to hide in more places, which will in turn help you win the most competitive game on the planet: hide and seek.

If you don’t want to be turned into fried chicken, just hide really well.

You can also use gadgets to try to avoid your delicious fate, which are buyable in a shop. The seekers have access to gadgets too though, so watch out!


8. Pirates Hide And Seek

Pirates Hide And Seek Map for Minecraft

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Have you ever wondered what pirates do when they’re not stealing loot? I know exactly what they do.

Hide and seek of course!

This map is hide and seek but on a pirate ship. It features various power-ups, such as temporary invisibility.

The map also features something called a curse altar, which can be activated using a curse pearl. When activated, seekers are cursed with slowness, nausea, and blindness. Hopefully seasickness prepared the pirates for this curse!


7. Infested

Infested Minecraft Map preview

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If you’ve ever played Manhunt, this map is like that. No, I’m not talking about the incredibly violent Rockstar Games title that made even the game’s staff uncomfortable.

I’m talking about the children’s game Manhunt, that’s played in schools. You know, the variation of tag?

Essentially, one person starts as the tagger.

Whoever gets tagged becomes a tagger with them, and from there, the group of taggers grows.

Infested is that but zombified. You can also hit the taggers with hoes, which I’m guessing most schools wouldn’t encourage.

Although there are other game modes if you want to spice things up.

For example, the pumpkinhead game mode will put pumpkins on everyone’s head. This has a couple of effects: a) it obstructs your vision, b) it makes you tastier for the infected, and c) it serves as a helmet in case you fall.


6. Pizza Hide And Seek

Pizza Hide And Seek Map for Minecraft

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This is a hide and seek map where the hiders spawn on a pizza table and must hide in a giant room.

Is it a giant room? Maybe the hiders are just tiny.

Either way – it’s super fun navigating the counters, cups, and tables on this map. And, of course, the pizza.

I would take a bite but the hiders got their feet all over it.


5. Hide and Seek – Ant Man

Hide and Seek - Ant Man Minecraft Map

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This is hide and seek but with a twist – everything is Ant-Man-themed!

Everyone can play as different Ant-Man characters and you can use various Ant-Man related powerups.

These powerups include:

  • Levitation – Makes sense. There are flying spiders so I bet there are flying ants too.
  • A firework that subtracts some time from the timer – of course, it’s a firework though, so there’s a cost!

Last but definitely not least, there’s a shrink disc that makes you teeny tiny for a few seconds! Guess this one’s more of a power-down.


4. Haunted Hide And Seek

Haunted Hide And Seek Map Preview

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With all the anticipation, hide and seek is already kind of scary.

Haunted Hide And Seek makes things even scarier!

Everything is Halloween-themed. You’re also placed in a spooky mansion.

On the bright side, that means lots of space to hide!

There are multiple game modes in this hide and seek, such as Murderer In The House, where everyone starts as hiders except one – the chosen one. Chosen to do what, you ask? Well, they’re given a one-hit KO sword, so you can make a guess.


3. Mage’s Manor

Mage’s Manor Map for Minecraft

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Mage’s Manor is a Ghosbusters-style hide and seek.

The hiders are ghosts and the seekers are mages, whose goal is to find the ghosts.

Mages have a vacuum, which they can use to capture those dirty ghosts. Then they can dump them in the trash can. It’s quite dehumanizing, really, but I guess that’s expected treatment for a group of people that lack human forms.

Players can also find souls to unlock new parts of the map. At least the owners of those souls didn’t die in vain!


2. Abandoned Mall – Hide N Seek

Abandoned Mall - Hide N Seek Minecraft Map screenshot

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There’s something about abandoned malls that are super captivating. They carry an eerie atmosphere in them.

This is why they’re the perfect spot to play hide and seek.

In addition to regular hide and seek, this map offers special game modes.

Infection will have the dead hiders become seekers.

Ghost mode makes the seekers nearly invisible, with only particles to reveal their position. As if things weren’t eerie enough!

Ghost mode also includes audible heartbeats.

That’s not going to be a problem for me, because I’m pretty sure I’d be dead from that anyways.


1. Luigi’s Ghost Mansion

Luigi’s Ghost Mansion Map preview

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Luigi’s Ghost Mansion, likely inspired by the popular video game series Luigi’s Mansion, is a hide and seek Minecraft minigame involving up to 4 catchers and a single ghost.

It’s a little different from most hide and seek maps because the catchers can be killed too.

While not sprinting, the ghost is invisible and its weakness is light. Kind of like a vampire.

Specifically though, the light from a flashlight. Kind of like… most people, to be honest.

Haven’t you ever had a flashlight shined in your eye?

The catchers can shine a flashlight at the ghost, which will lower its health and make it temporarily visible. The ghost’s goal is to avoid being killed and instead, do the killing.

It’s a ghost, after all. Killing is what it died for!

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