15 Best Minecraft Multiplayer Maps Worth Trying

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Singleplayer Minecraft is fun.

But it’s multiplayer where you form the most memories.

After all, talking to chickens and cows gets stale after a while. But playing on the same maps can also get pretty stale too.

So here’s our picks for the best custom multiplayer Minecraft maps for you to try with your friends.


15. The Darkness Within

The Darkness Within Map for Minecraft

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Minecraft is a dark game.

Don’t believe me?

Stand on the edge of a high place while your friend looms behind you. Start a timer to see how long it takes before you’re dead.

I tried it and I got -3 seconds. Yup. That dude killed me 3 seconds before I could even start the damn thing.

Inside all of us, we have an instinct so strong that it overrides our need for love and belonging.

This instinct is the instinct to troll.

In this two-player map, you will be faced with five trials that will tease you.

You know you’re supposed to cooperate but the instinct to troll your friend is just too strong. And even if you trust yourself not to troll your friend, do you trust your friend not to troll you?

If you and your friend make it through this map without trolling each other, make each other a friendship bracelet because you two deserve it.

The moral of this map is: don’t troll your friends.


14. Bomb Buddies

Bomb Buddies Minecraft Map Screenshot

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Blowing stuff up is about the most entertaining thing you can do in Minecraft, and it only becomes more entertaining when you have a buddy to do it with.

This map is all about blowing things up but efficiently.

There are 16 structures, all created to be destroyed.

And there’s also a ranked mode if you want to get competitive about how efficiently you can blow stuff up. The more efficient of a bomber you are, the higher you’ll get on the local leaderboard.


13. Super Traitor Mystery

Super Traitor Mystery Minecraft map

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Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery?

In Super Traitor Mystery, the traitor must kill everyone – and everyone else must figure out who the traitor is.

It’s a classic case of whodunit!

If you play this map, be prepared to hear your friends make hundreds of Among Us jokes, each one less funny than the last.


12. Dimension Jumpers

Dimension Jumpers Map for Minecraft

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Have you ever watched Rick and Morty?

You know how they go to all these crazy dimensions, like the butt dimension? Or the dimension where the couches sit on people?

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry. All you need to know is that this map will have you exploring the multiverse.

The storyline for this map is quite funny.

You wake up and your house is floating in the middle of space for some reason. So if you’re planning on taking a step outside to walk your dog, don’t.

You have a mission far more important than giving your dog the necessary exercise for it to remain healthy. You need to find the five eternity stones to stop “the dark one.” Power in numbers, I guess?

After all that, maybe you can walk your dog.


11. Minecarts

Minecarts MC Map Preview

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The task is simple:

Get the Minecart from point A to point B.

Okay, the task sounds simple.

It’s a little more complicated once you actually try it though.

So get a friend, preferably your engineering friend, and put your minds together to solve these 16 puzzles.


10. Survivors vs Undead

Survivors vs Undead Minecraft Map

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Are you smart? Yes?

Well that’s a shame, because these zombies are going to eat your brains.

This is Survivors vs Undead, a map where you and your group survive for as long as possible.

There are plenty of places to hide, so if you and your friends want to take a break to play hide-and-seek amongst yourselves, you can!

Just make sure you find a super good hiding spot because the stakes are your brains in this buffet for the undead.


9. Hive Mind

Hive Mind Map for Minecraft

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Everyone knows that Bee Movie is an absolute masterpiece.

Anyone that disagrees either just doesn’t get the movie or got stung by a bee. Yes, I know Rotten Tomatoes disagrees with me too – but I don’t care!

So what makes the movie so good?

It has bees in it, and bees are fascinating.

Following this line of reasoning, Hive Mind must be a masterpiece of a Minecraft map.

It also has bees in it, and not just that… it also has a giant beehive that you get to do stuff in.

This quick little 2-player puzzle map involves building colored bridges inside a beehive.

It takes 15-30 minutes to complete, which might sound short, but trust me: it’s enough time for you and your partner to bond.

In fact, you might catch yourself calling them “honey” by the end of it.


8. The Dropper

The Dropper Minecraft Map (Preview)

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This is skydiving for those of you that are too scared to go skydiving.

The dropper will have you jumping off high places.

Granted the goal isn’t to die, but you will if your aim is off.

