Minecraft: The Best Hoodie Skins For Boys (All Free)

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When it comes to articles of clothing, nothing can trounce the modest hoodie.

It has both form and function. Can you think of any article of clothing that can keep you warm, cover your head, hold all of your possessions, look as good, or be as comfortable as the hoodie?

I think not.

For this reason, I firmly believe the hoodie to be a piece of attire in which we all ought to partake, beginning with Minecraft.

So I’ll begin my crusade for the propagation of all hoodiedom with this collection of male MC hoodie skins.


1. Freerunner in Hoodie

Freerunner/DJ Boy in Hoodie / Minecraft Skin

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This list starts with an oldie but a goodie hoodie.

This freerunner skin has all the cool, dark tones you could hope for in its greys and greens, while also partially covering the face with a bandana.

It’s mysterious, multi-purpose, and has just the right amount of edge to draw you in.


2. Cool Steve

Steve with a Green Hoodie / Minecraft Skin

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Sometimes, simple just can’t be beaten.

Steve is as close to a perfect Minecraft skin that exists – a fact that skin creator AthleteBoy took into consideration when making this hoodie skin, aptly named “Cool Steve.”

Cool Steve takes the iconic default look and elevates it by dressing Steve in a color-matching hoodie, emblazoned with a creeper face on the back.

It’s amazing how the addition of a hoodie can take you from normal to cool.


3. Cool Guy with Crown

Boy with Sunglasses, Crown & White Hoodie / Minecraft Skin

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Speaking of cool, this hoodie skin sees a cool fellow in a modern white textured hoodie and sunglasses, just hanging out wearing a golden crown.

Rarely do artists go through the effort of adding texture to all facets of a skin, but creator KeepYourBliss layered these modern clothes so much, you could practically see Kanye wearing them.

This skin is the ultimate example of how the clothes you wear can give you enough confidence that you might as well be King.


4. Hoodie Guy with Cap

Red Hoodie Guy with Backwards Hat / Minecraft Skin

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If flashy skins and gold crowns aren’t necessarily your go-to, this cap-wearing hoodie guy is undoubtedly the skin for you.

With a plain red hoodie, backward grey cap, and grey denim on, this skin refreshingly depicts a normal fellow, free of bells and whistles.

Sometimes you don’t want to be wearing crowns or doing parkour.

Sometimes you just want to be you in the comfort of a hoodie.


5. Duck Hoodie

Yellow Duck Hoodie Boy / Minecraft Skin

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Now that we’ve gotten the classic looks out of the way, it is time for duck hoodie.

This design by Creator6596 has taken a fairly modern model of a skin, and donned them in a bright yellow and orange sweatshirt, topped with a duck hood.

You can tell this is not only an absolute standout design, but it’s adorable as all Nether too.


6. Shark Hoodie

Shark-themed Hoodie Boy / Minecraft Skin

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Sticking with the animal hoodie theme, this shark hoodie by Sebastian220 takes the same ideas as the duck hoodie – but applies them to the deep sea.

This shark hoodie is an oceanic shade of deep blue/nearly gray skin, with a tooth-lined hood rim, giving the appearance that the hood is the shark’s head swallowing up the character’s face.

It’s not every day that I run into a skin that’s so remarkable and funny that I think to myself, “I’d buy those clothes in real life.”


7. Enderman in Creeper Hoodie

Enderman in White Creeper Hoodie / Minecraft Skin

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I adore Minecraft skins that take mobs or NPCs from the game and allow you to play as them.

And this skin is no exception.

The otherworldly nightmare of the Enderman has been toned down to player-size and put into a pair of chinos, and a zip-up green Creeper hoodie.

The color contrast here draws the eye so well, I couldn’t do anything but add it to this list.


8. Assassin’s Creed (Connor Kenway)

Connow Kenway Hoodie (Assassins Creed) / Minecraft Skin

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Assassin’s Creed x Minecraft isn’t a crossover I thought I’d see anytime soon…

But this Connor Kenway skin by creator Emiliocraft pulls it off – and pulls it off well.

