14 Best Minecraft Magic Mods You Can Download Right Now

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Exploration, adventure, crafting!

Three words that often pop up when describing Minecraft. Because, it’s only in video games where being reductive is seen as a positive.

There seems to be something missing, though: where’s the “magic” in all of this?

You just can’t have an exploration-adventure-crafting videogame without magic. What are we, savages?

Thankfully Minecraft has that all-too-eager modding community to fill in for those things we think this game has to have.

After all, if anyone can add shooting and killing to Minecraft then it better damn have some magic in it, too.

So without further ado, here are my picks for the best magic(or magic-adjacent) mods that players can find and add into Minecraft.

14. ExtraGems

ExtraGems Minecraft

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*Sigh* Without gems to craft cool stuff with, what’s the point of (Minecraft) life?

While we’re ranking the ExtraGems mod at the bottom of the list because… well, you can still get along fine in the game even without it, it’s still cool to have some gems to give your weapons, armor, and tools some much needed oomph.

Plus it’s not an adventure if you’re not looting anything shiny.


13. End Teleporters

End Teleporters Mod

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Minecraft is such a breeze to play through… until you realize you spent way too many hours walking from point to point.

Seriously imagine how commonplace RPGs and open-world adventures are today because quick-travel as a mechanism got standardized?

So thank goodness that modder RealMarkus1002 improved upon the quick-travel option of Minecraft’s various survival worlds with the release of the End Teleporters mod.

With this installed you can place any end portal frame to any point in the world, and you even get to design your own too.


12. CTD Mythos

CTD Mythos mod

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We can talk fantasy all we want. But there’s just no glossing over the fact that we need to acknowledge the OG that made swords-and-sandals drama relatable to everyone in the first place: Greek mythology.

The CTD Mythos mod is a collaboration between modders TheMasterGeneral and KingRayRay Ray and features unique stuff like new weapons, “crystallized” items with status effects against mobs, custom items like effigies, and–probably the most on-brand of all–a flight wand that grants temporary flight abilities.

Trust me, you don’t want to end up like Icarus.


11. Dark Chronicle Mod

Dark Chronicle Minecraft mod

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Before you dismiss this as just another “dark fantasy” mod, pay attention to this awesome game many forgot about: Dark Cloud.

If you played the PS2 when it first came out then that got your attention, huh?

Of course, not every gamer is old enough to know what the fuss behind the Dark Cloud series was.

So here’s a little blurb: it was one of the first games for PlayStation 2 that, while relatively popular during its time, was downright niche when compared to the successes of peers like the Devil May Crys and Resident Evils of that era.

While the “randomized dungeon” element wasn’t included in the mod, all the weapons, items, and ores are represented.

Alas it doesn’t have that cel-shaded charm of the original games. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying some Dark Cloud goodness in your Minecraft adventures.


10. Tibia Minecraft

Tibia Minecraft mod

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At some point several Minecraft players have thought, “What would Minecraft look like if it’s an MMORPG?”

Well this is not an official release, but for our purpose, this mod is close enough to the real deal!

As of this writing, the Tibia mod is still in its development stages.

But damn if it doesn’t boast features that makes it worth as a full game itself!

Embark on the lively world of Tibia with any of the four classes and enjoy a whole suite of gameplay, combat, and progression system that rivals just about any RPG today.


9. The Harry Potter Mod

The Harry Potter Mod For Minecraft

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Heck yes!

Why talk about magic and not even mention Harry Potter?

Sadly there’s no Harry and friends included in the mod, but at least you can still cast those kid-friendly spells. Wingardium levi-oh-sa!

And for even more magical gaming fun check out our picks for the best HP games ever released.


8. Magic Dust Mod

Magic Dust Mod

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If you’ve played Minecraft for the first time within the past five years, then I probably don’t need to tell you that there are dozens and dozens of magic mods available on Minecraft’s servers.

And that is why later mods like this one by Wixey99 is something that, ironically, just about any player can do without. But hey, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it.

