Top 30 Best Pokémon Minecraft Skins (All Free To Download)

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Is there any other franchise that has the same influence as Pokémon?

This isn’t a rhetorical question. I mean it genuinely: does any other entity in video games or merchandising even approach the behemoth that is Pokémon?

It’s hard to think that just a few decades ago, Pokémon didn’t even exist. Now, I (along with a majority of people in the world) are ready to purchase anything Pokémon-related as soon as it drops into the market.

But if you’re looking to save a little money on your Pokémon addiction, you can live out your dreams in a Minecraft setting.

And this list is sure to help, with a huge collection of the best Pokémon-themed skins you can find online.


1. Snorlax

Snorlax Skin For Minecraft

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I know there are plenty more iconic and beloved Pokémon than Snorlax.

But, c’mon – it’s Snorlax.

How could anyone dislike this bulbous Pokémon known for taking naps in the middle of roads?

Not only is Snorlax both adorable and utterly terrifying, but he can also learn moves of all sorts from ice to dark to fighting to psychic.

Powerful, cute, and an amazing Minecraft skin.

That’s why Snorlax is the first one up on this list.


2. Charizard

Charizard Minecraft Skin

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Snorlax was one of my favorites growing up, and his skin looked great in Minecraft, but I have to admit that no Pokémon has the visual staying power of Charizard.

This flying dragon-like creature is widely considered one of the coolest, strongest, and most beloved Pokémon around – and it’s easy to see why.

It’s perhaps the coolest starter evolution from every Gen.

And it quickly became one of the faces of Pokémon, right up there with Pikachu.

Charizard’s giant dragon figure looks hilarious boiled down into Minecraft form, but I do admit I love the way the tail runs up the skin’s back and onto the head.


3. Gengar

Gengar Skin For Minecraft

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For players like me who were around in the early Gen days, Gengar was like the forbidden fruit. A Pokémon we all knew and thought was cool, but was unattainable unless you knew someone willing to trade with you.

Thankfully, those days of linking cords and harassing people to trade with you are over.

But the age of Gengar is not.

Gengar’s ghoulish grin is up there with some of the best designed Pokémon. The nightmarish dark purples along with the smile make for one heck of a Minecraft skin too.


4. Pokemon Trainer Red

Pokemon Trainer Red Minecraft Skin

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I know that Red isn’t an actual Pocket Monster. I hear your complaints.

But when it comes to iconic characters from Pokémon that work well in Minecraft skin form… I don’t know if it gets any better than Red.

From a mile and a half away, this is instantly recognizable as THE Pokémon trainer.

The original trainer from which all other forms have taken their influence.

This rendition of Red by creator DragonsDungeon gets all the details right down to the backpack.

It’s got me itching to pretend some chickens are Pokémon that I can catch in Minecraft.


5. Pikachu

Pikachu Skin For Minecraft

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While we’re on the topic of instantly recognizable and iconic, Pikachu is in a tier of its own.

No Pokémon comes close to the franchise-defining critter.

And whenever one is available to catch in-game, you can bet that every player will go out of their way to catch it.

I feel like all Minecraft players should do the same with this skin. I know that won’t happen, but I think this Pikachu skin is unnecessarily good and also funny as heck.

Pikachu with human dimensions is not something I thought I needed in my life – but now that I have it, I feel complete.


6. Eevee

Eevee Minecraft Skin

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With the releases of the Let’s Go games, I feel like Eevee deserves a spot on the list right next to Pikachu.

Eevee, like most of the first gen creatures, is an icon among monsters.

Partly because it has the ability to transform into a dozen different types of Pokémon, and mostly because it’s just too cute.

Much like Pikachu, seeing Eevee with Minecraft player size is a little unsettling.

But much like many Pokémon, I find it endearing and humorous, so it’s a win-win for me.


7. Cool Squirtle

Cool Squirtle Squad Skin For Minecraft

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Squirtle was the starter of my youth.

When I played my first Pokémon, Squirtle’s turtle-ness absolutely sent me, and I knew he must be mine.

