Best Cartoony Texture Packs & Resource Packs for Minecraft

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Cartoony resource packs say “screw it” to realism in favor of bright, bold colors and lots of fun.

They make Minecraft feel exciting and lighthearted.

And these are the best resource packs that will make you feel like you’re really playing in a cartoon.


10. Cardcaptor Sakura Custom Pack!

Cardcaptor Sakura Custom Pack! For Minecraft

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Here’s a pack based on the manga series Cardcaptor.

I haven’t read the series, but if it’s as pretty as this pack, maybe I’ll give it a try! Although I might be too distracted by the art to even pay attention to the text.

The pack uses some textures from Jolicraft (another amazing resource pack) but also adds a ton of new textures to it. A lot of these new textures are pink, so if you like that color, you’ll love this pack!


9. Minecraft 4Kids Genesis

Minecraft 4Kids Genesis Minecraft Pack

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Minecraft 4Kids Genesis is a pack that wasn’t originally made for kids…

It was made for a kid.

You see, the creator of this resource pack is a father of a fearful little boy. Whenever this kid saw mobs, he would get scared. Stranger danger!

This father took it upon himself to make a resource pack that feels safe so that his child can play Minecraft without peeing himself. Unfortunately, the father lost interest.

Two creators revived this pack though, and that’s what we have here today.

Like the creators, this pack has a lot of heart. Your world will be bright and vibrant. The textures are detailed while still feeling clean.

Even if you’re not a kid, you’ll experience childlike wonder with this pack enabled!


8. Pokémon Gold Resource Pack

Pokémon Gold Resource Pack For Minecraft

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This is a great choice if you want the Pokémon feel without installing the Pixelmon mod. Or maybe you could pair it with the Pixelmon mod!

The design gives off an old-school vibe.

The colors are bright and the textures are pixelated while still feeling cartoonish.

My favorite thing about this pack has to be the pets. They’re retextured to look like Pokémon so that you can really get into the Pokémon trainer headspace!


7. Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog Minecraft Pack

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Sonic The Hedgehog (the pack) is based on Sonic The Hedgehog (the video game franchise), which is about Sonic The Hedgehog (the character).

By the way, did you hear about Sonic The Hedgehog (the movie)?

Phew. Those were a lot of Sonic The Hedgehogs. Give me some treadmills and I could have them power a city!

This pack will make you feel faster.

You won’t actually be faster of course – this is a resource pack, not a hacked client.

Some of the most notable textures in this pack are the grass and the iconic checkered dirt. There are also changes to sounds and animations, making them more Sonic-like.

Also, try going into third-person view. It’s possible that you won’t be a human. It’s possible that you’ll be a hedgehog.

Tip: we also have a separate list with Sonic mods, skins, and maps created just for Minecraft.


6. Sugarpack

Sugarpack Pack For Minecraft

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If you’ve got a sweet tooth, grab a snack, and if you’ve got a sweet eye, grab this pack!

Sugarpack turns all your food into delicious sweets to sink your teeth into. These sweets are made of pixels though, so they’re diabetes-friendly!

Even the names of these items change into their respective sweets. If these name changes are confusing for you and you want to see what you’re actually eating, then simply set your language to “Pirate Speak” and the names will be back to normal.

I guess it makes sense using Pirate Speak for this feature since pirates don’t talk very sweetly.

If your favorite color happens to be pink, you’ll love this set – because there’s a lot of pink.


5. Rectangular Resource Pack

Rectangular Resource Pack Minecraft Pack

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Many simplistic resource packs focus on square-y textures.

Squares are boring and old now though.

The new world is a rectangular one!

It still is Minecraft though, so the actual shape of the blocks will still be square-y.

You can’t escape the squares but this pack is the closest you’ll get.


4. The Scribblenauts Pack

The Scribblenauts Pack For Minecraft

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The Scribblenauts Pack is based on a puzzle game called Scribblenauts.

True to the art style of the game, the textures are cartoonish and look somewhat hand-drawn.

There’s a lot this pack does to give off the Scribblenauts feel.

For example, the mushrooms look like they’re made out of paper, cardboard, or some other two-dimensional thing that you probably don’t want to eat. Have you ever seen one of those cardboard cutouts of celebrities? The mushrooms kind of look like that.

Even the menu feels like Scribblenauts. The text on each selection icon (singleplayer, multiplayer, options, etc.) is written on a strip of ripped paper.

This pack’s creator claims that many people claim that this pack makes them feel nostalgic. As someone who loved Scribblenauts as a kid, I believe these claims and feel the same way.


3. Rodrigo’s Resource Pack

Rodrigo’s Resource Pack Minecraft Pack

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Rodrigo’s Resource Pack is a cartoony PvP pack.

It’s for those of you that want to shed some blood but not too realistically.

Don’t worry, I get it. Some people are queasy.

Blood isn’t the only thing you’ll be shedding. By installing this one, you’ll also be shedding any unnecessary details. Those ugly stray pixels that are common in the default Minecraft textures are not present here.

The textures look incredibly clean and minimalist. Minimalism is great for performance – that’s why there’s an entire music genre about it!


2. Adventure Time Craft

Adventure Time Craft Pack For Minecraft

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Adventuring with the default textures can feel dull.

With this pack though? You’ll not just be adventuring across distant lands – you’ll be admiring them too.

Adventure Time Craft is based on the cartoon Adventure Time. The pack is as bright as the show is, and just as adorable too!

A lot of the mobs have been changed into Adventure Time characters. For example, those ugly wandering traders? They’re now Choose Goose (a goose that sells various goodies)!

Still ugly, but in a cute way!

Another addition: if a chicken is in a snowy biome (or renamed “Gunther” with a name tag), it becomes Gunther! If you don’t know who that is, he’s an adorable little penguin.

I loved this addition… until I needed some food.


1. Tooniverse

Tooniverse Minecraft Pack

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Tooniverse is a fitting name because this pack really feels like alternate universe.

This alternate universe is one that’s more detailed, complex, yet also more cartoonish. It brings with it a lighter and less serious atmosphere.

Tooniverse really makes the default Minecraft universe look unimpressive. Hell, it even makes the actual universe look unimpressive.

I’d much rather live in a vibrant cartoon!

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