The iconic silhouette of the Assassin’s Creed games is an extended hoodie covering the eyes.

This skin does exactly that, nailing the look, bathing the eyes in shadow, and somehow, it translates miraculously well into pixelated blocks.

Slap an elytra and a Sharpness V sword on this skin and you’ll be the most terrifying leap-of-faith-taking assassin in your Realm.


9. Winter Slime

Green Winter Slime Hoodie Boy / Minecraft Skin

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Creator Pyne Tree brings one of my favorite skins, aptly named “Winter Slime.”

Winter Slime is a male model with shaggy brown hair and green eyes, dressed in a pale green hoodie.

Whereas most hoodie skins use the iconic creeper image to liven their fabric, this skin uses the subtle color and visage of a slime to decorate itself.

Add those mint green colors to the cozy striped scarf wrapped around this character’s neck, and you’ve got yourself a delightful & surprisingly unique winter hoodie skin.


10. The Panda

Panda Bear in Rave Hoodie / Minecraft Skin

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In a hard right from quaint wintry hoodies, we have the Panda, a skin made by goligamer88.

With tattered all-black clothes and some split-down-the-middle neon blue and purple highlights adorning this modern skin, it’s hard to tell whether this guy is going to a rave to participate, or to be DJ the event.

Nevertheless, it looks amazing.

The detail on this design is second to none.

Very cool and futuristic.

Oh yeah, and the skin is a literal Panda bear. What’s not to like?


11. Edgy Boy

Boy with Emo Hair & White Hoodie / Minecraft Skin

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This skin by creator Chahuahua is the perfect embodiment of all things glorious and edgy from the early 2010s.

It has everything from checkered black and white skater highlights to the one-eye, swooping emo hair, to headphones over the white hoodie.

No skin I have ever seen matches the pure cool, skater-boy aesthetics that this skin does.

And I have to say: I absolutely love it.


12. Batman Hoodie

Dark Batman Hoodie Guy / Minecraft Skin

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When I think of “Batman hoodie,” images of plain black sweatshirts with perhaps a yellow bat emblazoned on the front come to mind.

Skin creator That Nerdy Bear thought the same thing – but didn’t stop at a bat symbol.

They took the bold black and yellow contrast and added highlights to the hoods, shoes, and an incredible yellow flaming effect up one of the skin’s arms.

This design takes a classic pop culture reference and puts such an innovative spin on it. And I’m sure it’ll turn heads on your server.


13. All Black Hoodie

All Black Hair & Hoodie Boy / Minecraft Skin

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I understand that while plenty of these hoodie skins are cool, not all of them match everyone’s aesthetic.

Sometimes, we’re all looking for an all-black look.

Thankfully creator Palobius has nailed this one.

With the only bits of color on this skin coming from the light grey shoes and hoodie trim, the stark black outfit, layered to perfection, is as contrasting and eye-catching as they come.


14. Totoro Hoodie

Blue-hair guy with Totoro Hoodie / Minecraft Skin

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For all the Ghibli fans, this skin will be sure to tug at your heart and hoodie strings.

This features a gray hoodie that’s lovingly adorned with the iconic Totoro face.

Just one glimpse at this design can bring back all the sweeping scores and fantastic adventure that Ghibli movies have been producing for years and years to come.

However, even if you’re not a Ghibli stan, the plus side is that this skin is flat-out great no matter what.

The creator XyaMorph went through the effort to texture the skin to look realistic and gorgeous, with some of the best hair on a Minecraft skin that I’ve seen.


15. Teen in Creeper Hoodie

Guy in Red Hoodie with Creeper Design / Minecraft Skin

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When it comes down to looks we can all get behind, this skin is the perfect representation.

Creator KnobleKnives based the skin off one of his favorite outfits in real life. And the attention to detail, the personal touch, it really stands out.

The texture on everything from the clothing to the face is remarkably well done, down to the headphones lifted off of his head.

It’s rare to find a Minecraft skin that feels like an extension of a person and not a pop culture reference – but this skin does that.

It feels like a real projection of a real person into the realm of Mines and Crafts. And for that, I have no choice but to toss it into this list.

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