Best Custom-Made Simpsons Minecraft Skins (All Free)

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Minecraft is the bestselling video game of all time, with over 200 million copies sold.

The Simpsons is the longest running scripted series in US history, spanning over 30 seasons and 700+ episodes.

Both are universally recognizable cultural touchstones that are permanently etched into the minds of the generations that grew up enjoying them, and are without a doubt two of the most influential and iconic intellectual properties of all time.

So naturally, a crossover was inevitable.

These two worlds were destined to meet!

There’s already a huge variety of content available for anyone looking to make their own combination of the two, even including an impressively detailed user-made Springfield map that you can dive right into.

As with all things Minecraft, though, a big part of the fun is making it yourself.

If you’re setting out to make your very own Minecraft-Simpsons crossover, you’ve come to the right corner of the Internet.

But it’s a big job, and you’re going to need a whole town full of help to pull it off. So let’s check out some of the coolest Simpsons-themed Minecraft skins out there.


12. Milhouse

Milhouse from The Simpsons / Minecraft Skin

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First things first.

You’ll need a trusty, loyal, not-quite-as-smart-as-you best friend to keep you company and watch your back while you get your project underway.

Meet Milhouse Van Houten: Poindexter, Truant, and eternal sidekick to Bart Simpson.

He may look like a dud, but his mom says he’s cool! This is the perfect skin for you if it’s recess everywhere but in your heart.

Just don’t make him solve any riddles. They trigger his asthma!

No matter what the plan is, this blue haired bespectacled bestie is sure to bring some camaraderie to your town.

He may even lend you his copy of Bonestorm if you ask nicely.

Everything’s comin’ up Milhouse!

*Flood Pants not included.*


11. Chief Wiggum

Chief Wiggum Minecraft Skin preview

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Every Minecraft town needs a trusted authority figure around to uphold the law and dole out some justice when the mobs get unruly. And Springfield is no exception.

Well, nobody like that was available.

But if you’re looking for the next best thing, Clancy Wiggum is on the case!

This veteran lawman has seen it all: donuts, coffee, ice cream, even a tomato that tastes like Grandma!

If trouble comes to town, you can depend on him to immediately type it up on his invisible typewriter, and probably chase after any bad guys that are gradually getting away.

He’s even got a catch phrase: “Nyaah!”


10. Ned Flanders

Ned Flanders Minecraft Skin

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Well Howdy-ho, Minecraft-erino!

Things are coming together splen-diddly-endedly so far, but does your Evergreen Terrace feel like it’s missing something?

Is your Springfield in need of a moral backbone?

Do you need to borrow… everything?

It sounds like you need Nedward Flanders Jr.

At last, an opportunity to put some speed holes in the ol’ Flanders mobile!

Steady Neddy and his trademark soup strainer will make an upstanding addition to your Springfield build, and will patiently tolerate all of your wild antics, no matter how awful of a neighbor you are.

Be warned, though: he will absolutely refuse to enter The Nether. It goes against his beliefs.


9. Mr. Burns

Mr. Burns Minecraft Skin

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So everything is starting to take shape.

But let’s face it, running a town is expensive, and your Springfield is going to need a wealthy financier to fund your projects, pay your workers, and occasionally attempt to block out the sun.

Well look no further than Charles Montgomery Burns.

He’s Springfield’s oldest, richest, evilest resident, and a man so cruel and heartless that he could make an Enderman look the other way.

Will having such a titan of business and industry in your town make you more likely to find Diamond blocks?

You’ll just have to find out for yourself, you adorable little ragamuffin!


8. Seymour Skinner

Seymour Skinner Simpsons Minecraft Skin

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Seymour Skinner? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the Internet?

Localized entirely within your Minecraft Springfield build?!


Whether you know him as Prinskipper Skippel, Prinipple Skimster, or Armin Tamzerian, there’s only one school administrator qualified to run Springfield Elementary.

And while he may be an odd fellow, he steams a good ham.


7. Moe Szyslak

Moe Szyslak Simpsons Minecraft Skin

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Here’s the 411, folks.

Let’s say some Ghast is dissin’ your fly girl, you just give ‘em one of these:

Moe Szyslak: Bartender, poet, and proud owner of not one but two knives.