However, when looking for Squirtle skins to put in the best of skin list, I knew there was only one true Squirtle that could make the cut.

Sunglasses Squirtle, AKA Cool Squirtle, of the Squirtle Squad is the best version of Squirtle, in and out of Minecraft.


8. Rowlet

Rowlet Minecraft Skin

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With the release of Legends: Arceus, Rowlet has taken back its rightful place in the conversation for cutest starter Pokemon.

I know that all the Pokémon are cute, and that Rowlet doesn’t have everyone’s favorite evolutions.

That being said, the round little owl is freaking adorable and should be used by everyone at least once to experience its majesty and grace.

On this list, you get to be the majestic and graceful one as you play Rowlet – just in a taller and less round form.


9. Greninja

Greninja Skin For Minecraft

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From Smash to X & Y, Greninja has floored its enemies and players consistently.

Probably because it’s a frog ninja, which is a masterful Pokémon combination.

While Greninja is hilarious and super cool, I have to give the credit for this skin placement to creator Drazile for this effort.

This skin was published in 2014, and it doesn’t just hold up by today’s standards – it truly shines.

Sure it helps that Greninja is much more human-shaped than say Pikachu.

But I’m not taking anything away from this stellar skin.


10. Entei

Entei Minecraft Skin

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If you were to ask me what Pokémon would make good Minecraft skins, I don’t think Entei would ever have crossed my mind.

The legendary second gen Pokémon has been a popular but rare entry throughout the series.

Because of its rarity, size, and the fact that it’s a giant cat beast, I wouldn’t have even guessed there’d be an Entei skin out there.

But skin creator Audra thought of Entei.

And somehow, it looks both spot on and completely natural.

This design is instantly recognizable as Entei, and also looks as though it somehow belongs in the world of Minecraft. My mind is blown, and the download button is clicked.


11. Zekrom

Zekrom Skin For Minecraft

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Upon finding Entei, I had to discover more legendary Pokémon.

I thought this list would be a bunch of Eevees and Pikachus. But the possibility of being a legendary Pokémon in Minecraft: I needed to know.

Next up on the legendary list is Zekrom, who I suppose makes more sense as a skin, since it’s bipedal and more person-shaped.

However, because Zekrom is 10 feet tall, winged, and pitch black, its Minecraft skin looks hilariously undersized.

That doesn’t mean I love it any less though.


12. Giratina

Giratina Minecraft Skin

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With the possibilities of legendary Pokémon unleashed, I knew I on the hunt for the legendaries from my favorite gen.

I wasn’t disappointed when I found this Giratina by creator Audra.

Giratina’s gargantuan size and crazy dragon-y shape made me think that there was no way a Giratina could look even remotely good.

I am, alas, a fool.

This Giratina skin is an incredible interpretation of the Pokémon, with its collared stripes and helmeted head.

Obviously, the dragon shape couldn’t be preserved in Minecraft form. But the skin uses all the pixels it has in its power to the maximum effect.


13. Arcanine

Arcanine Skin For Minecraft

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Arcanine was, is, and forever will be one of my favorite Pokémon.

I think that Arcanine’s huge fiery form was so awe-inspiring that it seemed like a starter evolution, rather than something off of Route 7.

Pair that with the fact that Growlithe is adorable, and I desperately wanted a dog as a kid:

This pair is forever ingrained as a favorite in my brain.


14. Raichu

Raichu Minecraft Skin

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Pikachu gets all the credit and love in the Pokémon anime series and games, but where’s the love for Raichu?

Raichu is the mysterious evolution of Pikachu:

Less cute, bigger, and meaner in the series.

But that’s not fair.

Raichu can be just as cute and fun as Pikachu if you just give them a little love.

I say Pikachu is overrated, and that this Raichu skin should be worn Minecraft-wide in retaliation.

That’s probably a bold move on my part, but I’ll settle for just re-skinning myself as Raichu for the time being.


15. Magikarp

Magikarp Skin For Minecraft

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I don’t know who at the Pokémon company/Game Freak thought of Magikarp in Gen 1.

But I wish to thank them for literal decades of entertainment.