The Magic Dust mod is a datapack set that features spells, artifacts, and summons that transforms Minecraft into the magical fantasy adventure of your dreams! Be forewarned, though: you need to read the PDF included with the download so you’ll have an idea of how to perform all of them!


7. mcEXP Heroes

mcEXP Heroes mod

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For longtime Minecrafteers, the mcEXP mod is one of the best RPG progressions systems released on just about any platform.

While it seems mcEXP isn’t supported by its original creator, some modders decided to add their spin on it, like this one by Hashs!

Originally called “RPG Skill Heroes”, this mod adds a completely unique magic system with four base spells players can add upon.

In addition, the bosses that come with this datapack also boast original artifacts, with each only existing in its own world. Gotta love that continuity here.


6. Blood Magic

Blood Magic mod

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Oh, you think Minecraft is still too cutesy for its own good?

Well, of course it is!

Minecraft is a digital LEGO piece, for Pete’s sake!

But of course I won’t begrudge you if ever you decide to download the Blood Magic mod.

Just as the name implies, you kill, get blood, and then use said blood to get your magic stronger—for a price.

If you love the ominousness nature behind all of this, then download this mod. You won’t be disappointed.


5. Mystcraft

Mystcraft Minecraft mod

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Yep, we’re reaching very far back into the distant past of… 1993.

With the… err, “devolution” (?) of a PC gaming classic in Myst.

Don’t hate, though; back before point-and-click became one of mobile gaming’s vaporware, Myst perfected pre-rendered computer graphics into high art.

Sure, the mystique of Myst might be different when transposed to Minecraft.

But at least the latter has one thing that PC gaming didn’t in the ‘90s: by actually letting you walk these worlds.

Just goes to show that things that came out of the ‘90s can actually be improved today.


4. Botania

Botania Minecraft mod

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How many mods can you think of that have their very own websites?

Botania does, and with good reason too. It uses elements from Minecraft and remixes them in such that it becomes a whole new game, with completely revamped rules and systems to abide by.

This really does change the entire nature of your playthroughs.

For one, Botania eschews pipes, wires, or anything resembling industrial materials in Minecraft; it just has players create stuff with plants and greenery and nothing more.

It won’t surprise anyone that this limitation actually adds a new layer of fun to what could otherwise be another run-of-the-mill Minecraft run.

If you’re looking for something that really is magically new then this is the mod you’ll want.


3. Witchery

Witchery Minecraft mod

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Ah, yes. Lest we forget that we have to pour one for our sisters who proved that you can like “dark” things and not be evil.

Good thing someone on Minecraft also had this cool idea!

Surprisingly enough, there isn’t much spellcasting happening in this mod; rather players do crafting and gardening as much as blasting mobs with fireballs.

So yes, this is like a modern wicca’s take on Minecraft with all the requisite rituals and nature spells associated with modern witchcraft.

But then again, you can also brew potions to turn yourself into a vampire or werewolf, so maybe this is better than a real witches’ ceremony?


2. Ars Magica 2

Ars Magica 2 mod

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It’s perfectly understandable if you take magic seriously in this game. Plenty of others do as well, including the creator of the Ars Magica 2 mod.

It features the Arcane Compendium, a tool that lists down every spell you can create in the game.

It also has to be said that this mod can possibly make your character be the most OP person there is on the face of God’s tiled earth.

But hey, that’s fantasy fulfilled at least!


1. Thaumcraft

Thaumcraft mod

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Since it’s impossible to download every mod for your Minecraft runs, you’ll probably only want to take up space for the essentials.

And as far as magic mods go, Thaumcraft should be at the top of the list of whatever it is you’re planning to use for Minecraft.

Clearly it’s at the top of my list.

With the creation of a wand, you can draw magic from almost every in-game object and use it according to how you see fit. Talk about having open-ended gameplay!

Highly recommend giving this a try if you’re a big magic user, or if you find magic a little bland and want to spice it up a bit.

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