The Best Christmas-Themed Minecraft Skins (Boys + Girls)

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Is there any time of the year that manages to evoke as much emotion as the Christmas season?

For months ahead of the big date, the world itself seems to start changing.

Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé begin infesting public spaces. Storefronts, like leaves, change their colors to abundant reds and greens.

The Christmas season is always a force of nature, bringing with it joy and holiday cheer.

Whether you can feel the approaching wintry colds coming or simply want to tap into that cheer year-round, we can get into the spirit with these Christmas-y Minecraft skins.


1. Christmas Morning (Girl)

Girl in Christmas Pajamas Minecraft Skin

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Everyone can think back to those early Christmas mornings when we were all giddy with delight, rushing from our beds to whatever communal space our homes had to open whatever presents awaited us.

There is only one correct Christmas present opening attire, and that’s the comfy PJs.

Creator Bobelek got the energy of a cozy Christmas morning exactly right with this skin.

Between the plaid pajama pants, the red Christmas sweater, and the Santa hat, the skin exudes warm, wholesome Christmas morning energy – and somehow makes it look cute too.


2. Season’s Sweaters (Boy)

Boy Wearing a Christmas Sweater Minecraft Skin

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Another staple of the Christmas season is the (ugly) Christmas sweater (“Ugly” in parentheses because I believe all sweaters are beautiful).

That being said, creator Omron35’s skin nails the ugly sweater look in the best way.

An emblazoned tree, stripes on the sleeve, and one loose snowman sock round out the details on this deep-red Christmas MC skin.

One look at this skin will have you feeling the cold on your cheeks, and one download will have you romping through the Tundra looking like a ball of Christmas joy.


3. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Minecraft Skin

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Who doesn’t love the song, the old Christmas movie, or the lovely story of Rudolph?

Generations have warmed themselves by the TV-screen to Rudolph’s emotional Christmas tale.

Now it’s time to warm yourself by the light of your computer monitor with this sleek, red-nosed reindeer skin.

If you don’t think the Christmas spirit is for you, give this skin a shot and see if you can’t be proven wrong.


4. Candycane Deer

Girl with Deer Ears & Candycane Outfit / Minecraft Skin

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I have a soft spot in my heart for skins that take the whole color palette and wash it with a fitting filter.

This skin by LaurenAngels_ does exactly that to a wintry tee.

Imagine the most colorful Christmas attire, greens, reds, whites in stripes with sweaters and scarves

Now take that image and lay a pale snow filter over it, and you’re left with this Candycane Deer.


5. Snowman

Christmas Snowman with Hat & Scarf / Minecraft Skin

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This design by MasaoMoon does that perfectly by meshing the textured whites of Minecraft snow with the 3D model of a player. And as an added bonus, the skin is as festive and wintry as they come.

This basic snowman is utterly adorable with its striped scarf and mittens, button eyes, and faux coat.

Maybe I’m just getting nostalgic for winter when fluffy snow cakes the driveway, and I can get the family together to roll up a snowman. Either way, this snowman skin is great.

And it’s just one of many snowman MC skins out there.


6. Under the Mistletoe (Girl)

Girl in Red Christmas Skirt with Mistletoe / Minecraft Skin

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Most Christmas skins I run into involve either Christmas characters like Rudolph, or some type of Christmas-y apparel like an ugly sweater.

Maybe that’s why this Christmas costume caught my eye.

Under the Mistletoe is among the best looking costume skins I’ve seen. A Christmas-y dress with stockings and a bow, this outfit is something fresh out of Mean Girls.

If you’re looking for cute, fun, and Christmas-y all in one, then this is most definitely the skin for you.


7. Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington (Nightmare Before Christmas) Minecraft Skin

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This isn’t just Halloween. This is Christmas.

Well this is a Christmas-themed skin list at least.

Who doesn’t love themselves some Nightmare Before Christmas to liven up the holiday season?

Starting in October, this Tim Burton classic can be played at any point in time and feel like it fits in perfectly with the season.

Combine the cool nostalgia of Nightmare Before Christmas with a spooky Minecraft skin, and you get this Jack Skellington that’s oozing the essence of the season.


8. The Tree Itself

Steve Wearing A Christmas Tree Outfit / Minecraft Skin

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OK, this skin is hilarious.

Sometimes you don’t want to dress up like anyone else, or put on a skin that’s got some kind of fashion sense. Sometimes, well, you want to be the tree.

Creator Jupek5936’s custom tree skin is exactly what it sounds like: you get to be the tree.

Well, actually, you get to be a Steve model inside of a Christmas tree.

And when it comes down to it, isn’t that what we all want? To be the centerpiece around which the holiday season commences. To have presents laid at our feet and to light up a room.

No? OK maybe not everyone wants to be a Christmas tree. But I do, so this hilarious and cheerful skin makes the list.


9. Scarves For Snow

Girl Wearing Christmas Scar & Snowman Socks / Minecraft Skin

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Now that I’ve gotten my Christmas-tree-dreams satiated, I can get back to talking about cute and seasonal outfits for Minecraft players.

This snow-white appareled skin by creator lovelilly takes all the best elements of the striped Christmas patterns and the Frosty the Snowman look to create a cozy, outdoorsy outfit that I’m positive I’ve worn before.

Between the snowman socks, the buttons on the coat, and the Santa deer hat, this skin has all the right elements to make it just right for warming up by the Minecraft hearth.


10. Santa Claus

Custom Santa Claus Minecraft Skin

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No Christmas list would be complete without the sleigh-driving man himself, Santa Claus.

This Christmas, I say you should be the one flying through the air spreading Christmas cheer (in Minecraft) with this lovely white-bearded custom skin.

There really isn’t anything more Christmas-y than old Saint Nick.

So I’ll let this skin speak for itself.

Give it a download, take it into your server, and really feel the holiday spirit begin to take over.

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