This useless splashing fish Pokémon does evolve into a literal flying dragon given enough energy and time – but it’s “karp” screaming form is equally frustrating and funny.

Well either way, this skin by creator Audra is utterly hilarious.

A floating Magikarp head? Genius.

Will the skin’s invisible body work in game? I have no idea if that technology exists.

But it’s certainly worth a try.


16. Mewtwo

Mewtwo Minecraft Skin

Check Out This Skin

If you didn’t at one point in time think that Mewtwo was the coolest thing on the planet, I’m inclined to think you’re a total liar.

Mewtwo’s huge, floating form in contrast to Mew’s small cat form is terrifying.

Mewtwo is like a crazy, Dragonball super saiyan version of Mew, and that’s every eight year old’s dream.

This skin captures all that crazy psychic energy and funnels that intensity into a stark, scary skin.

Does it scare me a little bit? Yes.

Am I still going to download it? Of course I am.


17. Jessie (Team Rocket)

Jessie (Team Rocket) Skin For Minecraft

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The number of Pokémon extends to about a thousand by now, with many of them being instantly recognizable icons in worldwide culture.

However, there are a couple of characters from the Pokémon universe that just don’t get enough credit for what they’ve brought to the cultural table.

Team Rocket, the original Poke bad guys, pretty much set the foundation for all the plots inside and out of the games.

Jessie with her very fashion-forward crop top and giant purple hair was the starting point for that revolution.


18. James (Team Rocket)

James (Team Rocket) Minecraft Skin

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Right there next to Jessie with equally dyed hair and just as dastardly plans was James.

Their dynamic truly pushed the boundaries for when they were airing in the anime back in the late 90s and early 2000s.

Their fashion, the strong-willed and smart woman paired with a ditzy dude, the hair:

These trends were literally two decades ahead of their time.

Add on to these icons that their skins by creator Leostereo are pretty much perfect, and you’ve got new favorite Minecraft skins from me.


19. Umbreon

Umbreon Skin For Minecraft

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The Eevee evolutions are perhaps the most interesting Pokémon forms around.

Partly because no other Pokémon has anywhere near as complex of an evolution path.

Umbreon requires some combination of a maxed out friendship in the nighttime, a lack of move types that could cancel it out, and a moon shard to be evolved.

And the games provide no hints for figuring that out.

If that process by itself isn’t enough to fascinate you, then Umbreon’s secretive, dark-type form with its moon rings should.


20. Vaporeon

Vaporeon Minecraft Skin

Check Out This Skin

While Umbreon is probably the coolest Eevee evolution, Vaporeon has always been my favorite.

I am a sucker for water type Pokémon in general.

But Vaporeon just looks so darn cute with its frilled neck thing that creator Audra even included in its skin.

If you’re not convinced by Vaporeon’s fox/mermaid vibe going on, and you somehow haven’t downloaded this skin instantly upon seeing it, here’s a fun piece of trivia:

Vaporeon is called “the bubble jet Pokémon”.

That is so cute I think I might die.


21. Caterpie

Caterpie Skin For Minecraft

Check Out This Skin

I definitely didn’t expect Caterpie to take a spot on this list, since it’s a tiny caterpillar.

But skin creator Frog2Face hit me with a healthy dose of the crazy creativity that I’ve come to know and love from the Minecraft community.

From the front and back, this Caterpie skin looks bland and vaguely insect-like.

But from the sides, you can see those signature huge Caterpie eyes.

This thing is adorable and sort of terrifying:

It’s everything that I love about Pokémon, and crossover MC skins.


22. Grovyle

Grovyle Minecraft Skin

Check Out This Skin

I know what you’re thinking.

Grovyle seems like a weird choice for Gen 3 starter. Why wouldn’t you put in Treecko or Septile?

Well, dear reader, according to skin creator Aximili, Grovyle might be the greatest Pokémon ever.

It plays a main role in many of the side games like Mystery Dungeon, and it looks super cool.

I cannot fact check the claim that Grovyle may be the greatest Pokémon.

But I can factually and objectively say that this Grovyle skin is one of the greatest designs in all of Minecraftia.


