Bob’s Burgers Minecraft Skins: The Ultimate List

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Bob’s Burgers was a breath of fresh air when it first came out.

At the time, adult-oriented cartoons were dominated by the likes of Family Guy and Archer.

While well-beloved, they were mostly crass and edgy comedies with little to no wholesome moments.

I wouldn’t say that Bob’s Burgers is a show for children, but it definitely made you feel like a child again because of its warmth and delightfully juvenile humor.

Not to mention its powerhouse of a cast including H. Jon Benjamin, John Roberts, Dan Mintz, and Kristen Schaal.

If, like me, you haven’t had enough of Bob’s Burgers, then bring the Belcher family to Minecraft with these incredible skins.


1. Bob Belcher

Bob Belcher Skin For Minecraft

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Bob Belcher is a bit of an anomaly in the world of teen/adult-oriented cartoons.

Unlike bumbling idiots like Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin, he’s practical and realistic – or at least, as practical and realistic as an animated dad could be.

Sure, he’s not the most talented entrepreneur. And anyone who has ever seen a single episode of Bob’s Burgers knows that he’s an incredibly unlucky guy.

Still, he loves his family unconditionally, and he has a passion for flipping patties that would make SpongeBob jealous.

Become the Belcher patriarch with this detailed skin that captures even his hairy arms and bald spot!


2. Linda Belcher

Linda Belcher Minecraft Skin

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Marge Simpson used to be my favorite cartoon mom mostly because she has such a distinct voice.

Then along came Linda Belcher with her endearing East Coast accent, and everything changed.

Optimistic and wonderfully eccentric, anyone would feel lucky to have her as a mother.

Similarly, any single dad out there would feel like a million bucks if they had Linda as a wife. The way she supports Bob through thick and thin cements them as one of TV’s most adorable couples.

Linda may never be anyone’s real life mom because, you know, she’s a freakin’ cartoon, but at least we can play as her on Minecraft with this skin by creator AlexisWolf.


3. Tina Belcher

Tina Belcher Skin For Minecraft

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Everyone goes through an awkward teenager phase, which is why Tina Belcher is so relatable.

Sure, you’ve probably never had an unhealthy obsession for butts and horses. But chances are you’ve been infatuated with something no one else seems to care about.

Fortunately, she channels this obsessive energy into writing countless pieces of fan-fiction, even sometimes adding her friends as characters and calling it “friend-fiction.”

If you want to turn into the undisputed queen of butts and outcasts in the world of Minecraft, this is the skin you need in your MC skins folder.


4. Gene Belcher

Gene Belcher Minecraft Skin

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Sharing the Belcher family’s creative gene is the only boy, Gene Belcher.

More infatuated with flatulence than horses and butts, Gene loves bugging his family by sampling his farts using his trusty Casio SK-5 keyboard.

Don’t be fooled by his childish demeanor though, because this aspiring musician can actually come up with some catchy tunes.

If you don’t believe me, just check out his magnum opus The Fart Song off The Bob’s Burgers Music Album.


5. Louise Belcher

Louise Belcher Skin For Minecraft

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If Tina is the show’s resident outcast, then Louise is everyone’s irritating little sister – and I mean that in the best way possible.

Mischievous and manipulative, she’s also the most quick-witted of the kids despite being the youngest.

More Bart than Stewie, she’s also very protective of her family and loves them extremely – even though she may be the last person to admit it.

This skin got Louise’s judge-y expression right. But I’m not sure how she’d feel about those bunny ears. N0xxii, prepare to meet Louise’s wrath.


6. Moolissa

Moolissa Minecraft Skin

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Moolissa first appears in episode 3 season 1, “Sacred Cow.”

In the episode, a documentarian named Randy leaves Moolisa outside the Belchers’ restaurant to make a statement about animal cruelty.

Sadly, it ends with Moolissa (who turns out to be a bull) dying of a heart attack. Bob serves him up as the “Rest in Peas Burger” after Moolissa gives him his blessing along with a passionate kiss.

By the way, I forgot to mention that Moolissa is a bull with a blond wig glued to his head, which is strangely the least absurd part of the whole episode.

We can only imagine how the series would’ve been like had Moolissa lived and become an honorary Belcher. But at least we can play it out our Moolissa Belcher fantasies with this skin by Spiffiestauto82.


7. Kuchi Kopi

Kuchi Kopi Skin For Minecraft

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Another absurd character that appears very early in the series is Kuchi Kopi.

Since materializing in Bob’s hallucination in “Crawl Space,” the creepy and oddly cute entity has become a symbol for insanity in the show.

Is he some sort of ghost? A demon? A god, even?

No one really knows.

Despite his mysterious origins, I bet he’d fit right in among Minecraft’s mobs.


8. Teddy

Teddy Minecraft Skin

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It’s hard not to love Teddy.

He’s one of Bob’s best friends and loyal customers, making him a common fixture in the family.

Honestly, his whole backstory about being turned down by an actress in his youth makes me want to hug him every time he appears on screen.

There’s also his divorce from Denise, which is its own separate topic altogether.

Either way, now you can don the look of this teddy bear of a man in Minecraft.


9. Jimmy Junior

Jimmy Junior Skin For Minecraft

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I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Jimmy Junior.

On one hand, him being the Romeo to Tina’s Juliet has always been a great source of comedy.

On the other, his status as the biggest brat in the Bob’s Burgers universe brings up a lot of memories from my childhood.

Props to creator Mattfigureskates for this skin, because he perfectly designed Jimmy Junior’s punchable face.


10. Courtney Wheeler

Courtney Wheeler Minecraft Skin

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Rounding out this list is none other than Courtney Wheeler.

Like Jimmy Junior, Courtney Wheeler is one of those characters that you either love to hate, or hate to love.

She became Gene’s first love, which came as a surprise at first because who knew the same kid who wrote “The Fart Song” would end up with a romantic arc?

Of course, their dating started all because of Gene’s fascination for her dad who writes jingles for a living.

They’ve become friends when their relationship ended, but you never forget your first.

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