He was born a snake handler, and he’ll die a snake handler. But in the meantime, he’s the perfect choice to staff his eponymous Tavern and serve the people of your town with the finest Potions available; except for the ones behind the bar, those are just painted on.

Be warned, though. He really doesn’t like prank calls.


6. Hank Scorpio

Hank Scorpio Simpsons Minecraft Skin

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While technically not a resident of Springfield, Hank Scorpio is still an important and memorable figure from the Simpsons universe – in addition to being at the heart of what is widely considered to be the best Simpsons episode of all time, You Only Move Twice.

The gregarious, charismatic president of the Globex Corporation comes later in the day, gets paid a lot more, and takes longer vacations.

But he doesn’t like the word boss.

Whether you’re looking for directions to the hammock district, a pocketful of sugar, or a super villain to hold the world at his merciless whim, Hank Scorpio is an unmissable addition to your Minecraft/Simpsons mashup.


5. Marge

Marge Simpson / Minecraft Skin

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Marjorie Jacqueline Simpson, The long suffering wife of Homer and devoted Mother of Bart, Lisa and Maggie, is as much a staple of Springfield as Lard Lad Donuts or King Toot’s Music Store.

Who else will clean up after the various hijinks and misadventures that are sure to occur in your town?

Who else could possibly rein in the madcap antics inherent to the male half of Simpson clan?

There’s simply nobody else qualified to stand as matriarch of your Springfield/Minecraft world.

Marge is a strong, wise woman who will bring a much needed voice of reason to your town. But more importantly, she’ll also bring Rice Krispie Squares and Tang!

Pro tip: set up a little garden for her where she can grow potatoes. She just thinks they’re neat.


4. Lisa

Lisa Simpson / Minecraft Skin

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Well if it isn’t little Lisa Simpson, Springfield’s answer to a question no one asked.

Lisa has shown time and time again that she’s the kindest and most intelligent person in all of Springfield, and it would never be truly complete with her know-it-all, goody-two-shoes sensibilities; or the soulful, jazzy sounds of her trusty old saxamaphone.

Whether you’re planning a science fair, looking to bring some feminism to your town, or just hoping for some representation for the local buddhist and vegetarian communities, Lisa Simpson is (in many ways) the only real adult in the Simpsons universe.

And it just wouldn’t be the same without her.

She’s not so good with catchphrases, though.


3. Bart

Bart Simpson / Minecraft Skin

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You may know him as El Barto, Bartman, The I Didn’t Do It Kid, or simply The Boy.

Even by his aliases, Bart Simpson is the definition of a household name.

This rabble rousing mischief maker has been the inspiration for decades of young miscreants and ne’er-do-wells, and has served as Springfield’s foremost underachieving prankster for over thirty years.

If you’re looking for someone to write your clever chalkboard gags, skateboard recklessly through town, or maybe just behead a national monument, look no further than this awesome skin.


2. Maggie

Maggie Simpson Minecraft Skin

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Margaret ‘Maggie’ Simpson.

The youngest, quietest member of the Simpson family, but no less accomplished or notorious, and no less integral to the fabric of Springfield.

Maggie will bring a unique perspective to your Minecraft world.

Having been a baby for over three decades, it’s unclear exactly what that perspective will be.

But she’s still an important member of both the family and the town, and has proven herself quite cunning over the years – especially for someone who still uses a pacifier.

Who else can say that they’ve shot a billionaire?

Even if she can’t technically say it yet.


1. Homer

Homer Simpson Minecraft Skin

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If there’s one person that Springfield simply couldn’t exist without, it’s Homer Jay Simpson.

No matter what happens in that town, he always seems to be at the center of it for some reason.

This loving, devoted husband and well-meaning father of three has done it all.

He’s been a farmer, a bootlegger, a carny, a roadie, a trucker, a monorail conductor, and a police chief, just to name a few.

He’s even been to space!

There’s nobody in the Simpsons universe more important. And the same goes for your skin in your own Minecraft Springfield.

Oh sure, he may not be perfect like Flanders.

Homer’s often quick to anger, has previously attempted to print his own money, causes and solves all of his life’s problems with alcohol, and occasionally has arguments with his own brain.

But at least he still has…uh… I forgot where I was going with this thought.


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