23. Blastoise

Blastoise Skin For Minecraft

Check Out This Skin

Blastoise is an objectively hilarious Pokémon.

It’s a really big turtle with really big water guns on its back.

Blastoise’s design is equal parts funny and rad, and unsurprisingly, it was my favorite evolution from the first generation.

I can’t help that I love water types nor can I help that this Blastoise skin by creator Audra is great. They’ve been a heavy hitter in this skin list for a good reason.

Audra loves these Pokémon, and their skins show it.


24. Infernape

Infernape Minecraft Skin

Check Out This Skin

If you had to guess what Pokémon would most easily transition into a Minecraft skin, you’d probably guess the ones that look like people.

The ones that stand on two legs or are humanoid.

Infernape, therefore, is a natural guess for a good skin.

Well, I’m happy to say that it is definitely great.

This Infernape skin is almost too good, nearly uncanny in the realm of Pokémon skins.

I can’t wait to download this and sneak up on my friends with that huge, Infernape grin.


25. Blaziken

Blaziken Skin For Minecraft

Check Out This Skin

Right next to Infernape in the “two legs, sort of looks like a person, starter Pokémon” category is Blaziken.

I love the kicking-type monsters because of how cool/goofy the fighting types tend to be.

And Blaziken is the perfect example.

It pops off in every animation, looks like a lanky fire chicken, and is literally called the “blaze” Pokemon.

What’s there not to love?


26. Buizel

Buizel Minecraft Skin

Check Out This Skin

If you’ve played any Legends: Arceus, then I’m sure you’ve been harassed by the waves of endless Buizel in the Obsidian Fieldlands.

In all seriousness though, Buizel’s design is, I have to say, probably S-tier among Pokémon.

While Buizel might not be the most iconic or most recognizable, the otter/buoy combo is flawless.

And the inflatable tube design is as good as Pokémon come.

Unsurprisingly, skin creator Audra hit another one out of the park and capitalized on Buizel’s unparalleled design and naming conventions.


27. Groudon

Groudon Skin For Minecraft

Check Out This Skin

My favorite generation of Pokémon has been (and will probably always be) Gen 3.

I loved the names of Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

I loved everything about Hoenn.

And I really loved the apocalypse plot line about the land, ocean, and sky going to fight one another.

So Groudon has to be my favorite of that trio of legendaries. I played those games when I was maybe 8 years old.

How could an 8 year old not be thunderstruck by a volcano dinosaur Pokémon?

The fiery color palette and tectonic plate design on the Pokémon (and this skin) have always been winners for me. And it looks like it’ll continue to be in my survival world.


28. Meowth

Meowth Minecraft Skin

Check Out This Skin

In my searches for Pokémon skins, it took me quite some time to stumble upon Meowth.

And boy am I glad I did.

Meowth is a creature like no other.

Not because Meowth is a cat – there are a multitude of cat Pokémon out there, even within this list.

But Meowth can talk. While other Pokémon make screeching sounds or repeat their names over and over, Meowth can and has learned human speech.

Between that, plus its huge discerning eyes, and its love of wealth, it’s no wonder this is a Team Rocket Pokémon.


29. Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur Skin For Minecraft

Check Out This Skin

If you’ve been around the Pokémon block, then you should be familiar with the origin of Bulbasuar’s name.

The seed Pokémon is literally Pokémon number 1, the first in the Pokedex, yet somehow its original name in Japanese roughly translates to “what the heck is this thing?”

Bulbasaur’s origin story is as hilarious as it is strange-looking.

And we love it all the same for it.


30. Machop

Machop Minecraft Skin

Check Out This Skin

Pokémon has been a huge brand for a long time.

So Pokémon skins go back as far as Minecraft skins go.

While I perused through a decade of skins, I didn’t see a single Machop – until this recent one jumped out at me, designed by creator NotChucky.

I couldn’t for the life of me tell you why this Machop feels so incredible.

The Pokémon looks exactly like a human, so maybe that’s part of it.

And this skin is an amazing rendition, from the huge eyes to the skinny ribs.

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