Best Fan-Made Final Fantasy Skins For Minecraft (All Free)

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One of my all-time favorite game franchises is none other than Final Fantasy.

While I joined the fun a little late, my first Final Fantasy game was Final Fantasy X in 2001 for PS2. Ever since then, I’ve caught up on all of the ones I’ve missed, and I’ve played every single release – I’m sure many of you are the same.

While I have my favorite characters, there are some characters that just are designed so well that they’d have to look awesome in Minecraft.

And I’ve tried to include a pretty wide variety in this list. So if you’re also a big FF fan, there’s bound to be at least one skin here to catch your eye.


1. Moogle

Basic Moogle Fan-made Minecraft Skin

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Moogles themselves are a recurring race that serve different purposes in each game.

While most of the time they represent save points, store owners, or just cute little additions into the world… they have played important roles in some games as well (like FF Tactics Advance).

And Moogles have also made their way out of the Final Fantasy series from time to time – like in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Well this skin is based off your typical Moogle, nothing too customized here – which might be exactly what you’re after.


2. Vivi (FFIX)

Vivi from FF9 / Minecraft Skin

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Vivi is one of the most recognizable characters from Final Fantasy IX, and he’s even known among fans who never played the game.

That’s how popular this black mage is.
At first he seems clumsy, and he’s afraid of his own powers. But as we continue through our journey in FF9, he grows bolder and more powerful along the way.

This skin uses plenty of gradients and shadows to bring Vivi’s shorter form into a full Minecraft skin – and let me say, this creator (KnobleKnives) did an exceptional job.


3. Sephiroth (FFVII)

Sephiroth from FF7 / Minecraft Skin

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Final Fantasy VII is arguably one of the most popular entries. Along with that comes one of the series’ biggest villains: Sephiroth.

He’s a former renowned SOLDIER from the Shinra corporation, and he’s a constant reminder for Cloud of his troubled past.

If you want to bring that into your Minecraft world then here’s a simple skin to get you started. It captures the basics of Sephiroth, without getting too crazy into the details.

But if you want similar options with more detail, here’s one with much deeper gradients.

Or we’ve even got a Sephiroth skin based on his Kingdom Hearts attire, if you’re into that.


4. Lightning (FFXIII)

Lightning from FF13 / Minecraft Skin

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Lightning is the main protagonist from one of the more controversial titles in the series.

But no matter what you think of the game, it’s fair to say that Lightning is a character most people just seem to love.

While Lightning’s saga hits multiple plot points, I’ll only focus on the main series entry here – since this skin is based on her attire in the very first game of the trilogy.

And she looks just as badass in Minecraft as she ever did.


5. Tidus (FFX)

Tidus from FFX / Minecraft Skin

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Everyone recognizes this Blitzball champion, right?

Tidus sticks out as one of the more colorful protagonists, but also one of the most annoying.

That’s not enough to make us hate him though!

Tidus’ personal storyline is one of the bigger twists in the entire Final Fantasy series, and he introduces so many memorable moments that remain monumental to this day.

Not to mention… Blitzball. My love/hate relationship with Blitzball is legendary.

I don’t think there’s any custom mod for adding Blitzball into Minecraft (not yet, anyways…)

But even without a Blitzball in hand, this Tidus skin can help you accomplish pretty much anything.


6. Tifa Lockhart (FFVII)

Tifa Lockhart from FF7 / Minecraft Skin

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Tifa is one of the most memorable playable female characters of the FF series.

And honestly, she’s even one of the most powerful hand to hand characters period.

She literally spends the whole game punching and kicking her enemies to death. That’s pretty impressive.

And with this skin you can bring Tifa to life in any Minecraft world you want.


7. Aerith Gainsborough (FFVII)

Aerith from FF7 / Minecraft Skin

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Sticking with Final Fantasy VII for another pick here, Aerith is essentially our healer from the game.

While Cloud only knows her as the flower girl in the beginning, their relationship quickly evolves when the two of them have to fight Sephiroth and Shinra to survive.

I’d say this custom Aerith skin is one of the more detailed out of this entire list.

It captures her look perfectly, even in pixelated Minecraft form.


8. Yuna (FFX-2)

Yuna's Outfit in FFX-2 / Minecraft Skin

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It’s fair to say FFX-2 wasn’t exactly the more popular game compared to the original FFX.

But many fans do prefer Yuna’s outfit in the sequel, so here we are.

This skin re-creates her attire with surprising accuracy. You can even see her side-skirt hanging over her right hip – that’s dedication right there, folks.

But I know many of you probably want a skin featuring Yuna’s original FFX outfit, and here’s a link to that to keep everyone happy.


9. Cactuar

Basic Cactuar Character / Minecraft Skin

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Just the name “cactuar” really helps you imagine what this thing is.

A cactus fantasy creature… thing.

Cactuar are common recurring characters in the Final Fantasy series, and they play both an enemy and a summon across different titles.

They originally appeared in Final Fantasy VI as Cactrots. But now FF fans can recognize these cactus-creatures from a mile away.

Granted this skin is pretty simple, but it gets the point across clearly.

But if you want a weirder crossover of Final Fantasy critters, check out this Tonberry skin offering a pretty interesting design in its legs.


10. Rikku (FFX-2)

Rikku's outfit from FFX-2 / Minecraft Skin

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Rikku is an Al Bhed girl from Final Fantasy X, and she’s probably the spunkiest of the bunch.

After an attempt to kidnap Yuna to stop her pilgrimage, Tidus and Wakka go aboard Rikku’s underwater Machina, and they end up working together from there on.

Rikku is actually more of a thief class in this game, which suits her design quite well.

The outfit above is from Rikku’s outfit in FFX-2, but just like Yuna, some fans may want her FFX outfit as a Minecraft skin. And here’s a link for that too.


11. Prince Noctis (FFXV)

Prince Noctis from FF15 / Minecraft Skin

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Prince Noctis is the royal heir to the throne of Lucis.

While he’s set to marry Lunafreya, his kingdom is attacked, and he has to fight with his friends to become stronger and reclaim his land.

This custom Noctis skin doesn’t pull any punches.

Really, it feels like an almost perfect conversion into Minecraft. Absolutely a must-try for fans of FF15.


12. Balthier (FFXII)

Balthier from FF12 / Minecraft Skin

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The leading man makes an appearance with this custom skin – and he’s still looking dapper as ever.

Balthier is a sky pirate from FFXII, and honestly, he’s one of the smoothest characters in the entire franchise.

Him and his partner Fran were only hoping to score another treasure when they run into Vaan, which kicks off a pretty deep storyline.

And if this skin isn’t enough to quench your thirst for FFXII in Minecraft, then try adding this Fran skin into your collection as well.


13. Auron (FFX)

Auron from FFX / Minecraft Skin

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I can’t say why his arm always hangs out in his shirt.

But it does look pretty bad ass – not to mention the insanely large blade he’s packing in the entirety of FFX.

I think many fans would agree that Auron just exudes badass energy. Or at the very least, he looks weird yet pretty darn intimidating.

Wearing this skin in your next PvP Minecraft session is sure to turn some heads.

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