Minecraft: Best Candy & Chocolate Bar Skins (All Free)

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Dentists beware, because I’m about to be feeding my sweet tooth to my heart’s content in this list.

It was many ages ago when I first saw someone wandering the cobbled roads of a Minecraft server dressed as a bar of chocolate. Ever since that first moment, I’ve been fascinated by the skin trend.

Who came up with this? Why make yourself look like candy? Why do so many of the candy/chocolate bar skins look, like, really darn good?

The answers to these questions can never truly be known.

But at least we can look into these sugary skins available for the wide world of Minecraft.


1. Rainbow Chocolate

Rainbow Chocolate Skin For Minecraft

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Despite this being a candy skin list, we’re starting with a hodgepodge of different skin trends all mashed together into one beautiful chocolate bar by creator TheSirDrake.

Rainbow Chocolate (derp), as this skin is formally known, combines the multi-colored rainbow skin trend with a chocolate bar to great effect.

As if that wasn’t enough, the chocolate bar also has a little derp face.

Sometimes, you find a skin that’s just plain fun. This skin is exactly that.


2. Happy Bar

Happy Bar Minecraft Skin

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Before I get too deep into describing why I think this skin is so delightful, I need to say that I love the way all these chocolate bar skins use the candy wrapper as if it were an article of clothing.

Now, onto ImTimbo_’s chocolate bar: adorable. That’s all.

Seriously, how can you say anything about this skin other than that it’s utterly adorable. The sheer joy on this chocolate bar’s face is infectious.

I named this skin “Happy Bar” for me by the way. It’s not that this bar is specifically happy. It’s that I’m happy looking at it.


3. Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum Skin For Minecraft

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I guess it makes sense on paper that skins of various candies and chocolates would have adorable little faces, but that doesn’t mean each one doesn’t still take my breath away.

Creator WiseTime’s colorful candy skin looks absolutely thrilled as it walks around.

Between the pink face and the candy interior that can be seen on the skin’s sides and inner arms and legs, I think this skin may be a fancy chewing gum piece, but I can’t be sure.

However, one of the many beauties of Minecraft skins is that I don’t need to be sure of what one is to download and enjoy it.


4. Candy Face

Candy Face Minecraft Skin

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This skin just made me laugh when I first saw it.

It makes me think that creator Dvlce thought about making a candy skin, made a candy sprite, and called it a day.

A white skin with a piece of candy on its face: that’s comedy gold.


5. White Chocolate

White Chocolate Skin For Minecraft

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I’m not going to get too heated about this debate, but let me just say that I’m glad creator Parauid is giving white chocolate some of the respect it deserves.

I know that white chocolate isn’t even chocolate in a literal sense, but it’s tasty and delightful in all its applications.

You know what else is tasty and delightful anywhere anytime? This skin!

Well, I don’t know if it’s tasty, but this skin sure is delightful.


6. Oreo Cookie

Oreo Cookie Minecraft Skin

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Before you come at me with all the “wait Oreo cookies aren’t even candies,” yes you are correct.

But, you can’t tell me that this skin doesn’t stylistically match this list. The faceless cookie man, the cream layer on the side of the skin, the snack energy: all of it lines up perfectly.

If you think otherwise, then, well, I respect your opinion.

But also, go eat some Oreos and be less cranky.


7. Candy Corn

Candy Corn Skin For Minecraft

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Candy corn may not be everyone’s favorite candy.

But the tricolor Halloween treat is an undeniable classic.

Though few people still consume candy corn regularly, it’s so iconic that candy corn can and will never die.

Unless you’re wearing this skin and playing Minecraft. Then, it’s totally possible and, in fact, rather likely that candy corn will die at some point.


8. Chocolate Santa

Chocolate Santa Minecraft Skin

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From the earliest age I can remember, I was infatuated by those weird chocolate figurines.

You know, like the chocolate bunny that would be on shelves for around two weeks around Easter.

I cannot remember a time in my life when I encountered a chocolate Santa, but this skin makes me wish I had.

There’s something so strange about consuming your favorite holiday figure in the form of solid chocolate, but also something deeply satisfying. Creator M1cky gets what I’m talking about.


9. Twizzler

Twizzler Skin For Minecraft

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There’s nothing quite like a good Twizzler.

While I have a decent idea of what most candy is, I have no earthly idea what a Twizzler happens to be. I know that it’s probably made of sugar, but that’s about it.

That has never and will never deter me from munching on those glorious long strands of sweet goodness though.

It will also never deter me from putting on this skin and living my best life.


10. Peko-Chan

Peko-Chan Minecraft Skin

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This skin is a little bit of a deep cut for candy and chocolate fans.

As the show iCarly pointed out many years ago, nothing can compete with Japanese candy.

In the same vein, nothing can compete with creator Ien-kun’s Peko chan skin.

Peko is the mascot of a Japanese chocolate brand, and a painfully cute one at that. I’ve been seeing this mascot for most of my life, and never would I have thought it would translate into such an amazing Minecraft skin.

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