The goal is actually to land in a little puddle of water that you can somehow fall into without breaking every single bone in your body.

Gotta love Minecraft physics.

And this whole jumping-off-high-places thing? You’ll be doing this over and over again.


7. SkyBlock

SkyBlock Minecraft Map Screenshot

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SkyBlock is the ultimate test of resourcefulness.

With only a small island, a tree, and a couple of items, you must survive and thrive.

And the small island is also floating in the middle of nowhere, by the way.

This map proved to be so fun that an uncountable number of servers have dedicated themselves to it.

Why not give the original a try?

When playing with friends, this map will test your teamwork as well as your patience, especially at the start, when one person making one mistake is all it takes to permanently screw things up for everyone.

This will either end with you and your friends thriving, or you and your friends punching each other off the map repeatedly in a rage-induced war that cannot be won because your friend just won’t stop respawning.


6. Desert TNT Wars

Desert TNT Wars Map for Minecraft

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If you’ve ever played the Factions game mode that’s popular on so many servers, you may know a thing or two about TNT cannons.

They’re essentially structures that use flowing water to launch TNT forward. Usually used to blow through enemy bases.

In Desert TNT Wars, however, you’ll need to create these machines of destruction so that you can destroy the opposing team.

Once you learn how to build a TNT cannon, this map is a lot of fun.

There are plenty of different types of cannons you can make, and there are tutorials for most of them on YouTube.

Hey, only bomb-making tutorials aren’t allowed on the Internet, not cannon-making tutorials!


5. Flight Warfare

Flight Warfare Minecraft Map (Preview)

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If you thought PvP was fun, try PvP with elytras.

And if you thought PvP was fun, try PvP with elytras while playing capture the flag.

That’s what this map is.

Glide into the center, capture the flag, and glide away. It’s like playing quidditch from the Harry Potter series.

You could even combine this with some HP-themed mods to keep the feeling alive.


4. Ultimate Spleef

Ultimate Spleef Minecraft Map Screenshot

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Put your swords away and take your pickaxes out, because that’s what you’re going to use to take everyone down.


Ultimate Spleef is a game where you must destroy the blocks from under your opponent so that they fall down. There are multiple levels and if they fall past the last level, they’re out!

This is a revamp of the original spleef, so there are more added features, such as kits and more stages.


3. Super Smackers

Super Smackers Map for Minecraft

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You probably like your friends.

That’s why they’re your friends.

But have you ever wanted to just smack them around?

The truth is, we would love to smack those we love around. In a video game, of course.

I told you earlier about that troll instinct!

This map lets you relish in this aggression, no-holds-barred.

This is the classic sumo game, where the objective is to knock the other players into oblivion. And if the game ever stops feeling like sumo, just remember that a block in Minecraft is supposed to represent a meter, so your character is quite fat.

Americans, you’ll just have to trust me on that one.

There are also ender pearls, jump pads, and traps to make things crazier. After all, it’s called “Super Smackers,” not “Mediocre Smackers.”

The moral of this map is: troll your friends.


2. Rocket Riders

Rocket Riders Minecraft Map

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Rocket riders is a reimagining of Missile Wars by Sethbling and Cubehamster.

The goal is to destroy your enemy team’s portal before they destroy your own team’s.

But there’s a vast chasm of nothingness separating the teams, so what do you do?

When in doubt, the answer is always missiles.

Unless you’re Kim Jong-Un.

If you’re reading this, Kim Jong-Un, please don’t launch a missile. Or at least don’t tell anyone that I convinced you to do it. Please, Kim Jong-Un, they’ll launch me into space.


1. Toy Tank Royale

Toy Tank Royale MC Map (Preview)

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If you’ve ever played the online game Tank Trouble, this map is similar to that.

Everybody plays as cute little tanks, and you have to destroy all the other cute little tanks to win.

It’s cute little tank warfare!

Your tank shoots pellets that bounce off walls.

And the map is a maze, so things get chaotic really quick. But the maze is preschool-level difficulty so the chaos isn’t unbearable.

That said, the chaos will go up as the player numbers increase – and this map supports any number of players!

Even one player.

You can fight some AI tanks all by yourself and after that.

That sounds kind of lonely though – and you might end up fighting your demons instead.

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